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03-10-05, 03:23 PM
did anybody score an rbt?

I got pulled over by a hwp down the rd from my house for not having my rego plates on. $300 fine + 3 points (standard issue) though he left me off with a caution as I only had 3 points left.

The other officer asked what kind of car it was? Ferrari or porsche I laughed and said its a Nissan Nx Coupe.

Also got questioned about my exhaust system - Told me that to get it tested as it might not be legal. But he couldn't prove it. I asked about the gauges on the A Pillar, Apexi gauges on the dash etc. He said their fine just aslong as their not on the bonnet or in the middle of the dash console.

It was a hot day so He'd let me off to get my something to cool me down.

Lucky I got let off. Now im a happy little boy with my ice cream.

03-10-05, 03:51 PM
Bwehehhehe... I didn't get pulled over but damn I got RBT'd like 3 times last night.

03-10-05, 03:58 PM
Didn't get pulled over at all...was driving next to cops a few times as well HAHAHAHAHA

Though I saw some people get pulled over for speeding rofl

03-10-05, 07:20 PM
i think i saw 7 radar traps throughtout sunday after driving from blacktown to berowra and back

04-10-05, 01:05 AM
dudes... i was at little hay street in china town, just where you turn right from sussex streeet. what happened was pretty retarded....

i was going at about 10km/hr looking for a spot in chinatown. i totally stopped at the intersection of sussex street and little hay street, took a peek to see whether there is any parking. i turned in, and saw about 4 cops wearing those flourence yellow caps, some pedestrians were crossing as well. So i stopped. when it was clear, and i started to move. Then the cop told me to pull over, i thought they were doing defects or some shit (like final 3 hours sprint to pull in more revenue and double demerits for people). i thought, i will be totally fine, i coz my car is pretty stock, only lowered and a N1 catback.

he comes over to tell me, i was speeding, i turned into that corner so fast, blah blah blah, i told him. Mate, i was at a complete stop, checked for a space, before i turned in. I could see his face just getting pissed off, coz i wasn't doing anything wrong. His come back was "don't argue, or i will give you a ticket" which i just shutup coz it wasn't going to get anywhere. Then i parked my car just next to where they were standing. Got out and started to walk away.

Then a White DC5R and a Grey Civic with altezza ran through the streeet with the restaurtant. they both got pulled over, and i was wondering wtf did they do wrong. It turns out there is a stop sign and the restaurant junction, and because there wasn't any pedestrains, they didn't stop and got busted.

Pretty embrassing moment as there are about 30 people walking around, and some gwai los are eating dinner outside the restaurants.

when i was walking away, i saw the cop checking out my car :D :D :D kekekkee

04-10-05, 01:40 PM
hahaha classic.

i got rbt.. was a big one on friday night near marriville. so many cars pulling up for rbt. nothing happened. the lady cop was talking about my fogs and my tacho.. thats about it.

04-10-05, 01:42 PM
lols 5-0
i remember one time.
i was with my brother in the Wrx.
we were driving home at like 4 o clock on a sunday morning.
saw a cop on the other side of the road. then what you know 1min later he catches up to us. an pulls us over.
im like OMG i wanna get home an sleep after that night out.
so he comes up to us and ask.
license please.
where are you off to?
The officer was pretty good. didnt even notice the loud exhaust.
so anyways...
my bro said im dropping my friend off home. and said
why did we get pulled over for?
cop: oh just checking incase it was a stolen car.

im like WTF in my head. he should of atleast checked it in his computer first before he pull us over.