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21-04-07, 02:24 PM
Here's some pics.... It's mostly standard :rolleyes:

December 2006 Winton raceway. Unfortunately I only had a few laps and had to stop at the start of the day due to engine troubles

The sad photo from the end of that day

This is what happened when I discovered how to fishtail the mains straight and link corners in 3rd gear, (drifting of course), at Winton in June 2006

Old photo from Calder park

The car is all good now. Took it to Winton just last Monday and this time I was able to drive home :D

21-04-07, 02:27 PM
Nice one man! Looks awesome, very clean.

It'd be nice to have it at the JDMST Melbourne dinner on the 28th ;)

21-04-07, 02:35 PM
O.O Trueno!!! hehehe nice stuff man. Haven't seen many hachi's without Koing's or Watanabe's.

Got any plans for it?? By the way, you import that or buy it off someone here?

21-04-07, 02:48 PM
AHHH!!!!!!!! sooooo nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!
good on ya mic

21-04-07, 03:39 PM
Its actually a modified Australian delivered car, so it wasn't imported. Sort of almost done with modifications. Just need to iron out a few things, change a few bits for the balance/tune I'm after.

Ooh not sure if I can make it on the 28th. I'll see how I go.

21-04-07, 03:57 PM
...its an ADM...with a Trueno front and rear?!?!?!? Man that car is like even better now.

21-04-07, 04:12 PM
hey Mic

im good friends with Adam, Steves son. Saw your car at their place when you were getting engine fitted. hows it go?

21-04-07, 07:15 PM
Hey Anth.. Yeah it runs pretty good :D. I just got back from their place actually. Went to pickup the left over scrap

02-05-07, 10:09 PM
Clip from mid 2006 at Winton raceway. Unfortunately out of all the times i linked all 3 corners, this one only shows the lap I link the first 2 and then fishy the straight.

Hmm this forum doesn't seem to let me embed clips unless i'm doing it all wrong..

Here's a link to it though - http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=2026475477

03-05-07, 12:19 AM
This is what happened when I discovered how to fishtail the mains straight and link corners in 3rd gear, (drifting of course), at Winton in June 2006

wicked rad

03-05-07, 08:52 AM
hey Mic nice car!
iv seen this somewhere, i cant remember where for the life of me, but its hot in person
good job

08-05-07, 08:19 PM
hey i remember now! i was driving home with you on the way home from autosalon. i was in a black crx! hot car dude

09-05-07, 09:09 PM
Oh, actually my friend was driving my car back for me that time. I think he mentioned he really wanted to boot it due to some, 'onlookers', hehe. But he supposedly took it easy since it wasn't his car.

10-05-07, 08:50 AM
Nice car man, i have always been a fan of the 86
Good to see that you take it to the track
Wish i could do that

02-06-07, 12:19 AM
So went to the EXE Dyno day to find my motor isn't even running at its full potential. It's obviously short by 20-30rwkw with a massive torque flat spot from roughly 2500rpm to 4500rpm. Theories point to the sensitive afm, so I'll see if I can get that fixed this weekend.

I went to the Calder Park drifts last Wednesday. Here's a few videos of the runs thanks to Ying for filming and putting up with the 2 degree weather - 30.05.2007. I'm not sure why the commentator kept referring to my car as the, "MR2 Sprinter". In 2 of the runs you can see my rear tyres sparking up if you look carefully :D


Also footage taken by someone else






02-06-07, 04:51 AM
Nice hachiroku! I love it

02-06-07, 05:14 PM
saw a pic of this when it was at autosalon in melb.. looked hot mate

02-06-07, 05:29 PM
poor DC2R as well!!! broke a leg

20-06-07, 07:46 PM
nice car....can i drive it :P