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20-09-10, 03:59 PM


Hi All,

Following requests from a number of our customers for a paddle shifter for the Honda Fit / Jazz GE8 that can be used with aftermarket steering wheels, The Tuners Group is now pleased to offer a special product bundle of parts to install an aftermarket paddle shifter on your Honda Fit / Jazz GE8.

This product bundle includes a high quality Works Bell Steering Boss and Works Bell Paddle Shifter unit.

You can match it with an aftermarket steering wheel. Information on steering wheel compatibility can be found at the link below.


A version for the GE8 is also available with a Works Bell Steering Quick Release to produce a setup where the paddles detach from the steering column with the steering wheel, similar to our paddle shifter and quick release setups for the R35 GT-R.

If any of you are active on any of the Fit / Jazz forums, or have a friend with a GE8 who may be interested in this new paddle shifter setup, feel free to repost this post in any of the forums etc of course, as we know that a number of GE8 owners have been looking for an aftermarket paddle shifter for the GE8 and they will want to know about this.

Full info and pricing on the new paddle shifter bundles for the Honda Fit Jazz GE8 can be found on our website here ...


Works Bell Paddle shifter kits for other vehicles as well as universal paddle shifter version can be found here ...

http://www.tunersgroup.com/Products/Works_Bell_Paddle_Shifter_NEO_Kit_Paddleshifter_Pa ddle_Shift_Paddleshift.html

- Adam

26-09-10, 09:58 PM
thx for the info..

i'm defs get one of this

28-09-10, 11:00 PM
thx for the info..

i'm defs get one of this

Hi bogiy,

No worries :)

Yes this setup is something that a number of GE8 owners have been asking for for a while now, so we're very pleased to be able to now offer it to owners of the GE8 Fit / Jazz.

A similar kit for the GD3 is also available. The full list of cars that Works Bell Paddle Shifters are available for can be found here, plus we can do custom setups for a number of other cars ...

http://www.tunersgroup.com/Products/Works_Bell_Paddle_Shifter_NEO_Kit_Paddleshifter_Pa ddle_Shift_Paddleshift.html

- Adam

22-02-14, 10:29 PM
Hi there,

I have GE8 honda and I would like to know thus the airbag from the steering wheel and controls can still use?

Newbie here.