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06-10-11, 11:19 PM
Whats up guys, so while the chaser is getting fixed I decided I would buy another car to drive for daily duties and also have a slide here and there. So I picked up this blue S13, came with SR20det, manual with new exedy heayy duty clutch, GCG GTRS, xforce exhaust, dodgy front mount and mould smelling interior. When I picked it up I knew it was cheap for a reason but I had no idea the amount of shit I would have to go through to get it working properly!

Firstly, the clutch wouldn't disengage properly so it was super shit to drive. Ended up getting it home and pulled the box off only to find the clutch fork was half on so it wasn't pushing the pressure plate in like it was supposed to. Bought a new throw-out bearing and put it all back how it should be. I could now drive it, but it still felt terrible! I had bled the clutch countless times, so I ended up getting a new Nissan master and slave along with a braided clutch line. Bled the system again and it felt awesome! But was never quite there.

After I thought the clutch was sorted I found out the GTRS was shagged. So I bought a HKS 2530 which had been hi-flowed with 2871 internals, dump pipe was barely bolted up so I hit up gk-tech and ordered new dump and front. Had to get new lines made to suit as it was from an S14. Got that going and took it for a drive and car started to run hot. Naturally I thought thermostat, so I put in a new Nissan water pump and Nismo thermostat. This fixed the problem for a little bit but a 10min drive to a mates place and I had a blown head gasket. FML at this stage. Ordered Apexi MHG, rocker arm stoppers and ARP head studs, starting putting it back together and stripped a head stud. Fixed this got it running and limped it home. For some reason the car was running super duper hot and my turbo was glowing red hot. Pulled off the rocker cover, and it looks like I had skipped a tooth on the crank making it 1 tooth out. So after adjusting timing and idle the car run fkn mint!

Paid for a drift day and though fk yeah I'll chuck it on the dyno to see how it goes. After 2 weeks I get it back and they had to replace the clutch fork, carrier bearing, clutch pedal and pressure plate. No idea how the hell all my shit was bent, but the car drove awesome after :D It ended up making 200hp at 12psi, and can't even hold a constant 12psi, it drops off to 7psi. I'm thinking my dodgy intercooler and piping isn't helping.

So here I am now, I've flagged trying to get more power, I'm just super happy that it drives now and it can actually slide! It's finally going to QR on the 18th after 6months of problems and head aches!

Current mod list as follows:
GKtech rocker arm stoppers
Apexi MHG
ARP head studs
HKS 2510 hi-flowed
Braided lines
Stainless manifold
Custom intercooler and piping
Gktech dump and front
X-force catback
Bosch 040
K&N pod filter

Silk Road RM8 coilovers
SPL parts tie rods and ends
Lock spacer
KLS castor rods
KLS rear camber arms
KLS subframe colars
Locked R180

OMP 350mm wheel
Nismo gearknob
Turbosmart boost gauge

Wheels and brakes:
Custom painted drift teks,
Fronts: 17x9.5 +18 and federal SS 225/45/17 with a 5mm slip on
18x9.5 +18 with federal ss 245/40/18
D1 spec rear pads

Next saturday I'm picking up new rotors all round, maybe new front pads, rear toe arms, bride brix 2, nardi 330mm, driftworks knuckles and a rack offset spacer.

Hoping next saturday to pull out rear camber, so its about -1.5. Have some 235/40's lined up so I can achieve this without flaring my guards more. And hopefully all goes well I should have alot more lock :)


Cheers guys :)

07-10-11, 12:52 AM
wheels on that colour scheme look pretty awesome! Are you going to respray front? Also what are you going to do with it once the chaser is back? Keep or sell?

07-10-11, 12:57 AM
Loving the colour and rear wheel tuck. Beautiful car mate :)

07-10-11, 09:08 AM
Thanks guys, the car is actually lower now then in these pics. But I plan on getting it painted when I get the chaser back.
And definately keeping the chaser, its alot more fun to drive then the S13

07-10-11, 10:48 AM
i already know this is gonna turn out a beast juding by what you've done with your 100 lol

07-10-11, 11:17 AM
Mate this thing is tidy as. Jealousy is pouring outta me right now haha. I had a clutch problem in my first s13 and it was a dodgey master, slave... And a bent fork. Clutches are annoying sometimes aye. Keen to see where this thing goes!

08-10-11, 12:56 AM
I won't be doing much more to this thing. I'm pretty content with how it is now but it just needs some tidying up :)
Tell me about it dude, clutch fork bent, clutch pedal pend, pressure plate bent :S Glad its finally fixed!

Also picked up a rail for my Brix 2, I can't see me having it in there for too long. My head hits the roof and I sit really awkwardly, not sure if I should try to sell the brix 2 and get a fixed back? I only just fit the brix
Suggestions please :)

09-10-11, 11:30 AM
cut your head off

09-10-11, 05:35 PM
Nice 13....

15-10-11, 11:59 PM
Cut my head off lol? Death threats for driving a nissan :P

Thanks to Nghia, got alot of shit done today. Bolted up my RDA slotted rotors, gktech rear toe arms, and my rack offset spacers. Bit of a fuck around and didn't really fix the problem but its getting there I guess. Flagging it for now and just going to leave it.
Also picking up Cusco RS-2way in an R200 housing and 5bolt drive shafts, also picking up a straight pipe to replace my shitty cannon system. Car has been running faultless for a while now, so QR on tuesday to FINALLY test it out. FK YER

P.s. Chaser should be back in 2 weeks, and on to seam welding :D

16-10-11, 10:26 AM
^^^ pics?

16-10-11, 11:57 AM
you got a bargain... that sheyit is clean as.

18-10-11, 05:50 PM
YAY! Finally got out to steve's morning session today and was pretty pleased how the car went (thanks to all those that marshalled). Only ran into a few issues the whole day but learnt ALOT :D
The ADGP track was definately the biggest highlight for me today, you can enter so much faster and carry so much more speed then entering the dipper the other way!
Big thanks to elda bob who saved the day with a top radiator hose, seriously dude I owe you big time!

So I need to work out my next plan of attack, my clutch was slipping constantly when holding 3rd and I couldn't drop 2nd gear off the start line. Might look into getting a custom NPC clutch?
I had issue selecting 3rd gear, no matter what I did it would crunch hard going from 2nd to 3rd. But if I want 4th to 3rd it was fine? I'm assuming I'll need to replace selector fork
Power steering was leaking something chronic, but shouldn't be too hard to mend
And also had alot of bind on full lock, I have spl tie rod ends, tein z33 inner rods and cammo's offset rack spacer.

Pretty pleased with today and definately looking forward to the next!

Still didn't get pics either ahah

18-10-11, 10:16 PM
fuck this is hot, i really like it...

the wheels and lights and height is just dope...

18-10-11, 10:47 PM
How you finding the rack spacers? He wants a pretty penny for them. Worth it?