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06-10-11, 02:08 PM
So yeah after driving around the auto barge I am getting so sick of it. At least it was looking good... but that didnt last long.

So picking up a daily thrasher, something that I can park on the street and not be super worried about it.

picking it up tonight,
It comes from the late 80's like everything awesome (ala me :lol: )
rough as
And is like mashing up 2 of my old friends :lol:

Pics tonight

06-10-11, 02:18 PM
sil / honda frakenstein? ;P

p.s you got issues man :p

what you oging to tow the 14 with?

06-10-11, 02:25 PM
keep the lexus, but just leaving it stock for towing/ big trips
Stripping it and selling the parts will pay for most of the car

06-10-11, 02:28 PM
I'm guessing something sedan...

06-10-11, 03:49 PM

Bodgy Racing Developments
06-10-11, 05:23 PM

06-10-11, 06:50 PM
Mashing up of two old friends?

It'd have to be either a Sil80 or Onevia....

Here's hoping to a Sil80!

06-10-11, 08:07 PM
a man with 4 legs or a man with 2 heads and 4 arms? sounds interesting either way

06-10-11, 08:52 PM
an s13 with aqua tint. lol

06-10-11, 09:42 PM
S13 with s14 front

06-10-11, 10:15 PM
89 Camry front-cut welded to a 89 Magna rear-cut ?

06-10-11, 10:27 PM
89 Camry front-cut welded to a 89 Magna rear-cut ?
I think I seen his new ride in norwest a while ago

06-10-11, 10:35 PM
Not enough clues. Pics already!

06-10-11, 11:43 PM
ke70 with 4age?

07-10-11, 12:37 AM
going to guess sil80 as well.

07-10-11, 12:43 AM
Just got back from picking it up, Tried to take some pics but too dark to show anything
Its a mash up of my old cars.... pretty much its the character of my 180 in a silvia body :lol:

I was really after a Laurel, but the only one for sale in NSW was RB20E (single cam wtf) Auto, hail damage and no rego and they wanted 4k :(
Next preferance was a 4 door 32 but after only finding heavily modded ones for 10-12k and auto Na's for 7g I gave up on that
Ke70 couldn't find a regoed 4ag one with no dramas for <5k
Was even thinking of a E30 323i or 325i

So ended up with the old faithful
Had even up my ratio of silvias to other cars to 4/4 (thats not counting the rolling shell)

Its a Dark blue 89 sil that was originally NA
Very rough, mangled front P/S gaurd
Rust around sunroof
Heaps of paint fade and some looks like he started to sand back some of the clear
Front bar has got a bit of damage in the middle... but i think it has the optional parking assist

CA18DET bro.....
Turbo back exhaust
Front mount intercooler
Hectic supercheap special BOV
Pod for the zutututututu

Tein coilovers - either Super streets or basic's, no camber tops and look like non base height (will stop me from slamming it)
S14/15 brakes and slotted rotors
China castor rods
Stocker R180 open wheel diff
Ebay special strut brace
17x7's all round

Working digital speedo and HUD (Sooooooooooooooo much 80's cool)
Recaro reclinable, looks legit from my tiny knowledge of recaros
supercheap gear knob
usualy cracked dash
average/decent condition for a 22yo car

which was a mission to get something still regoed in a silvia <5k
only has a few weeks, but still after the dramas with my brother getting a blue slip for his if i could avoid it i would.

Has a pinhole leak in the top of the radiator drove fine. But as soon as it heats up and gets pressure it starts to leak. So I trailered it home. Picking up a radiator from a mate tomorrow and chucking that in.

Pretty much it will be just using some of the left over parts ive got

Short term plans
Replace radiator
Take off BOV and block it off/put on spare plumb back
Get rid of pod... maybe go to pick and payless and hack up a airbox off another car to fit
Paint everything in engine bay black
chuck on a spare cat back, either a 2.5in my brother has, or a defect spec 2in ie got.... or the varex cannon on current exhaust that use to be on the 14
Rego renewal

Eventual plans
R200 stock diff
Put on raped copy areo bar ive got, maybe buy skirts and pods too
Take off wing
Put on 15/16s with chunky tyres, so can rock them at reasonable ride height
Put on my glow in the dark steering wheel
Possible give it a ratle can job like the 14 if it lasts that long
Replace gaurd

Pretty much I just want to drive it. This car is good because I wont be afraid to park it and drive it to work, or tag a gaurd rail.

Its definatly not a good example but Price/mods/still regoed killed most things on the market.... Plus I want after a pretty car :lol:

07-10-11, 09:17 AM
You bad. You're addiction to Sil's is like Charlie Sheen's addiction to rock.

07-10-11, 09:18 AM
And I'll get on it before Chewy does, you have to, no, MUST aqua tint that shit.

07-10-11, 10:05 AM
Luckily Im not earning millions otherwise i might be.... Its bad how much i related to him in that interview :lol:

Will have to go to bunnings and see ehich colout of squirts rattle cans best compliment aqua tint

07-10-11, 11:20 AM
CA............. going to need to tidy up the bay a bit

Parking assist... 80s goodness

black bonnet.. dark blue car ... why?


That wing and sooooo much stance :lol:

JDM Obsession
07-10-11, 11:41 AM

07-10-11, 01:43 PM
I'm loving the antenna on the front bar, I have not seen that on a s13 before. How much did you get it for?

07-10-11, 02:19 PM
:P amazing..

sell the s14.. this will definatly drift much better.

07-10-11, 02:39 PM

you bagged me for buying my s1 and you buy this!!!!!

how much???

07-10-11, 02:44 PM
dude... looks heaps clean man!!

please tell me it was less than that mat black s13 i had for a couple days...

07-10-11, 02:46 PM
man you're a glutton for punishment! What happened to that other shell you were going to build? and your brothers sil? I can't keep up! Anyways, looking forward to seeing where you take this one.

07-10-11, 03:45 PM
a mirror image of SR20DE.................. NUT.

time for a candy brown paintjob to compliment your latte ?

07-10-11, 07:27 PM
yeah pete the good ol' CA ... memories

The antenna in the front bar is a parking assist. ITs a factory option which you see pop up occasionllly.
The car looks like it was a CA NA auto optioned to the max besides hicas (win) and cool box (but i havent actually checked the glove box yet :lol: )

Nah Biggie, the car doesnt have enough body roll for me to drift well

Bought it for pretty much half what you payed for your series 1... TBH its good for what im after, a thrasher that im actually not panicing everytime it was out of site (like i was with the 14)

Other shell got ready to be put together then I kinda just gave up, realised it was going to be an expensive hassle to get on the road. Sold it to a mate.
Brothers car is in limbo atm, because he has no proof of previous rego, was regoed in another state so no RTA record he needs an enginers certificte to get a blue slip. But not worth getting done with NA motor as his 6 months off fulls and bought a MX5 to keep him occupied...

yeah Im never going to own a clean car again... that ruined me :lol:
Will probebly can this eventually

New rad couristy of XKyleX

Ita a bit tall but it worked
Did an oil change while im at it.

