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26-04-11, 09:59 AM
Here are my two rides.

The swift is my daily drive...Got her in 2005.
Mods are only small.

Lowered with kings springs.
Koni adjustables on the front
Rear exhaust/ muffler modified for better note
Simota Cold air intake
Alloy engine cover custom made.
Hid kit fitted into spotys..55w 6000k units
and some stereo stuff as well

The mini has been in the build since late 2005
and is getting to the stage that it can be started very soon hopefully by late this year.








And the mini....

As bourght...$600 ..bargain..

New panels put in threw out the whole car included front floors , rear floors the whole boot section
outer sills
battery box
and heaps more...


rebuilt rear subframe


adjustable suspension going in


rebuilt brakes mg metro turbo Ap 4 piston calipers




KAD quick shift kit


engine got rebuilt
its a 1275cc mg metro turbo block
Done out too 1293
modified head mild cam brownwig extractors 2 inch exhaust etc, webber 45dcoe carbie and a bunch off other crap most minis have .







the car is now at this stage..


still to do..

arch kit
wiring loom fitment
all electrical stuff
and a lot more im sure...

Have realised that getting married and having kids puts everything on hold..lol
But ill get there one day..:)

26-04-11, 10:28 AM
Nice, good to see your commitment for this even though you have a Mrs and kids. Looking forward to the Mini build.

26-04-11, 11:05 AM
stepped drums on the rear, hi-lo's, 3-1 extractors.. mmmm looking good

26-04-11, 11:35 AM
thanks guys for the possitive comments...
the mini build is my main concern now but things are getting pricey so most stuff it needs has been put on hold...
next on the buy list is the 123 elcetronic dizzy and the wiring loom new arches in carbon fiber and front and rear bumpers in carbon fiber also then it will be able to be cranked over ...fingers crossed it starts as it hasnt been started for over 5 years now..
this mini is my third one ive built started building minis in 1996 and havent stoped yet..lol

my last one was just finished and it had a run in with a subaru foresta...was a nasty accident but life goes on ...

new arches look like this..




last mini i has looked like this..



this is the result of the accident..


was lucky to salvage most of the goodies from this car b4 is was scraped

ohhh clutch monkey...you have a keen eye...
realy need minifins on the rear but for now the ones ive got will do...as fronts do a too good a job ..

26-04-11, 01:59 PM
Always had a thing for mini's

But I could neer justify buying one as my dad has about 9 minor shells from 2d, 4d, van and even a ute lying around the yard. So got some cheap shells if I want some Morris action + RWD advantage :lol:

26-04-11, 08:32 PM
love the mini,. nay reason you didnt go lcb though? i had a maniflow lcb, was really nice bit of gear, love the superlites as well.

26-04-11, 08:43 PM
awesome mini cant wait to see it finished :)

26-04-11, 08:48 PM
The ones on the car are Brownrigg and custom made by link automotive .

I had them fitted as I need to if i plan to supercharge it later on wich is on the to do list.
They wernt cheap iether...$600 ..wich I no for most guys moding a car is nothing but for extractors is a lot..but they are jet hot coated inside and out .
the wright up is as follows.

proven to give results on 'A' Series engines - by separating the exhaust pulses, the exhaust valves stay cooler.
Full bore mandrel bent tubing used throughout.
Superior shaped flanges Heavy Duty 3/8" thick - to avoid distortion
Designed to suit round or 'D' shaped ports - for superior flow potential
Exclusive collector design with sliding joint in optimum position - under the car.
Designed - in the heyday of the Mini Cooper 'S' - by Ron Brownrigg. Intended for maximum power, hence these extractors can only be fitted when a Weber type inlet manifold is used, or in conjunction with our Supercharger kit.

26-04-11, 09:36 PM
sick car dude, good luck with progress, what colours you thinking of painting it?

26-04-11, 09:50 PM
first idear was bionic blue ford tyfoon colour...but now looking at old english white..black roof....and with the carbon fiber arches..and bumpers i think it will look pritty good...old school but with a hint of year 2000 mixed in...

paint is way off but the white is sounding good....so will just have too see.

ill be happy when i can turn the key sometime this year and she turns over...i do miss the webber sound soooooo much....nothing beats a barking webber and she now has alloy short stacks fitted also so it will be extra loud as no mesh filter to make it quite...lol

filters i fitted are these..


