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10-05-11, 01:59 AM
Reserved For Mods List - Build Progress Starts in the Next Post :)

Current Mods

- Blitz TV Lockout Bypass Harness
- Aux Input for Factory Sound System
- Reversing Camera

10-05-11, 02:04 AM
So after having the new car for around a month i figured its time for a build thread..

Well the story goes that i have been looking for a project car for some time but could never really decide on anything. In the end i pretty much did a complete turn around and didnt end up with a project car but ended up replacing my daily and got something i never thought i would buy...

A Nissan Skyline V35 350GT in Auto

The reason i say it like that is firstly.. i was looking at pretty much every japanese manufacturer apart from nissan for my next car, and for the short time i did look into nissans i knew i didnt want a skyline and i definately wanted manual! But one thing lead to another and now the complete opposite of what i wanted is sitting in my garage and its great :) This is my first auto ever so its quite the change for me.

Since its still mostly stock heres a quick pic of it after its first wash


Heres one to point out the offset fail of the stock rims


Anyone know what these stickers say? They are on the back window.


So the good parts are its got mostly the same engine as the series 1 350z so its got a bit of go with its claimed 206kw, the auto is nice to cruise around in and great in traffic. It has a decent stock sound system from Bose with a TV however the radio frequency stops at 90.0fm and the TV doesnt pick up our stations either. The car is otherwise in great condition, it has apparently only done around 45,000kms... which i dont find too hard to believe as the interior is in great condition.

Since owning it the only mod i have done is buying a cable to hook upto the factory aux connection to allow for video and audio input to the stock sound system to allow me to actually make use of it. I have run a cable to the front for my iPod and i got bored and bought a cheap reversing camera off ebay just to make use of the factory screen.

Looked something like this after it was installed


Installing that was a bit of an adventure, as i was sure i had wired everything correctly but just couldnt get it to work. Half an hour of pressing random buttons in the menu ( all japanese text still ) and i worked out which one got the aux video to work.

The car came with a few free bonuses. One of them being a blitz brand switch and wiring harness which allows the screen to be used while the handbreak is off... this is required for the reverse camera to work and i only found out what this button actually did through dumb luck. Later when my copy of hyper rev arrived in the mail i then saw this item in there. In the boot with the spare tyre i also found a spare set of genuine wiper blades still in the packaging which i would have never found had i not needed to remove the spare to get at the TV unit.

Future plans are a little unknown at this stage. As it is my daily driver i guess i wont do anything too crazy unless it gets retired to a weekend car at some stage and then the greddy twin turbo kit would look pretty tempting. So for now i have some of the basics to take care of like window tint and new tyres.

10-05-11, 02:38 AM
Welcome and nice write up. :)

I'm from Perth too (at least for now anyway).

The car looks clean as, looks like you're having fun owning a Skyline already. :D


10-05-11, 02:51 AM
Welcome and nice write up. :)

I'm from Perth too (at least for now anyway).

The car looks clean as, looks like you're having fun owning a Skyline already. :D


You went always from Perth !!

Yeah I hate how that works, your kind is set on something then it changes completely but turns out good for you though ! Gl with the plans !

18-05-11, 05:02 PM
Love this car! Cant wait to see what youve done with it. How much did you get it for landed and complied?

18-05-11, 08:09 PM
congrats on the buy, they are a great car!

18-05-11, 08:19 PM
Great car!
Does it have the LED rear lights?

19-05-11, 05:14 PM
Great car!
Does it have the LED rear lights?

Yeah it does, i really like the factory tail lights...

Heres a rear shot


And i finally took a quick interior shot just to show the "great" woodgrain interior... and when i say "great" i mean i'd like to do a CF wrap or something to cover it up haha.


So i have been doing lots of research lately on intakes, looking at what all the tuners in japan are using on 350z's since theres not a whole lot of tuned 350gt's out there from the big names in japan. So im pretty much decided on getting the HKS intake... but i still gotta get some other stuff sorted out on the car... like tires! With winter comming up this is my first priority. Im looking at going one wider which luckily can do legally as the tyre plackard lists the up-spec wheels as well which are wider than the base model ones. So im going to go for 235 up front and 245 at the rear. I figure since im getting a whole new set i may as well spend the bit extra now and get something wider.

I have also finally found a japanese manufacturer that makes plenum spacers for the 350gt.. a company called Esprit makes them. From what i have heard they made them first and then the US companies got the idea from there. So fingers crossed they still make them and arent too much differently priced to the USA ones.

once i have tires sorted out mods should start comming in the next few months so stay tuned :D

28-05-11, 03:38 PM
Well no new mods to report so i went on a drive and took some more decent, not in a cramped driveway type photos.






As you can see, still very stock and waiting for mods....

Something that was annoying me about the auto trans in tiptronic was... say you are crusing along in 4th gear and then you want to dump it to 2nd to get some acceleration as you would with a manual for some good overtaking power i found it was a very slow process as you needed to wait a bit after the gear engages before it lets you shift again... however today i worked out that if you do a quick double tap down on the shifter without pausing it will allow you to go down 2 gears at once. So looks like nissan already thought of that. It will however only let you go down 2 gears. So if you are in 5 you can only get down to 3... tapping 3 times will just go to 3rd gear still. Also it does not work for going up gears, these will still only go up one at a time. Im pretty happy that nissan at least thought about this as its something im pretty used to from driving manual.

01-06-11, 05:47 PM
Well i have noticed lately after having a bit of a play with my hand brake that it wasnt strong enough to hold the car on any decent incline. So it was totally relying on the parking gear to hold it in place, which while it works well, i prefer to have the backup of the handbrake to make sure my car doesnt go rolling down the road and into traffic. I found that if i pushed it with enough force, which ended up with the pedal being pretty much on the floor then it would be on enough to hold the car on a hill, otherwise at a more normal sort of level it did pretty much nothing. So i figured it was time to adjust it. So my car having a floor/foot-hand brake i wasnt sure on how to adjust it. Normal ones just have that little adjustment screw at the base to tighten it up a bit. After asking on skyline forums i found out that i just needed to look up a little further where the pedal was and i would have found the adjustment. So easy as can be, 2mins of work, and the brake is working great now. Didnt even need to remove any trim or anything to get to it.

Because pictures are awesome, heres one of the shiney gold coloured bolt. A couple turns and the foot-hand brake was as good as new :)


One more little annoying thing sorted out. Now to fix up the reversing camera so it stops fogging up behind the lense. The plan is to let it dry out and then put some sealant on any join that i can see and hopefully that is enough to keep it from fogging up when its wet, it otherwise works quite well for just a cheap camera.

08-09-13, 12:34 PM
Great write up. Looking forward to seeing more stuff. Sitting on the fence at the moment before I jump into buying one of these.