Took it for a drive.
For a t25 it was laggy as. Later realies it has like a 110mm thick huge intercooler wayyyyyyyyy over kill for it. + the cold pipe is like 3in too which doesnt help
Also it flutters ike crazy. Its got what looks like a genuine greddy BOV with legit cast CA hot pipe adapter. But it looks like its tightened soo much it never vents.
So will probebly get a pipe to replace BOV, of if mate finds an old CA piping kit I might buy that off him paint it all black and stealth.
Need to do something with the pofd though, asking to get raped with that amount of flutter.
Probebly going to get a bleed tap and gauge next pay and wind the boost up to 12ish psi see if that gives it a bit more go,

Gave it a quick wash... looks like it hadnt had one in months rained straight after. Gave the interior a quick vaccume to as there was glass from a previously smashed window everywhere. made the interior a bit nicer. Probebly last time it will be cleaned in a long time :lol:

08-10-11, 02:12 AM
Went to take it for a late night drive
Got 15 min and just sarting to get out of civilasation, look down and see the temp gauge maxing out.
Pop the bonnet, one of the small heater hoses at the back of the engine has a small split that is leaking water out at pressure.

By the looks when it had the cracked radiator there wasnt enough pressure being built up, so it wasnt noticed. Its a moulded hose too so is going to be a bitch to find and then to replace without taking the engine out. Doesnt seem like it was leaking heaps, but over the 45min-1h driving I did today guess that was enogh to drop most of the water in the rad.

Lucky I kept a 5L bottle of water in the car (had a feeling something like this would happen) So let the car cool enough to take the cap off (just compressed air came out) and fill it decent enogh to nurse it home.
It doesnt help that the stokck dial isnt actually a dial, but has 3 points, cold, warm and hot. Think a temp gauge with warning might be on the cards soon.

It seemed to be alot of waster to loose from a small hose so I will have to go over and have a detailed look tomorrow. But that seemed the main culperate. I can see fixing thig involving alot of swearing :lol:

Just my luck, but at least this didnt happen driving to work though. Or alot further away with no water spare.

08-10-11, 11:01 AM
Happened to my CA S13 last week, I just replaced it with a random flexible VN hose from auto-one. Fits decent and a lot less hassle than trying to find a genuine one, at least if you're in a rush to get it going again. Should be cool having another S13 out this way haha.

Looks in similar condition to mine, except you win with turbo/sweet mods lol, NA tax is bullshit. I'll be keeping an eye on this thread for sure

09-10-11, 09:06 PM
Everything I would've said has been said already..

Cliff Notes:
Aqua Tint
You have issues

09-10-11, 10:20 PM
my response:
Why not? (rememebr you mentioning somehting about gutter to gutter ect)
I know...

Ok replace the line. the effort to get in there means I didnt do it up quite tight enough, went to go for a drive, realised it was leaking again. :(
THis moring had a closer look, The pipes just loop to the back of the inlet plenum for absolutly no reason. Was going to just loob the line. Then realised the back of the CA plenum actually just unbolts. So did that and could manuvor it around, change where the hose clamps were sitting and get it all done nice and tight. no more leaks :)

Drove out to my parents and played scavanger hunting
Stole the semi enclosed pod off the s14 and a proper overflow off brothers parts car

Stole a straighter gaurd off the parts car, after I bashed out a dent it wasnt too bad.
Borrow Amber indicators off brothers car (shouldnt have sold mine)
Mocked up the black Aero front bar. But it didnt fit great and there was alot of cracks that needed stiching up. Then my brother bought out his spare bar and CA lip.... Suitied it alot more for some reason

Tried on Veinnas, sat agro

Needs alot more low though

Wound down the rear coilover so there was pretty much no preload on the springs
Even after the mission to get them unseized, makes no difference and rear is till too high comparitivly

While I was there I gave the I/C core a quick hit of black for a hope of stelthiness. Will do the piping and the strut brace next day off

Soooooooooooooooooooooooo there is alot of Silvias + token MX5.....


09-10-11, 11:37 PM
Wow hot side piping ain't pretty

10-10-11, 01:25 PM
good old CA!
I remember your old maroon ca 180, which was about the time i had my white CA180. bloody thing kept blowing heater hoses.
if i were you, i would replace all of them
good to see you in another s chassis, keep teh updates coming!

10-10-11, 01:52 PM
Lol god bless the fugly antenna near passenger headlight is removed.

your old maroon CA is still going hard at track days. saw it at the last texi kahan event with SAU, got straight pipes now, sounds good and still has the FAIL jap girl sticker ahah

10-10-11, 07:31 PM
my response:
Why not? (rememebr you mentioning somehting about gutter to gutter ect)
I know...

Since you mentioned gutter to gutter and aqua tint is a possible, all is forgiven.

:lol: Aiming for a street car that's legal and you're already trying on wheels that shouldn't be there.. I can see this ending bad in a good way..

10-10-11, 08:23 PM
:lol: Aiming for a street car that's legal and you're already trying on wheels that shouldn't be there.. I can see this ending bad in a good way..


10-10-11, 08:28 PM
Ahh so that was you in the mx5 that I saw at Glen Alpine shops?

13-10-11, 06:59 PM
nope mx5 is brothers

And my old 180 was SR last time i saw it (was about 2 years ago though)

on that note car is dead
even after i fixed all the visable leaks took it to as drive to work. on the way home it wasnt reading hot, started to miss at low revs. parked it up had a look and was boiling. Started pluming white smoke.

Head gasket gooooooooooone
so yeah that lasted long

Was thinking about fixing it, but by the time i get new decent gasket, head machined, new head bolts and random seals ect might not be worth it as there is probebly some other damage.

So after some consideration it will probably go SR20, best bang for buck, either turbo or S14 NA

13-10-11, 07:04 PM
Glutton for punishment

JDM Obsession
13-10-11, 07:24 PM
Shotgun old CA18!

15-10-11, 05:46 PM
nope mx5 is brothers

And my old 180 was SR last time i saw it (was about 2 years ago though)

on that note car is dead
even after i fixed all the visable leaks took it to as drive to work. on the way home it wasnt reading hot, started to miss at low revs. parked it up had a look and was boiling. Started pluming white smoke.

Head gasket gooooooooooone
so yeah that lasted long

Was thinking about fixing it, but by the time i get new decent gasket, head machined, new head bolts and random seals ect might not be worth it as there is probebly some other damage.

So after some consideration it will probably go SR20, best bang for buck, either turbo or S14 NA

You're the best at buying cars and ensuring their longevity.

I've also come to the conclusion that you just hate having money in your pocket.