26-04-11, 10:05 PM
ohhh clutch monkey...you have a keen eye...
realy need minifins on the rear but for now the ones ive got will do...as fronts do a too good a job ..
yeah building one at the moment myself, clubman with 1275 and 7 port head. like yourself someof the costs are getting a bit high.. have to fork out for wiring harness, front disc brake kit, hi-lo's as my next expenses :(

love the mini,. nay reason you didnt go lcb though? i had a maniflow lcb, was really nice bit of gear, love the superlites as well.
i've got one as well, but i've been reading through that david vizard book and some tests showed that a proper 3-1 gives better gains throughout the rev range.. everyone uses LCB's because they're popular i guess? haha

26-04-11, 10:22 PM
haha 7 port ay nice and $$$$
im trying to setup my webber to run with my supercharger setup instead of the hif44

26-04-11, 10:26 PM
haha 7 port ay nice and $$$$
yeah, the pearce casting ones are 'only' $2400 landed with twin webbers.. maybe should have gotten the suspension and wiring first before blowing the budget :lol:

27-04-11, 08:50 AM
arrrrr webber and supercharger was my idear ages ago but its a bitch to get running right...so good luck..
I was allways told there were problems as the webber is so far away from the charger but anything is possible these days.

this was the setup I was told to use.


For a woooo factor it does the job...but nothing beats opening a mini bonet and seeing a kad or jack knight head in there iether fitted with webbers or throttle boddies
I still get blown away every time I watch my dvd on how to build a mini fitted with the suzuki hyabossa engine conversion...thats thing is nuts...
great vid though..set by step instruction on how its done...
let me know if interested....

22-06-11, 12:30 PM
latest toy bourght for the mini..

Its a 123 electronic programble distributor with built in curves that you can chouse from.

next step is the wiring loom wich will be on the cards very soon...




22-06-11, 02:17 PM
looks good! i'm actually currently waiting on distributor and wiring loom.

22-06-11, 07:36 PM
Simota cold air intake from customstreet fx?

22-06-11, 08:54 PM
ummm no lol he was to dear and couldnt match usa price so I got it from the us for $160 posted..
not realy a performace add on but it does make a nice growl ..

13-12-11, 07:36 PM
update on mini build.

well finaly got her started....woooo hooo 5 years its taken..lol

Main problem was even though the dizzy was brand new and of high quality it was not set correctly and diddnt suit my engine even though its meant for a
MG Metro Turbo Block....

once the dizzy was inserted the rotor button was not pointing in the correct possition ie 2 oclock...it was pointing at 10oclock...
so everytime the engine was turned over to make the dizzy point in the right possition it was not on the right stroke...

some quick advice from some great guys at link automotive and its now all running ok...still needs a good dyno session later
on but for now im just wrapped shes running again.


14-12-11, 03:21 AM
so much love for mini's
wish dad kept his haha
love this build dude , really cant wait to see more on this

19-12-11, 02:19 PM


19-12-11, 07:45 PM
Wow. This is great, I love minis so much, would love to build one like this one day. Can't wait to see the finished product.

19-12-11, 08:01 PM
everybody needs to build a mini at some stage!

19-12-11, 10:14 PM
everybody needs to build a mini at some stage!

yep agree....just have a spare $15.000 to $20.000 and it can be done lol....

This one owes me around $12.000 to date and still no paint yet or interia plus other stuff and if the plan goes ahead to supercharge add another $6000 also lmao
so easy to spend money on restoring old cars but then again $15.000 is nothing compared to what some spend on a modern car i gues

20-12-11, 08:08 PM
yeah mine will owe me just under 15k, fairly stock ish build. it feels like a lot of money but it's going to be all new stuff essentially, and there's fuck all you can buy new for that much..

20-12-11, 09:01 PM
I have a mini too and its always a blast to drive! love to see this built keep going tho!

