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I am sure there are a lot of people here that are as shaken up about Peter Brock's sudden departure as I am, and I thought for those who are interested, a cruise would be in order to remember the legend by doing exactly what he loved, and made a career out of.

Peter Brock made a career of driving, he loved it, and was damn good at doing it as well, a legend in his own right, and as a result holds the title of "The King of the Mountain".

The Plan

Meeting point will be at the P6D car park in Homebush (as this car park is capable of holding vast numbers of vehicles that may arrive). Your rego will be recorded upon entry to the car park, and your name taken as we give you the cruise guidelines and details for the day including a cruise card to ID you if authorities need this. (Details that are recorded will only be used for a memorial book that has kindly been donated by the cruise organisers).

We will begin gathering at 7:00am on 11th November, for a departure of around 8:30am (if people are still arriving, then we will push departure to 9am.

At this point, we would ask that if you can afford it, a gold coin donation be made which will 100% go to the Peter Brock Foundation (www.peterbrockfoundation.com.au) (http://www.peterbrockfoundation.com.au%29/), as a donation for the good work he has past onto the community.

To get to Bathurst from here is very straight forward, but your cruise guides will contain simple but detailed instructions on how to get there, but in a very basic form, we will leave P6 car park via Australia Ave, turn right at the roundabout onto King Georges Rd, and follow this until it reaches the M4, and then scoot up the M4 Motorway, regroup at Maccas on the M4, then through the blue mountains, and onward to Bathurst. (I have already spoken to Bathurst Regional Council and the relevant authorities and they will be expecting us (in a good way).

When we arrive in Bathurst we will head to the National Motor Museum located at the foot of Mt Panorama. If you wish, you can bring a packed lunch, and have a picnic, or head off to your own area to eat, but we will regroup about 1 hour from arrival time for further daily events.

From lunch (when we regroup), we will cruise off, and shoot to the National Motor Racing Museum (located on Murray’s Corner), where we can view some of Peter Brock's impressive racing history (as well as other racers).

After we are finished at the Museum, we will head to Mt Panorama with candles ablaze for a remembrance lap of the great mountain, and do a lap of honour for Peter Brock, the King of this mountain (During this time, the race track will actually be a standard suburban street, with a posted speed limit of 60km/h, and we would ask that you respect the speed limit, and the norm al road rules, there will be no special circumstances just because your on a memorial cruise).

After this, it's pretty much a free-for-all from here, either head back to Sydney, or stay the night in Bathurst and head back the next day.

Thanks and hope to see you on the cruise.

Side Notes

The Police and Bathurst Council have been contacted in regards to cruising to their area, Homebush Security and the local Police have been informed of this cruise to halt any issues, and as long as we leave P6D car park before 9:30 there shouldn't be any issues from Security.

The Peter Brock Foundation has been contacted, and we are awaiting their response for who we will be donating the moneys to, but I am trying to organise a representative from there.

I also have contacts with Motor sport groups, and I am seeing if they are willing to join the cruise to say goodbye to a legend.

Media have been invited, so we will expect everyone to be on their best behaviour for the media, and for the respect of Brocky as well.

See you all there.