17-10-11, 06:43 PM
Nice buy Locky :) great to see CA power being repped on JDMST

Btw do you still have that bar with the arial on it? As it's actually used to help you park ;) there should be a button on the inside near the mirrors.

17-10-11, 06:57 PM
Gotta love CA's and their head gaskets...

18-10-11, 03:23 PM
Yeah its the parking assist, got a little button next to the rear dimister.
Still got the bar, just sitting at parents place.

Definatly the head gasget is gone. Dont think its worth fixing, for the couple of hundred it will cost to fix it it may just pop the bearings or something latter on.
So probebly going to sit in the backyard till I can affor a SR swap or find a cheap running CA (which seems impossible these days)

19-10-11, 05:03 PM
S14 NA and build the fker up for time attack!!!!!!!

hello kitty S13 V2? lol

19-10-11, 05:17 PM
yo just buy a head gasket and a decking stone.

we will rip the fucker off and deck it then put the head back on with the motor still in the car.

or.. buy a CA for approx 300 dollars and we will slap it in one weekend minus all the fancy aircon bits

20-10-11, 01:45 PM
ijoshi on nissansilvia is selling a ca18+Auto for $400. pretty sure n/a going by the price. CA18DE+T FTW

20-10-11, 01:49 PM
That guy on here with epic supra thread was getting ca's for like 100bucks, hit him up

23-11-11, 01:00 AM
Any updates Locky?

23-11-11, 11:52 AM
its been rolled into the back yard and its run out of rego :lol:

Got a mate doing an engine for me, but because I need the cash to pay him for the engine, Rego and insurance
Need another 2.5-3k before this gets back on the road. Plus Ive got to do all the shit on the 14, which isnt a huge ammount of cash, maybe 1-1.5k but alot of time and effort. Where as this can be done in a weekend or 2 but needs a large cash outlay :(

Keep getting tempted to buy stuff for this car like sideskirts, new coils and 5 stud as I keep seeing cheap ones pop up. But then I act sensably for a change

Want to have back on the road before it needs a blue slip so Ive got a little under 3 months
Hopefully by end of January

15-12-11, 02:33 AM
Thought Id give a update on the tiny progress made on this

In between spending all my money and time on the s14 managed to start getting things happening on this
-Mate is peicing together a S15 SR for me slowly, think he is just waiting to get a few bits and pieces back from machining then its going to be put together.
-Bought a T28 for it so it can have a nice 180ish KW without stressing it too much. It would have been a waste to chuck the CA T25 on it :lol:
-Another friend has got a S13 flywheel so I just need to buy a clutch. Will use current CA box and just steal a SR bellhousing off one of the 10 broken SR boxes floating around mates garages
-Found a SR radiator in the back shed in alright condition so that saves me buying one
-Ordered wheels for it 16x8 and 16x10, 0 offset all round
-Bought a R200 because I dont want to single leg everywhere and I hate weldies. Probebly shim it up before it goes in.
-Because I've got my hands full with the 14, in a few weeks the 13 will be going to mates to have the engine dropped in and wired up and got working :D

So next pay or so need to order
-Braided lines for turbo... I never put the standard lines back on after dramas with the 14
-Turbo and manifold gasgets
-Clutch... most likly a Exedy heavy duty. Don't need anything crazy.
-Solid steering collum bush... Might as well while engine is out
-Bolt on t28 intake pipe for turbo ... Anyone got one????

Then sort out money for rego and insurance

After that visual stuff
-Tyres for rims... 205/50or55/R16 up front and 225or245/50or55/R16 at the back. Want a chunky look that will fill the gaurd no crazy strech
-Rear camber and toe arms
-Bolt on flares
-Maybe some factory skirts and pods
-modify the CA wing
-Quite tip for exhaust to get rid of the cannon

So after all this fucking around and dumping money into it. I will have spent close to double what I bought the car for :lol:
Should have just bought a nice one... But i was only smart enough to do that for my first Silvia :(

19-12-11, 08:02 PM
Wheels rocked up today ... going to probebly paint them white or something


20-12-11, 07:54 PM
trust me dont go white they will never be clean ;) lol

leave them black

20-12-11, 07:57 PM
had white wheels before

hate black, any colour besides white might look a lil too out there for a street car or not go well against the blue

23-12-11, 04:40 PM
Drove all the way into the city this morning... Was a head fuck but worth it.
Met up with Alexi who was clearing out some old parts he had in storage
So I grabbed off him
Stock SR20DET airbox and snorkel...cheering I found one, seeing as this is going to be a daily
Stock SR clutch... saves me spending 400, seeing as I was only going to get a HD one level up from stock anyway
Stock I/C core and BOV ... Good just to have laying around
A cold pipe for S13 SR... Hopefully between that and curring I/C piping can mod to suit s15 motor.

He was awesome for waiting around for me to get there and got them at a great price too :D

Also got paid today so just ordered a few bits and pieces from GKtech,
Dont really car about the pinnicle of quality for this car, had there braided lines on my 14 for ages and that is mostly what I needed, but while I was getting stuff sent chucked in a few things
Solid Aluminum Steering Shaft Spacer
Stainless Steel Tie rod end lock spacers
Handbrake Drift Button - Black
Earls S14/S15 SR20DET Braided Turbo Lines
SR20 Stainless Steel 7 layer exhaust manifold gasket
SR20 Rocker Arm Stoppers

So besides a few misc things, Its not much else I need to buy, at least to get the SR in and going

I need a T28 cast intake pipe that bolts to the front of the turbo, so it anyone has got one please let me know

27-12-11, 08:18 PM
Bought these

Factory skirts, not sure if there the 180 ones or s13 aero, but im leaning towards s13
Ones got a crack but who cares, got them cheap and the car isnt perfect


29-12-11, 07:47 PM
got my stuff from GKtech

Including there new 7 layer manifold gasget
TBH I cant tell the difference from this and the nissan one, ecept the nissan one is $80 on a good day up to $120
so for a 1/4 of the price we will see how it goes

Tested the wheels
Def need to paint them something else

Welcome to bolt on teritory (I know unsprung no tyre shots mean nothing, but meh)

30-12-11, 06:27 PM
I think I seen his new ride in norwest a while ago

i saw this the not too long ago :P triped me out hahaha

16-02-12, 02:11 AM
In a freak 1/2 day of modivation and a mates help stuff got done
The s14 got banished to the backyard for blowing up again, so dragged this thing up

A few hours later

Left me with this.
Engine bay was gernied. Had soooooo much filth in it

Mate got this in too, Not the best desgin as the other, but for $20 cant complain

Just got to get the get the motor done in teh next few days.
Might give the bay a quick coat of paint while its out. Due to alot of surface rust due to spilt brake fluid

16-02-12, 10:44 PM
Defiantly paint those wheels white!