20-12-11, 10:06 PM
yeah mine will owe me just under 15k, fairly stock ish build. it feels like a lot of money but it's going to be all new stuff essentially, and there's fuck all you can buy new for that much..

Very true...im quite lucky the owner of northern minis has sourced some rare parts here and there for me...the originals items are allways better than the remake items...
just about to give those indicator colum switchs a go of ebay..not too sure if there original or not but mines stuffed so needs replacing.

this courght my eye..lol

http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Crossflow-7-Port-Cylinder-Head-Morris-Austin-Mini-1275-/230620025060?pt=Vintage_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessorie s&hash=item35b20650e4

from usa a Crossflow 7 Port Cylinder Head Morris Austin Mini 1275 for AU $1,107.93

Idd never go this path but when done right they do look amazing on a mini...i still remember the first guy who did it i aus and did the kad item...

Ive allways loved the jack knight conversion heads...


20-12-11, 11:57 PM
i have a spare indicator stalk if you want, off a clubman though not sure if there were any differences. horn/indicator/high beam on it.

edit: those pearce US crossflow heads are killer value for money. nothing like increasing your efficiency, seen a lot of good results even just bolted straight on. 7 port means you keep your existing exhaust, no playing around. whole kit bolts straight on.

20-02-12, 11:22 AM
Well the funds have been applied for so I can get this mini build completed a bit faster as I realy want to get her painted .
I contacted these guys ages ago


and was quoted $1500 including door jams etc.
I know this is going to be a cheap job but as long as its tidy and no dints etc ill be happy but thats all im after for now as she will be pulled apart again for another tidy up again when time permits

Ill be sending more photos to them with my chousen colour scheme so i can get another quote incase it has changed plus required time they will need car too.

It has been hard to pick a colour one of the hardest parts I think of the whole build lol....but as its not going to be the last time i rebuild this car im now not to worried .

Ill be getting her done in this colour...


I feel this cream with the carbon or black panels plus the original chrome work will work well plus have found the new wheels i want also ...


so these will be going on her as long as i dont change my mind again...

but would love peoples comments on this so fire away...

And ill be still having the carbon fiber parts i wanted too ....ie carbon bonnet, boot and arches plus a black roof....would like to get roof maybe vinal covered if its possible to match also..?

if the funds dont push this far ill be getting the bonnet and boot done in black till they are available.

Im having trouble in getting the arches i require to cover the wheels the company just wont reply to me with a posting quote to AUS LOL...gues ill keep on trying.
the arches im after are these as they enable me to cut the corner away from the bottom front guard so the tyer wont rub when on full lock.


Still working on the wiring loom and the gauge loom is completed but one of the gauges are been grumpy and causing a short as once they are all wired up the car wont fire up...so will just have to wire them up one by one to find the one that is not behaving.

I installed the firewall blanket the other day so this has made the engine bay a bit neater and now making the custom chrome washers to hold the power cable that goes threw the firewall...

13-06-12, 07:58 PM
swift update....nothing flash....installed roof rack and bike carrier......added some carbon fiber trim parts inside and fitted a carbon fiber spoiler today also.



20-07-12, 08:15 AM
while i wait for my funds to recouperate i have been tinkering with small jobs on the mini.
Ive been trying out different idears with the dash and how to incorpreate the gauges I have.
I was trying to keep it kinda looking original but also trying to make everything fit.





I modified the original cooper dash pod to hold the two Autometer gauges and they fit quite well but ill have to space the pod away from firewall as the go back to far and hit the firewall...

my next delamar is where to fit the other 4 gauges i have ??? they are all 2 5/8 size ...i was considering mounting custom pods to the cooper pod and mounting them on angles on each side ie two on each side...then getting the whole thing covered and trinmed up nice???
or go the easy way and mount them under the dash but this I think will just look cheap and nasty...

I also did more on the exhaust system and fitted the other muffler I had....


the car now sounds more like a modified mini...not as tinny and rarspy....but ill have to look at something to make her quite once she is gettign closer to being on the road as I dont think its under the 96.1db limit....

Still havent worked out the wiring system also ...still something a miss as once its all conected she wont start....think its to do with the tacho so ill have to look at this in more detail and possibly rewire it ....

