View Full Version : The Incredible ASM Carbon Business Card Holder now available from The Tuners Group

30-11-10, 08:30 PM

Back in June we published an article about the incredible ASM Carbon Business Card Holder from world reknowned Japanese manufacturer ASM.

Manufactured with true craftsmanship and incredible attention to detail from pre-impregnated carbon fibre polished for an ultra-smooth finish with ends made from A7075 Duralumin, this product is a perfect example of the true meaning of ultra high quality Japanese craftsmanship.


An optional leather case for the business card holder is also available (shown above).

Ben at The Real JDM wrote an article about this incredible product in which he wrote:

"These guys all make painful sacrifices daily as they struggle with the concept of designing the best thing possible ...

Sometimes, the goal isnt to sell the most…or even to sell any, but simply to be the best at your craft and to produce the very best thing possible ...

This tiny business card holder manages to embody the spirit of JDM and ASM’s desire to produce the most high quality goods possible."

ASM has advised us today that there are only 3 pieces left of this incredible product.

To help ensure that these 3 remaining pieces go to good homes, those who appreciate true high end Japanese design and innovation and the spirit of incredible craftsmanship this product represents can now order an ASM Carbon Business Card Holder from The Tuners Group.

Pricing and additional information can be found here ...


- Adam

30-11-10, 09:41 PM
i wish i wish i wish i had some loose coin for one they are beautiful.

30-11-10, 10:02 PM
wow $850?!