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08-02-11, 11:54 PM

The Tuners Group is extremely pleased to announce our appointment as the exclusive national representatives for world renowned manufacturer DJ Engineering.

DJ Engineering manufactures a range of pre-preg carbon fibre high downforce wings and high efficiency wings, designed by world renowned wing designer and highly respected aerodynamics and racing author, Simon McBeath.


Simon writes the aerodynamics articles for Racecar Engineering Magazine (including the hugely successful Aerobytes series) and is the author of 3 classic motorsport books including "Competition Car Aerodynamics" and "Competition Car Composites".

Originally established in 1998, DJ is a leading name in the design and production of motorsport composite components, supplying a large range of competition use aerofoils, and custom aerodynamics solutions for all levels of motorsport, from sprint racing to Historic F1 and international level GT racing.

DJ is also a leading racecar constructor in British motorsport, offering the ultra lightweight DJ Racecars ‘Firehawk’ and ‘Firestorm’ single seaters that have record holding pedigree in the MSA British Sprint and MSA British Hillclimb Championships.

A highly specialised UK based manufacturer of extremely high quality pre-preg carbon fibre aerofoils and wings, DJ Engineering wings are suitable for use in all motorsport categories.


Unlike some wings on the market, DJ Engineering wings have been subjected to full scale testing on real racecars in the MIRA Full Scale Wind Tunnel, Europe's benchmark facility.



DJ's customer list reads like a who's who of some of the top teams and manufacturers on the planet.

DJ Wing customers include:

- Lotus Motorsport (the Lotus factory motorsport department) with their Exige GT3
- Lotus Cars track spec 2-11 (again the Lotus factory)
- Prodrive (US based Prodrive Aston Martins)
- Paragon Porsche 997 American Le Mans Series GT2
- Matech (Ford GT FIA GT Racecar. Matech were the FIA GT3 Champions in 2008 and FIA GT3 Championship Runners Up in 2009)
- RLR Msport Ligier JS49 LMP3
- Riley Technologies MkXXII
- Arrows A4 Historic F1 car, run by G-Cat Racing
- Juno (DJ wings are standard fitment on all Juno's)

The championships won by cars running DJ wings are too numerous to mention in this announcement. See our website for more details.


When the BBC Top Gear team (Clarkson, Hammond, May & The Stig) went 24hr racing at Silverstone, Simon McBeath and DJ Engineering were their first port of call when they needed a wing for their bio-diesel powered 330 BMW.

Pictured above is Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson and The Stig with the DJ rear wing on Top Gear's Britcar 24 hour at Silverstone BMW.



DJ's wings are made from genuine pre-preg carbon fibre, the same kind of high end carbon fibre used in Formula One.

A variety of wing configurations are available so that the best configuration for your car can be selected based on your car's horsepower and performance, and the types of racing your car will be doing.

Ground effect front wings are available as well as a high efficiency rear wing range and a high downforce rear wing range.


Shown above is a DJ front wing.


Shown above is a DJ twin element high downforce rear wing.

A number of our time attack customers are looking forward to running the high downforce wings at the 2011 World Time Attack Challenge.


Shown above is a DJ four element high downforce rear wing.



Unlike some wing suppliers who refuse to provide efficiency and downforce data for their wings, you can find CFD downforce and efficiency charts for the SM183 High Efficiency and SM203 High Downforce single and dual element rear wings on our website.


Because the factory is located in the UK, all prices are quoted in UK Pounds Sterling.

DJ Rear Wings start from as little as 995.

995 is approximately US$1,603 / Australian $1,581 / Euro 1175 on today's exchange rate.


For full info about our range of DJ Rear Wings Designed By Simon McBeath, or to order one for your car, please see this page on our website ...


- Waenick Pty Ltd