18-02-12, 12:00 AM
decent progress locky! keep the updates coming

19-02-12, 08:41 PM
Nothing really exciting

paid insurance and tinkered a bit

Painted rocker cover,

Looks a little wierd in photo, but its a coppery colour witht a bit of metalic in it


Took the brake light out of the spoiler, looks alot better


Played around with some wrinkle coat

about 4-5 light coats gave a texured kinda effect on interior bits


3 medium coats for a light wrinkle on strut brace


3 heavy coats gave chunky wrinkles on the cooler piping


So not much to do till the motor is done and can chuck it in

07-03-12, 07:50 PM
Ripped all the air con gear out,
But im keeping it to hopfully transfer to the laurel

Got all my ca gear forsale, pretty much everything for 500

Getting stuffed around by machinest who still hasnt done the head
What to hit walls in this bad

Painted the wheels too
Taped up the holes so I didnt get overspary on the inside and alot easier to hide the brake dust from the back of the wheel

Test fit

Going to get tyre tomorrow for it

Bolt on territory


Then went inside and ordered topstage bolt on flares and a turbosmart bleed valve

08-03-12, 06:11 PM
Got some 225/50/16s put on, Bluestreak stelleto's .... only the best :lol:

Got a bit of strech, but because the tyre in that size is naturally balloony cokmpared to a say 17in with a 45 profile. the strech looks nice and subtle

With no camber arms in the rear it went all USDM

Stole some rear adjustable camber arms (my stockers were in his car for rego) pulled it out ready for flares

Test fitted the skirts too, Ill give them a quick coat of blue so they dont stand out as much

Ill do the other side tomorrow because I CBF :lol:

The coilovers are non base height, with no helper spring. Tempted just to wind off all the preload to get it a bit lower

09-03-12, 05:06 PM
how much those wheels set yuo back and where from?

09-03-12, 08:17 PM
550 del from toyparts industires or somthing like that

Did the other side skirts fit alot better, probebly because the the front gaurd isnt bent on this side
Tried the 10s on the front, 10-25 doesnt quite fit, the 8-25 might work, might need a lil camber and the flare

Wound down all the preload on the coilovers, prob got another 5mm but its sitting on the tyre till I cut the gaurds


09-03-12, 08:29 PM

09-03-12, 09:19 PM
Ordered these to finish the aero off

12-03-12, 10:20 PM
lookin good man! diggin the white steel!:mrgreen:

12-03-12, 10:22 PM
love the white

12-03-12, 11:57 PM
looking good, just needs to be all sprayed... are you staying stock colour ?

13-03-12, 02:16 PM
might pressure pack the skirts and pods in something close to the stock colour
not painting front bar as its actually my brothers spare

and not caring too much as the car is going to be parted out in November

13-03-12, 02:20 PM
and not caring too much as the car is going to be parted out in November

I wish there was a face palm emoticon

13-03-12, 02:34 PM
all the goodies are going into the laurel, going to be too much hassle to get this re regoed
unless I cant put the SR in the laurel legally, might keep this or sell it off

13-03-12, 02:37 PM
STOP right NOW and just finish the Laurel!!!!! :D

13-03-12, 02:41 PM
all the goodies are going into the laurel, going to be too much hassle to get this re regoed
unless I cant put the SR in the laurel legally, might keep this or sell it off

STOP right NOW and just finish the Laurel!!!!! :D


13-03-12, 02:44 PM
I payed for a years rego just after the motor poped,
I want to at least drive this thing on the road
and hit walls in it

13-03-12, 03:38 PM
Argh! Cash in that rego.. sure you'll lose a little bit... then sell this and throw the $$$$ at the C33!! B) The Laurel is so much more worth the effort imo.

13-03-12, 03:45 PM
already racking up quite the tab with streeter atm.... not looking foward to that bill
No one is buying my shit either..... Anyone need some equips/complete ca setup?????

Laurel is going to take a few months with the sheer hours of work required. Plus my brother has booked in some garage time for his cars seeing as my 14, then 13 have been in it the last few months.

So realistically I wont get to start the laurel for at least a month or so. I want to do that properly, which entails wire brushing and repainting the underbody. That will be a fairly time consuming job. then drop it off somewhere for a respray which again is a bit of time, get dash/ door trims retrimed....
I would prefer to have the 13 to drive and have fun in during that time so I can take my time with the laurel, rather than try to rush that to get it on the road

13-03-12, 03:53 PM
already racking up quite the tab with streeter atm.... not looking foward to that bill

Yeah... know that feeling! lol

No one is buying my shit either..... Anyone need some equips/complete ca setup?????

Mate.. no mater what you got unless its stupid cheap, shit is moving real slow right now! It's frustrating I know... hence I probably won't part out my car.

I practically gave a set of wheels away weekend just gone! But they went to a good home so its all good!

best guy
13-03-12, 04:30 PM
fuck this car and this thread

where's the laurel

13-03-12, 06:19 PM
Sitting in my yard, I was looking at it while I did this

Painted the front wheels, ready for when I can afford tyres

Also painted the consol lid wrikle coat with the dregs left in the can

Put seats in
Old ergo out of the 14 and the 32GTR seat that came with the laurel. Turns out its been modded to suit S1X rail length, so cant use it in the laurel anyway. Def needs a steam clean though its filthy

16-03-12, 02:17 PM
Flares rocked up this morning and had time to do one before work

Cut the gaurd out from underneath, but havent welded it yet. Lowered the car and pulled out the rear camber. It seems like the camber arm is nearly running out of thread to pull it straight and I have massive toe out so I need to get toe arms as well. Sits in the gaurd a few mill, but looks alright. Will probebly have to chop them though as they foul/overlap on the skirt and where the rear pods will be.



16-03-12, 02:44 PM
already racking up quite the tab with streeter atm.... not looking foward to that bill

Not singling you out, but everyone should pay him ASAP and not 'rack up a tab'.

Otherwise he's losing money, holding all your stuff at his place.

Some have taken advantage of his generosity where he ponies up the cash first for auctions... don't abuse it, if not everything will be paid up front like Import Monster.

16-03-12, 02:48 PM
Nah I was jusy waiting for a variety of auction to end over the last 2 weeks

They have just all finished so once all the parts get to him he will chuck them in a box and ill pay the man
Not like im getting him to wait for months for me to get the money together

ANyway buy my wheels so I can afford petrol this fortnight :lol:
Also need a pair of cheap s13/r32 rear tow arms

16-03-12, 02:51 PM
They have just all finished so once all the parts get to him he will chuck them in a box and ill pay the man
Not like im getting him to wait for months for me to get the money together

Yup that's cool, not pointing the finger at you but your post was a good chance to get on the soapbox and highlight this issue.

He has complained to me in the past about these problems, so I just want to get the word out there that having him sit on some part for you for weeks on end is simply not acceptable.

