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30-04-07, 11:49 PM
Hi my names Joey aka boost_lover, and i own 2 protons.

First off great website. Love it, and plan to read into it more.

My protons consist of a proton m21 with airbags and the other is a satria with the plates EVL JOE. Currently the best time for the satria is 10.9, but i am planning to drop the times a little soon.

30-04-07, 11:57 PM
Your car is the bomb! :mrgreen:

Welcome mate :)

01-05-07, 12:00 AM
Good to see ya joe :)

01-05-07, 08:58 AM
wellcome !!

01-05-07, 09:48 AM
Welcome ...!

No offense, but the airbagged M21 isnt bright pink with a hideous widebody kit is it?

Pics and info on Satria pronto!!!

01-05-07, 09:49 AM
welcome aboard joe, slightly quick satria you got there.
get some pics and specs up in the my ride thread.

01-05-07, 11:45 AM
Where is the Bowing icon!!!!!!!

Dude your car is the bomb... and you are a gun!
Hope you got your transfer case all sorted out - look forward to seeing it again!

Cheers and welcome to JDM!!

01-05-07, 11:52 AM
You Proton runs a 10.9! Damn thats fast!

Get some pics up of her in action!

oh and welcome to JDMST ;) Hope you enjoy yourself

21-05-07, 01:07 PM
yeah sorry for the late reply guys, been a bit busy lately.

Thanks for the warm welcome. :)

Well i do have pics, just have to figure out how to get them up...

And no its not the pink m21 lol... im not into that type of kits... bit over the top if u ask me.. so no offense taken, cos it isnt my car :lol: Both my protons are a dark blue.

Well just an update guys. On Saturday, ran a pb of [email protected] at compak attak, and had a slight hiccup with the gbox. So once that is sorted out, there should be no problems.

21-05-07, 02:01 PM
holy crap, thats awesome..

put the photos onto imageshack.us
then paste the link onto here

21-05-07, 04:09 PM
Gezzz try and put up some specs and pics, that sounds really nice..welcome

21-05-07, 10:17 PM
a friend of mine (misgsr) took many photos. ill get her photobucket link and post it up.... im just to lazy to figure it out lol.. :lol:

21-05-07, 11:26 PM
wow impressive..

welcome to jdmst :)

30-05-07, 10:15 AM

there you go guys. finally got of my bum to post the link haha.

if you dont like the images, blame misgsr :lol:

02-12-10, 02:57 PM
Hey guys sorry to resurrect a thread from the dead, alot has changed since the last time I raced. I have not been on this site for a while, due to my laziness lol.

the latest result with my car is [email protected] with a 1.48 sixty foot. My best mph is 147.

I cant believe I have not put any specs up lol..

Obviously its a Proton Satria
4g63 2 litre forged
Awd converted
Auto matic gearbox
GT35r turbo
Direct port nitrous
Microtech ecu

The last time I raced, I damaged the box, so im repairing it now, and replacing the turbo for a bigger unit.

While my car is off the track again, I have been helping my dad out with his car. Its a mitsubishi fto, with a 4g63 evo motor and converted awd. The car will be tuned soon, and aiming for 250kw atw. We will see when we tune it.

The only enhancements this car has since the conversion, 3" exhaust, plazmaman intercooler pipes custom made. It goes well for an everyday car. Next on the cards is all bushes aftermarket.