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21-04-07, 08:58 AM
After having a look at these products: http://www.yaqin.cn/en/products_hf.html I'm torn between the MC-84L and the VK-2100.

Apparently, the VK-2100 uses "First class-B gall stone is combined , grade is SRPP circuit before the gallbladder. The wide speed is fast frequently, the sound is nice".

However, the MC-84L "use grade gallbladder *7 of 12As not famous with behind grade use by gallbladder the EL84s and top-grade English walnut side board not wooden not real not famous".

Which would you recommend?

21-04-07, 11:11 AM
This is the perfect description you'd want from an audio component:

Grade has enlarged the circuit for SRPP ago, have made the one machine loud and wide , distorted and little frequently.

My pick would be the VK2100, Although i'm a little curious as to why no THD figures have been stated. It also seems that it isn't stable at 4ohms (again just an assumption as it doesn't state out capability).

It's also advertised as "Sound nice" compared to "distortion" of the MC-84L

More importantly though, 2100 > 84 !!!!
VK2100 FTW!!!!

21-04-07, 11:39 AM

21-04-07, 01:55 PM
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Welcome to the world of FOB translations XD