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22-05-11, 07:12 PM
For this series I decided to do something a bit different. Itís no secret that I love the street wear industry, many of my designs are inspired by the street wear scene. I decided that this series would have a shirt inspired by my all time favorite brands Ė sort of a tribute to them. As always thank you for the continued support and help spread the word!

All Time (Click the image to go to the shop)
http://importbible.com/shirts/alltime/alltime_1.jpg (http://importbible.com/shop/shirts/series-5/all-time-shirt/)

Bathing Stig (Click the image to go to the shop)
http://importbible.com/shirts/bathingstig/bathingstig_1.jpg (http://importbible.com/shop/shirts/series-5/bathing-stig-shirt/)

Living Fast (Click the image to go to the shop)
http://importbible.com/shirts/livingfast/livingfast_1.jpg (http://importbible.com/shop/shirts/series-5/living-fast-shirt/)

MKV (Click the image to go to the shop)
http://importbible.com/shirts/mkv/mkv_1.jpg (http://importbible.com/shop/shirts/series-5/mkv-shirt/)

Wack (Click the image to go to the shop)
http://importbible.com/shirts/wack/wack_1.jpg (http://importbible.com/shop/shirts/series-5/wack-shirt/)

Hope everyone likes the new shirts! Visit the shop to see my entire selection: http://importbible.com/shop