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09-05-11, 07:49 PM

Alessandro "Alex" Zanardi is one of the most exciting and spectacular drivers ever seen in any form of motorsport. He is also one of the bravest drivers of all time. A new article published by The Tuners Group titled "Tough As Nails - The Alex Zanardi Story", highlights Zanardi's incredible racing achievements, and his true courage in the face of massive adversity.

Containing some of the best racing footage you've ever seen, along with analysis of Zanardi's career and achievements, this article is a must read for every race fan and driver.

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- The Tuners Group

11-05-11, 10:15 PM
One of my favourites! Started watching Indycar at an age of 5 or 6. My brother used to tape it for me and I'd watch it before school instead of Cheese TV!