16-03-12, 02:59 PM
yeah teh most I would have waited was like from the first auction ending to the last about 3 weeks
thats just because it easier to get small parts sent together so I go on a binge when im getting stuff ent EMS. He has asked for me to pay for some items up front, which I have no dramas with

I hate that with import monster paying up front for the laurel bar. Because they over estimated, I now have a $15 credit, No idea if I can get it back or not and cant buy anything with that

... speaking of which he just emailed me, last part ordered should be all packed up annd sent in a week

18-03-12, 08:00 PM
So cut about 1-2cm out of the gaurds, welded and siliconed up the rear.
wacked the rear on


Front was alot easier as it was a test fit then a 5min job with the grinder to cut them out

The front just over lap the skirts, could almost get away without cutting them

the rears though heavily overlap the skirts and where the pods will be. Will probebly have to trim them

Test fitted the 8s on the front
on a brick so the spring is compressed, sould just tuck in

Probebly chuck a 205/50 on

20-03-12, 04:16 PM
Picked myself up one of these
Yashio factory Okachan Water temp gauge
Always liked these, kinda funky like all YF gear, but have been discontinued for a little while now. I managed to pick up one in near perfect condition. Its the universal type so it just runs off a rad hose sender rather through the factory console port/sender. This means it will be alot easier to hook up to the sil (as CA to s15 converion dont think it will have a working consult port) and later in the Laurel . I might get one of those water neck sensor adapters, its a bit more steath than a cut rad hose (which peopl I know have been defected for)


Most the wiring is straight foward, But there is 3 im not sure of
Green- might be dimmer ?? has LED and jap writing on a tag on it
white wire-???
Brown wire-????

One should be for a relay trigger for a thermo fan setup but not sure which one... anyone got ideas?

20-03-12, 06:57 PM
got it in a figured out, not sure what the other 2 wires are ment to be for... after lots of searching think the white is the fan trigger (nothing is in english/ no wiring diagrams out there)

Anyway chucked it in along with a Apexi manual boost gauge my mate gave me

Still need to get the plug for the boost gauge power, and change the dash globes as the red is shit and 1/2 are blown

Also put some super bright led T10 globes in the parkers, have about 10 leds on the one globe. Wired them up to the indicators too, its a bit less orange, but will hopefully make it alot easier to be seen in daylight

21-03-12, 07:28 PM
Gave up and drove out to otomoto today and got some Chiwanese KKR rear toe arms
ill get some nice SPL ones or something for the laurel, but just want to drive the thing

chucked one in and it dialed it in roughly, looks smick

21-03-12, 09:49 PM
Me want Digital Dash!

25-03-12, 04:13 PM
Painted skirts yesterday, chucked them on

Cleared all the crap off the car and pulled it out of the garage
First time ive seen it properly


Now just waiting for my mate to come round with the engine this arvo

Anyone know any tricks to get a cracked wheel nut off
its and internal hex and itscracked and split open so the hex bit just free spins :(
cant put front wheels on till I get the stupid nut off

25-03-12, 04:44 PM
you can hammer something really tight and round over the nut.. eg end of a ring spanner (might have to cut end off.) then it will hold its shape and wont spin...

or. sharp chisel and hammer either hammer nut around.

if your really keen. weld a hex nut to the end..

25-03-12, 05:08 PM
makes it harder that the wheel nuts only have less than a cm hanging out of the wheel...
tried the hammer and chisel and it just ended shaving metal off the nut

25-03-12, 07:01 PM
Try get some pipe slip over the nut like a sleeve to stop it deforming when you try and loosen it

25-03-12, 07:22 PM
Is that Enis' 14 in the front yard as well in the second shot?

If it is tell him it needs to go kouki front ASAP.

25-03-12, 08:15 PM
the nuts fucked,,, even tyied welding a hex key too it but didnt penitate with the gasless mig
the nut is hard up agaunst the wheel, cant fit anything over it


25-03-12, 09:26 PM
drill out the stud!

25-03-12, 09:27 PM
Cut the rim off??


25-03-12, 09:39 PM
lol cutting the rim off was the next option

wanted to kinda keep the stud alright because its a spacer, but i think we are past that :lol:

25-03-12, 11:26 PM
wow big improvement from when you bought it lol did u sell off the sr3?

27-03-12, 01:11 PM
Recaro is now in a mates car

The wheel-
tried hitting with a chisel .... no good, just started taking metal off
tried bashing a 13mm bolt in the end ..... was tight, but tring to turn it with a double nut on the tread, under torque the nuts would just spin down the tread
tried welding the hex key into the nut... wouldnt penatrate and just crack off when you tried to turn it

long long story short. engine got here late sun night, started putting accessories on monday, was kinda going ok, then reaslied had no flywheel bolts. Tried the CA ones but were a few mm too long

now need the bolts + an ECU

But replaced a brakeline on the lexus as the brakes died.
found a plug that wasnt connected to a soilinoid or sonmthing on the steering rack. pluged it in and it sorted out all the creaking and heavy streering that the lexus has been suffering since I bought it. So at least thats one thing sorted

high tech engine transporter

Cleaned up a bit more, painted a few brackets and alloy pullys I had laying around, cant be fucked putting them on the s14


Thats about as far as it got :lol:

JDM Obsession
27-03-12, 02:40 PM
You gonna use new flywheel bolts? You probably should, but otherwise SSS Automotive will probably have some in their giant pan of various bolts...they usually let you scab them for free. I might even have some lying around but would need to know the length.

27-03-12, 05:15 PM
This car going to be making the EOMM as considering you were picked for an inside spot? lol

27-03-12, 05:24 PM
Nissan wanted 178 for a set :o
Taark has new ones for 36. Plus post

Thats the prob dont have any sr ones to compare too

Lol i got a spot for eomm
Better push to get it done

28-03-12, 07:03 PM
Did a bit of searching last night.
Rocket have a listing of after market APR flywheel bolts, but it is suposibly wrong (need to packs of some bolts that turn out to be 30mm instead of 25mm)
After looks for a while found a 3y/o thread with a part number for a 5.4L ford is the same, m10x1.0 thread and withing half a mm of the same length as SR factory.

Called up rocket in the morning and they had these ford ones in stock. Drove down there and picked up a pack (had exactly 8 too so only needed one.. score) cost $65 but getting it straight away was a bonus and $100 cheaper than the local nissan.

