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09-05-07, 07:21 PM
1.) Perfect Power SMT6 Piggyback Fuel /Ignition Timing Computer. Model year 2004. Price when new $695, installation cost $300 including dyno-tune. To suit 2000 Model Toyota Corolla AE112R, 7A-FE engine running on 98 Octane Fuel with Cold Air Intake set up. Manual model only. Wiring & Harness included. Can save cost by installing it yourself but highly recommended to be tuned by a reputable workshop. For instruction manual, go to www.perfectpower.com

Item selling as is for $170.

2.) Remus Twin Tip straight through Rear Muffler only to suit Toyota Corolla AE112R, 7A-FE engine. Diameter 1.75' but can be custom enlarged to 2' by any reputable exhaust workshop. Materials used Stainless Steel. Gives a deep sporty tone without droning. Will noticeably improve power & torque response from upper mid-range to top end from 4500-6000rpm. Price when new $375 in 2001, installed as part of a cat back system $800.

Will sell for $80. Note this can be combined with the Perfect Power SMT6 set up, but requires dyno tune to get the best out of it.

I'll try and grab some quick photos of the items tomorrow. PM if interested :D


15-05-07, 05:42 PM
PM sent

23-05-07, 09:20 PM
Update: sorry it took so long for the pics and info! Haven't been able to log on a while!

Perfect Power ECU:

Remus muffler (a little dirty, nothing a good polish won't sort out):

Hope someone on here can make use of this stuff :)