Confirmed Attendees

Turbo_Brian and Danielle - ozmazdaclub.com
Enigma and Babs - ozmazdaclub.com
BlackSP20 - ozmazdaclub.com
NathnRach - ozmazdaclub.com
Wendy - ozmazdaclub.com
Tom - ozmazdaclub.com (+ 4 cars)
Kingy - ozmazdaclub.com (+5 cars)
Boogs - hot4s.com.au
Zooming Bravo - ozmazdaclub.com (+4 cars - maybe)
Ringers23QFTW - pulsar.org.au
Alta'd_N13 - pulsar.org.au
teamjess - ozmazdaclub.com
SSSN15 - pulsar.org.au
Kalliope - hot4s.com.au (+ 3 cars)
nattuboq - pulsar.org.au
oursp23 - ozmazdaclub.com
kblume - ozmazdaclub.com
MrTanz - pulsar.org.au
joczy - ozmazdaclub.com
tzaboy - aussiemagna.com
vr400 - silviansw.com
nafe1982 - aussiemagna.com
tmichelsons - aussiemagna.com
bigrussTJ - aussiemagna.com
rabet - aussiemagna.com
DoubleOverheadSunVisors - southcoastcarscene.com
rabet - aussiemagna.com
turbo_ca18 - pulsar.org.au
mcraejustin - pulsar.org.au
tiny - pulsar.org.au
SkippyVRX - hot4s.com.au (+1 car)
escher2005 - ozmazdaclub.com
dan b - fordforums.com.au
BlackLS - fordforums.com.au
killbilly - hot4s.com.au
gem - sydneycruising.com
pieoter - fordforums.com.au
jim60t - austarletclub.com
gem - sydneycruising.com
dana - southcoastcarscene.com
potter - austarletclub.com
soarin' - hot4s.com.au
JNR22B - ozwrx.com
bd581 - ozmazdaclub.com
jm3132 - rslibertyclub.org
KJA and Tano - ozmazdaclub.com
mySP23ACT - ozmazdaclub.com
licki - ozmazdaclub.com
gavc - evolutionoz.net
qik42c - fordlaser.com
peanuts - austarletclub.com (+5 cars)
OMG05H - sydneycruising.com
SCROOGE - hot4s.com.au
hot5 - hot4s.com.au
Buddy - jdmstyletuning.com
ROTAME - ausrotary.dntinternet.com
Zoom-Zoom MX-5 - skylinesaustralia.com
dan b - fordforums.com.au (+2 cars)
mitch - austarletclub.com
Matt - - southcoastcarscene.com
Link - southcoastcarscene.com
Mick SR2 - fordlaser.com
mbooma - boostcruising.com (+5 cars)

Un-Confirmed / Maybe Attendees

Rodhog - ozmazdaclub.com
silver6 - ozmazdaclub.com
Red3MPS - ozmazdaclub.com
m6gr8 - ozmazdaclub.com
kyosho - hot4s.com.au
try13b - ozmazdaclub.com
Nismodified - silviansw.com
NateD - silviansw.com
matt - southcoastcarscene.com
CharmD - pulsar.org.au
dc-3132 - silviansw.com (+2 or 3 Cars)
alanngli - ozmazdaclub.com
wal - ozmazdaclub.com
fuzzlet - aussiemagna.com
magnet - silviansw.com
RKNRLA - hot4s.com.au
burgs - ozmazdaclub.com
kja - ozmazdaclub.com
funkdr - ozhonda.com (+3 cars)
sik_mik - pulsar.org.au
XRDRIFT - fordforums.com.au
fatcivic0_0 - ozhonda.com
MRHNDA - ozhonda.com (+4 cars)
wal - ozmazdaclub.com (+6 cars)
JD Designs - sydneycruising.com
Revolver - rx8club.com.au
bgzoom - pulsar.org.au
Daz - evolutionoz.net
blackls - fordforums.com
BA WagonWheels - ftf.org.au
mcwilly - fordlaser.com
Veilspade - ozliberty.com
XRJ 37N - sydneycruising.com
Levos1 - jdmstyletuning.com
trikee - streetfords.com.au
SamBo - silviansw.com
PMP15h - rslibertyclub.org
mukow - austarletclub.com
ivan - austarletclub.com
jst-03l - southcoastcarscene.com
MBS206 - skylinesaustralia.com
pul8nnissan - pulsar.org.au
lollerskateroflmao - pulsar.org.au

This has been posted on multiple sites and if you wish to post this on another site, please send us a PM first to confirm if this is OK to do so.

The Peter Brock Foundation is supporting this cruise 100% and will also have this listed on their website when their webmaster gets time.
All moneys collected will be receipted and the total collection figure published along with the transfer receipt to show that all funds have been passed to the foundation as promised.
OzMazdaClub.com will take out a small notice in the local newspaper (to be announced) after the event to formailse the passing of moneys to the foundation, and to publicly thank all those who donated on the day.

Link to Cruise Instructions: http://www.ozmazdaclub.com/forums/attachments/nsw-act-cruises/370d1162252327-peter-brock-tribute-cruise-november-11th-cruise-instructions.pdf

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