Chucked them on. then after stuffing atound with the clutch fork retaining srping for like 1-2h(think i was trying to put it on the wrong way :lol: ) the gear box went on with the usual ammount of fuss but not too bad.

cleared out the garage, pushed the car in and dropped it in ..did up the engine mounts and all the time I had before work :lol:


Will put all the ancillaries on tomorrow
might take friday off work to get it sorted

Also tried to drill out the stupid stud. took a fair bit of metal out then thought i'd try bashing it off. But turns out that another one is rounded... Over it going to cut the wheel off as soon as I put tyres on the front steelies

28-03-12, 07:23 PM
Looking good, hope its ready for the EOMM

31-03-12, 04:18 AM
3am cliff note update
will do a proper pic one later

after working till 4am dragged myself up early
-went down to ichiban, got a ecu
-bunnings new grinding disk
-after about 4h of cutting and grinding between thurs/fri, got the wheel off... def not a quick way to do it
-CA hot pipe fit fine with 1 diff rubber hose
-Cold pipe needed alot of trimming, just fits. wouldnt hold much boost so need a s14/15 one from batt tray to t/b
-dodged up a metal intake, couldnt get airox to fit, just cheap pod chucked on for now
-had a s13 p/s pump adjuster... didnt fit, had to steal the one of the 14 so need another one (pm me if you have one)
-mate came over, we got it pretty much finished bar a few electronics
-went to take the spacer off, 2 nuts started to round, needed a thin wall socket and only one that fit was double hex. Have to grind a bit out of the spacer to fit a thicker sigle hex socket that can hopefully get it off so I can put the new spacers on
-Went to spin the wheelsto do the last tailshaft bolt seemed like they were jammed, box felt funny. Box only went into 1st and 2nd. Had to undo all the shit that just got done, drop the box. Turned out the selector shaft for 4th gear was stuck poking out the bellhousing end, tapped it in and free'ed it up, started selecting gears fine.
-Buy the time we got the box back in we had wasted 3-4h and was now 2am.
Called it a night

Mate is coming back tomorrow,
to do
- bolt in talilshaft, and exhaust
- hook up starter motor
- gearbox oil and put the shifter
- grind a lil out of spacer hopefully get it off finally
- crank it over, hopefully starts :lol:
- set timing
- lower fron

And then maybe make it to the EOMM ;)

01-04-12, 02:07 AM
long story short
all th tinkering needed missed the EOMM
http://a3.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/s720x720/557210_10150715096883578_574593577_9678150_1465551 414_n.jpg

It lives and put 180km on the motor tonight

01-04-12, 02:36 AM
Cars lookin good locky. Are you going to give it a respray?

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

01-04-12, 02:45 AM
Looks good :D
and yeah, going to respray? or leave it mismatched?

01-04-12, 11:57 AM
nah, dont think I could be fucked
might chuck mates black bar on it though

01-04-12, 07:25 PM
Cool stuff!!

01-04-12, 10:52 PM
Ok detailed update of the last few days
After gettting the motor in wednesday it was all looking good. On thursday decide that I was over the wheel. I thought cutting it off would be the quick way to get it off... I was wrong. I spent 4h with the cutting/grinding disks I had, so they were all fairly small. Was still way off. Had to go to work
Friday morning I got up way to early after a night shift and drove down to Ichiban to grab a ECU the went down to bunnings and grabed a couple new grinding disks.
So with the new disks went rambo and after alot of cuts (damn wheel had soo many spokes)and bashing with a mallet ended up with this

After another hour or two of grinding I finally got enough meat off the nut/stud that I could bash a chisel inbetween a the wheel and spacer and finally got the thing off. If you had a 10in grinder or something it would have been alot quicker, but I highly discourage from using a 4in grinder like I did. It took so long because i have to cut so much of the surround wheel off to get in deep enough. this wi what was left when I was finished

It ends up that 2 of the spacer nuts would just round when using a 12 double hex socket. Every single hex socket we had wouldnt fit, so I had to grind the spacer around the nut, could then get a single hex on it and gripped it just enough to get the spacer nuts off. Bought a set of 30mm of mate so the cutting the spacer wasnt a huge issue.

Started then to hook up all the ancillaries on the engine
The CA hot pipe fit fine with 1 diff rubber hose off the turbo similar to a s14 to suit the t28 outlet. Then dodged up a metal intake with a 45 def silicon pipe and a 90 deg alloy pipe I had lying around. I couldnt get airbox to fit, just cheap pod chucked on for now. Mate gave me a s13 p/s pump adjuster... didnt fit, had to steal the one of the 14 so need another one (pm me if you have one). The CA cold pipe needed alot of trimming, just fits. It wouldnt hold much boost so need a s14/15 one from batt tray to t/b

Mate then came over with the last few bits I needed like fan and alternater. He also did the few bits of wiring for the s13>14 loom
The motor then looked like this

At this point was about 11 pm and we were hooking up everything, mate went to spin the wheels to do the last tailshaft bolt seemed like they were jammed, box felt funny.It felt like it was in neutral but only went into 1st and 2nd. Turned the crank bolt on the motor and the wheels spun so it was stuck in gear :(
Had to undo all the shit that just got done, drop the box. Turned out the selector shaft for 4th gear was stuck poking out the bellhousing end, tapped it in and free'ed it up, started selecting gears fine. By the time it was back in it was 2am so we called it a night.
Saturday morning got up reasonably early again and I started hooking all the stuff back up, taiilshaft, exhaust ect
Randomaally truck pulls up and has a obox of parts from Streeter, never got a delivery on a saturday before. It had the rear pods in it. Painted it with the scraps of the colour coded paint left after the skirts, had just enough. They fit really good for FPR copies, way better then the copy shit you get over here.
By this stage mate had dropped back round, we filled up the box, hooked up all the last few bits and peices and it was ready to start. It was a started, but was missing, ended up being the 4th cyl injector plug doesnt click in properly and is a bit loose. The we couldnt get the timing 100% as the timing light was being gay.

But it was running :)

Reversed it out on the grass and drivers side front was scrubbing hard. it was running crazy castor so had to adjust that and of course everthing was super tight and/or crossthreaded. got that sorted and bahed some shit. It was alot better, only srubbing on skirts when parking ect on hard lock.
Took it though a cruise through natio that night to streach its legs, besides some scrubbing seemed alight, got a bit of a miss still. hopefully just the timing.
It doesnt have enough camber on the front so was poking pretty bad with the 30mm spacers.

This morning wound down the coilovers about a cm or so, but without camber tops it was sttill poking and non base hight makes lowering it worse for drivablity. Put mate's black front bar on so it doesnt stand out as much, and installed the CA lip on that.
Drove it down to the carwash to steam clean the seats as the GTR seat still had heaps of dirt from when it was in the laurel. Gave it a quick wash, and of course it started to rain just as I grabbed the camera.





Drove it out to partents and grabbed brothers spair set of china coilovers, will chuck them in the front to dial in some camber as its scrubbing on the flare.
Still need to trim the back of the rear flare to suit the pods
Will try and get somone to replace the cannon with a quite exhaust tomorrow

After that not much more to do, bar an alinment and and either a shroud or BA thermo's.
Then once its run in
- make sure the timing and missing is sorted
- boost it up
- walbro or something
- fit the airbox
- replace bov with just straight pipe or plumpback

Thats about it

01-04-12, 11:13 PM
Cannon looks fucken horrible. You know where to go.

