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18-04-07, 03:56 AM
Time to move on and look at other things at the moment. So its up for sale will be on carsales, trading post hopefully by thursday this week.




1990 GEN 1 SW20. Targa top

This has been fully rebuilt

Rebuild specifications

CT26 (AKA CT20B) From ST205 GT4 Celica 1998 Model
.20thou o/s High Compression forged Mahle pistons
Toyota OEM Rods Treated + Shot peened
Toyota Oem Crank Fully Balanced treated
Std Intake Cam retard -5 Degrees
Polished Toyota OEM Valves with 3 angle valve job
Ported and polished Bigport TVIS (YAMAHA GEN 2 HEAD)
Cometic Multi layer Headgasket
Total Static compression of 9:6:1 excellent off boost and street drivability

Greddy Side mount intercooler
Exedy/Dakin Heavy Duty Clutch
3" Aussie Dump Pipe
Garage Fukuii style exhaust (using 2x Magnaflow straight through mufflers)
A.P Engineering POWER FC 3SGTE with Airflow Meter removed.
Conservitive road tune producing 193RWKW on 19" Chrome wheels (200RWKW+ on 17" racing wheels)
TRD Sway bars
TRD Engine Mounts


G4 Coil overs 3KG front springs 5KG rear
GAB Front and Rear Tower bracings
border racing style front bar
border racing style rear addon pods
toms style side skirts

8000K HID H4 conversion (LOW beam only)
Power FC hand controller
Defi BF Link Module
Defi BF Boost Gauge
Defi BF Water Temp
Profec B Spec II EBC
TRD gearknob

Comes in a choice of 19" chrome wheels or factory 15" (will drop price 1k if this option is taken)

have reciepts of everything easily in excess of 20K+ over the past 2 years. Even have most boxes and instructions for everything purchased retail. Dyno sheets to prove and can be emailed if required.


18-04-07, 07:24 PM
Damn man, you spent so my time and effort and all your pay on it lol. Its got some awesome power but can't wait till the next car. 10 sec here we come? Goodluck with the sales bro... Sad to see it go.

19-04-07, 11:19 AM
Car has also just been posted on car sales. time to go!

http://www.carsales.com.au/used-cars/private/TOYOTA/MR2/details.aspx?Model=MR2&__Nne=20&__N=4294962861+80+4294962177+834+285+257&Make=TOYOTA&State=New%20South%20Wales&silo=1003&state_id=80&distance=25&Cr=0&seot=0&__sid=1105E399EE2E&R=1146642&__Ns=pCar_PrivateSpecialFlag_Int32|1||pCar_ImageCo unt_Int32|1||pCar_LastModifiedDate_DateTime|1&trecs=47

20-04-07, 03:01 PM
i think you would sell it faster if the pics were of the stockies :) aww, if only it was NA :( since my older brother got his P's after me, he can't drive turbo :lol:

30-04-07, 11:30 PM
haha you can register it as a family car.. somehow prove that its your dads or something lol there's exemptions available!

Bump new price -


As I have removed the following parts
*Pivot Headlight controller (sleepy eyes)
*Defi BF Water Temp
*Profec B Spec II EBC
*Defi BF Link Module
*Defi BF Boost Gauge
*TRD gearknob
*8000K HID H4 conversion (LOW beam only)
*GAB Front and Rear Tower bracings
2x rockford fosgate AMPS
6.5" Splits in door trims
Pioneer MP3/CD Colour OEL head unit
19" wheels also removed and are not included
To make the car sell with reduced parts + price

Updated pics to come.

30-04-07, 11:35 PM
hehe i always see this car around rooty hill area :P btw if my dad's wrx is register as a family car i can get an exemption? lol