Will be sending her away soon to be looked at as there are some items that need to be finished off so she can be driven safely that I cant takel on my own.

25-08-12, 01:00 PM
well the mini came back and all is ok apart from the brake problem still.
loosing pressure still?
no leaks can be seen so the fault has been finger pointed to the master cylinder witch is a new item ....aparently the rubber seals can go if left in a dry state for too long?
anyways i ripped it out and its being looked at .

even though the brakes were not 100% i still took her for a quick spin around the block.
I can not exspess how much fun this was.
I havent been able to drive her for the ast 7 years so my grin factor was huge.

ill have to wack the go pro on her and do a short vid next time i take her out once the master cylinder is fitted.
I got some funny looks from passes by seeing as she has no glass in her...looks like something from the flinstones .

ive started on the re painting of the bonnet and boot .
photos up soon of the panel work being done.

25-08-12, 01:05 PM
with the exhaust - are you dead set on having it centre mounted?
if you have it exit to the side like normal, apparently the two bends help quieten it down considerably without losing any hp (can also fit a slightly longer muffler)

05-09-12, 09:31 PM
Yeah my lasty mini had a angled section so i could changed it when i wanted too...the twin dtm looked quite good on the side mounted on an angle too. ill wait and see how it goes if shes too loud ill look at it then...my exhaust guy can mock up a cheap add on to make it quite for the road worthy also..

Ive been busy working on the brakes too....still not sorted ...but have bleed them again so will test next time i can get her out.

Have been working on the bonnet so it is sanded and primed.
I have since painted this bonnet and the color i chouse for the car is heritage cream with black roof.

it will still have cf bonnet,arches,and maybe boot lid .

also ive ordered my arches from ABS Motorsport in the uk.
$260 AUS Posted so not too bad.

Ive also added what the cf wrap will look like as ive had many parts on my swift done by the same company.
its no cheap looking contact [email protected] look 1/2 decent i think.










06-09-12, 01:10 PM
love the blue pick up! and ur built is epic too :D can't go wrong with the banana wheels

18-09-12, 02:23 PM
well thew arches arrived and after some fine trimming they fitted ok.

also got to do more repairing to the boot lid....all holes now filled so next step is to high fill it and another sand.






10-10-12, 06:40 AM
well the brake rebuild is allmost completed.
I striped both calipers and sourced new parts for the rebuild.


I decided on a different colour this time as i have had red calipers all the time.
chouse gold this time.
next time ill redo them in a grey i think.will look cleaner.
sourced new pistons from the uk.


these are alloy items aparently there lighter so will make the calipers work easyier with less effort?

iether way they look ok so i gues the test will be once there all bolted on.
I used vht paint again and followed the instructions i got from there webn site.

vht high temp primer
high temp top coat
and high temp gloss






once all applied i left to touch dry for 4 hours then moved them inside and put in the oven set too 93c for 1 hour.
then left too cool.

they turned out pretty good and the coating looks and feels quite good so im happy.
Just waiting on my other parts to arrive, the new pins and anti rattle clips,and the rubber seal kit.

ohh yes dont panic about the pistons being painted ...they are the old ones.
i did pollish them up as i was going to reuse them but changed my mind,the bores will be pollished a little also befour i fit the new pistons too.

10-10-12, 09:04 AM
love thosearches.. they look like the size i need!

13-01-15, 05:00 PM
minifreak, sir your swift is very cool,..can i ask you what is the brand of your suzuki swift roof rack?...thank you

13-01-15, 06:35 PM
They were rhino
Loved this car
Traded it two years ago on a my99 wrx
Spent 2 years fixing that the just last September some turd broke into our house broke into our safe and took it while we were away

Soooooo pissed off
Little shits drove it around for months but police can't find them

Was a fantastic car

http://i106.photobucket.com/albums/m256/brienblaketaylor/10417466_10205295606616596_5283103566433108614_n_z pscc37b053.jpg (http://s106.photobucket.com/user/brienblaketaylor/media/10417466_10205295606616596_5283103566433108614_n_z pscc37b053.jpg.html)