Other than that it'll do pretty well for a beater. Got a set of bricks lying around for this thing? That and a GTR grill and call it done.

01-04-12, 11:13 PM
now it looks awesome :D

Without the cannon, it'll look even better :D

01-04-12, 11:26 PM
You're willing to spend 4 hours to chop a wheel off but you won't respray your car :(

Never the less, looking hella nice.

01-04-12, 11:28 PM
If I was keeping it Id get bricks and GTR grill
but not worth it for teh 7 months of rego left on it ... got alot more important things to spend money on

Just going to get a twin tip or even just a muffer with single 2.5in tip if I can get in tomorrow

01-04-12, 11:31 PM
I had to chopt the wheel off, I didnt think it would take that long

Ive canned the the 14 twice, I couldnt be bothered for a car that is getting stripped in November
Plus my brother deserves some garage time to put a GTR subframe in his 13 so he can fianlly drive it

02-04-12, 07:37 PM
Got the cannon chopped off

there was this gay thing that some fag is putting a VE head on

Just got a normal muffler put on a random 2.5in tip, probebly paint it black

Quieter but still go a fair bit of noise. Looks a little less gay

Tried the resistor mod to get the tacho working but it didnt work :(
Need to put the china coilovers in the front as the flares have left quite a few scrub marks in the tyres

02-04-12, 07:55 PM
Haha, my uncle rang me and said you showed up.

Yeah it's gay at the moment. Can't do much, and the fucking thing is leaking oil. Again. Over this shit.

best guy
02-04-12, 08:29 PM
sell your car buy a stock one, weld diff put a fixie in do skids

(talking to sam)

but also locky sell this car finish laurel weld diff do skids

there's a common motif and a common result - happiness and my approval

so we all win

02-04-12, 08:29 PM
yeah he said it was leaking from the sump
thats wierd, my tomei si fine

02-04-12, 08:34 PM
welded diffs are gay
1.5way or broke

speaking of which i am broke so will be a while before I get eh laurel going

best guy
02-04-12, 08:37 PM
yeah i hate weldies as well but fit 2 way didn't sound as swell

i'm a lyricist not an instruction book, take me for my inspirational truths and amend the fuzzy details to suit

02-04-12, 08:40 PM
sorry Mr I write for a living but dont get bogged down in the details

02-04-12, 08:59 PM
but also locky sell this car finish laurel weld diff do skids

Do everything he says ^^

02-04-12, 09:03 PM
Give it time

Vanquish spoiler rocked up on the weekend for the laurel

give it time gypsies

best guy
02-04-12, 09:07 PM
good, this thread is now also about laurels

what s13 you ask


02-04-12, 09:10 PM
the 13 is serving a purpose of ironing out the kinks in the drivetrain for the laurel

speaking of which a random old guy asked what I was doing with the laurel, he hidnt know what it was but saw the long grass around it.... Think he wanted to buy it for scap metal :lol:

JDM Obsession
02-04-12, 09:15 PM
speaking of which a random old guy asked what I was doing with the laurel, he hidnt know what it was but saw the long grass around it.... Think he wanted to buy it for scap metal :lol:

Random old guys are the best.

I was dropping my girlfriend in the city the other night, a random old (homeless?) guy came up, stubby and beer in hand.

"Nice car, really nice. I don't know what it is but it looks great. You take care of it!"

...and he didn't even ask for money? :-o

02-04-12, 09:22 PM
..."he then lured me into the bushed"

the story was longer
what topped it was the fact he was on a motorised push bike.... gotta love campbelltown

02-04-12, 10:21 PM
...gotta love campbelltown

04-04-12, 02:32 PM
went to instasll brothers china coilovers
as I want to undo mine, realised then had the elongated bolt hole on the knuckle for more camber.
Maxed that out and now they just tuck in the 1-2deg that I wanted and clear the flare now

Also bashed all the lips. Tyres were getting chewed and it had been so long that I forgot all the stuff you had to bash, but seems alot better now. Also put ! bolt in the front of the CA lip so now it doesnt sag as bad... It was sitting about 1cm off the ground after I chuicked it on hte black bar

08-04-12, 11:44 PM
Did a bit of tinkering

The highbeam wasnt working on one side, had the faintest light on the test light. But after removing the dodgy wiring for the old neon kit (they got the power from the lowbeam wtf), cleaning the connections and some fiddleing. Not sure what I did but it started working. Was having issues with the brake/ tailights, with one side dull and the brake lights not working with parkers on, but after sanding back all the earths, contact cleaner and new globes it seems to be fixed.

Also installed the rack spacers, I forgot how much lock those little washers gave. Been so tied up in a knucles ect, forgot how elegent a basic solution was.

Got the stock airbox in, the hectic flutter was too much. Tried to get a alloy intake pipe working, with some trimming got close but not enough so chucked a stock on on and the old gear knob to block the bov return. Really need to get rid of the BOV, never thought it was so hard to find a bit of stainless or alloy straight 2in pipe

Just enough camber to tuck in the flare

Not as hectic looking, but better aand quiter

09-04-12, 09:42 AM
nice daily rig, those s13 coilpacks in a vct s14/15 motor?

09-04-12, 09:58 AM
nice daily rig, those s13 coilpacks in a vct s14/15 motor?

From my phone, they look to be std S14 coilpacks.

09-04-12, 01:49 PM
had to steal the ones out of my 14 because mate only had s15 coilpacks, but its running on a s14 loom (s15 doesnt have an ignigtor in the loom)

need to buy another set

09-04-12, 09:26 PM
if you ever consider selling this let me know! ;)

thing looks better everytime i check out this thread

09-04-12, 10:58 PM
I will be at the end of the year
Most likly minus motor/box and few other bits and pieces

11-04-12, 03:39 PM
Went and got an alinment at wholesale suspension, actually dialed a lil camber in at the rear as it was zero and evened everything up
Drove it to work and it didnt get stolen/defected/brake down so im calling that a win. Its suprisingly quite, as due to the CD player dying could just hear the exhaust over the roadnoise and fuck all intake noise

Another 100km down, just need to need to fix the machine gun missfire when it comes on boost though


11-04-12, 04:15 PM
Running copper plugs already?

11-04-12, 04:28 PM
even changed from bkr6e to bkr7e
think the timing is out

11-04-12, 06:33 PM
Got a timing light?

I've got one if you need it.

11-04-12, 07:35 PM
did you get the bkr7e from somewhere local?

JDM Obsession
11-04-12, 07:44 PM
In before defect/EPA post from Locky.

11-04-12, 09:24 PM
Dont have a timing light, dont know how to do it either :lol:

The local autobarn have bkr7e in stock all the time

Pete, ill b suprised if it makes it to rego renewal

12-04-12, 12:31 AM
Can come round with said timing light and at least check it out. Then you just have to loosen the CAS when it's running and turn it either way to adjust timing.

12-04-12, 03:28 AM
I know how to adjust it , not just how to tell what the timing is with the light on the balancer ect

If you could it would be great

12-04-12, 07:24 AM
Home tonight?

12-04-12, 12:49 PM
should be
guy probly coming to buy my CA gear

14-04-12, 05:04 PM
So... Sam came round and we tried to sort the timing out but it was still being annoying and missing that night. Started to get worse.

Got my hands on a bit of straight 2in stainless pipe, gave that and my gearknob intake blocker a hit of black caliper paint. Looking a bit more factory now, also ordered a AU falcon thermo fan setup which should neaten up the bay.

Then when went to go on a drive the next day with some mates, as soon as I pulled out of the street it it started to misfire. It was running on 3 cylinders
Pretty much
-Coilpacks and subloom are from mu s14, were running fine in that
-Running on 3 cylinders
-take the coilpack out and not sparking
-swap coilpacks, still #1 no sparking
-Still enough signal to give timing light a sorce from cyl#1 though
- cut away shealding on subloom, no obvious loose joints ect

After nearly a hour of stuffing around, gave up and took it home.

Today I played around with it and tried the s14 ignitor
ended up trying the ignightor from the s14
bam strong spark cyl#1 took it for a drive and it got rid off the miss i was suffering on boost too.
Pluged the old one back in, went back to spluttering and no spark on cyl#1

is there any difference between a s13, s14 and s14a ignitor?
dodgy pic, but the numbers are differnt on each


Anyway with the s14 ignitor it pulls hard even on 5psi, doent splutter on boost.
Glad thats sorted, few more km needed then can boost it up

14-04-12, 05:38 PM
I hope the ghetto timing light was at least good for something...

15-04-12, 09:56 PM
So yeah defected just after I got on the m5

Cheering though, minor defect for height and no batt clamp
7 days and just need pink slip so good outcome

15-04-12, 10:35 PM
Way easy. Good to hear.

15-04-12, 11:20 PM
i have ignitor if you need one


20-04-12, 01:26 AM
Engine ran in, changed the oil and turned the boost up a bit
Then also decided to chuck the r200 in

It seems really laggy. I havent got the tacho working yet, but just seems to take forever to come on boost, and even when it does feels down on power. Its running about 10-11psi wont even spin coming onto boost in the wet. Even clutching it round a corner it doesnt really step out, then the diff also feels like its single legging :(

Might try to put the spare HKS actuator on off the poped s14 turbo, see if that helps with some of the lag.
Also might weld the old R180 and chuck that back in shim up the R200 for later

Oh and chucked in some non genuine AU falcon thermo fans, only needed to trim a lip off the top, the bottom brackets and a notch out for the bottom rad hose and they fit perfectly. Just running off a switch atm till i figure out how to use the yashio fan controling function. But drops the temp 10 deg in about 15-20 sec

Still need to raise it up, cant drive it after sunday :(

20-04-12, 10:55 AM
looks awesome mate.... flares and lip pull it together well

20-04-12, 04:08 PM
got my steelies,
got my muddies,
got my lift kit,
Ready to take this baby off road

Also engine bay shot with the thermos, Ill do it a lil neater when it all goes in the laurel

20-04-12, 04:25 PM
Locky what size and profile is your tires?
Are you having any scrubbing issues on the front at all?

20-04-12, 04:55 PM
fronts are 205/50/16 ... but there federal semi's so seem to have a lil more profile and looks like no strech
rear are 225/50/16 ... just bluestreak, or some china special

Light scrubbing all round :lol:
The front because its so low offset the arc the wheel travels is reallt big, it scubs on the front of the skirt and just cleared the lip, If i had more caster it would catch on the lip. I mashed all the lips on the inner so no real bad scrubbing there

20-04-12, 06:28 PM
mad pos camber on the back ;D

22-04-12, 03:28 AM
Great timing, this happened on the lexus
http://a6.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/s720x720/530107_10150774446233578_574593577_9852323_1883318 57_n.jpg

On the way to work.....Balljoint on lca sheered
Lucky it happened where it did and not on a main road, wold have been alot worse. Pretty much hit a pothole/bump about 50m after I turned off a main road, onto a wide empty industrial road heading towards the station. Just felt like a massive lock up and lost steering veered to the left after a 30m skid and pulled up about 1m from the gutter. Best case secenario that could have happened

by the quick look I had Hapefully a new lower ball joint will fix it and there only about $100, might replace the tie rods just to be safe. But the it also fucked the 2nd drivers side gaurd ive had on the car, will also need a new tyre as it will have a massive flat spot

The s13 cant be driven after 3pm Sunday, so will hopefully be able to get it cleared on monday morning so I have a car for work in the arvo

25-04-12, 02:44 AM
So yeah
Chucked the HKS actuator on it, feels a lil better. Still really doughy, you need to go atleast 1/2-2/3 throttle to get it moving... nopt quick, just to actually move. Then it hit boost what seems like fairly late (still no word on how to fix tacho) and seems to get up and go decent, but not as much as I would think for that ammount of boost.

Hopefully its just the giant 110mm thick intercooler. Might just try and steal a normal 600x300x70ish generic core and see how that goes. Otherwise might have to strat looking at more serious things like compression :(

25-04-12, 10:04 AM
got epic lock on the lexus haha... what diff ratio was in the r200?

25-04-12, 01:54 PM
not 100% but was out of a manual type x
But it was feeling the same with the old diff

04-05-12, 09:35 PM
Wanted to try and get it running right, So booked it in to get dynoed with boost/timing adjusted at unigroup on tuesday.
About the only support mod I didnt have was a fuel pump.

Big thanks to Pete

Managed to hook me up with a walbro for great price and got it out to me asap so I could chuck it in on my day off

So it was out with the old CA NA fuel pump that was as old as me

And in with the new walbro with my custom instulation :lol:

Also did the usual relay jazz so its running constant 12V

Probebly going to chuck a thermostat in it tomorrow and drop the coolant (been topped up with just water too much) and replace front to cat gasget and should be ready for the dyno

14-05-12, 12:48 AM
Went down to Unigroup, got my suspisions confirmed. It was running super rich ... explains the 300km per tank :lol:

Couldn't go anyfurther with the dyno run :(

After some investigation, turns out it was running s15 injectors, but with the s14 ECU. So I went to parents house and dug out the stock injectors out of the 14. Chucked them in this arvo and the car is running heaps better, nowhere near as boggy off boost and pulls harder when it comes on. Just need to book it back in and get it checked out and setup 100%

Buut still need to get the tacho working.... any help????