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15-10-11, 07:56 PM
Really love the idea of the dairy, and maybe it will help me to stop spending on this car :lol:

Anyways Jan 2008, 2 month after i finished school, settled on a 50/50 split with the folks for my first real car, a 2003 Mazda RX8, unfortunately due to regulations and a bad left knee i went with an auto, didnt want the stress and fear for 3 years.

Original intention was for keeping it stock, getting a set of rims and a nice sounding exhaust, yea we all know how that turns out.

Basically when i bought it, it was stock,


Soon one day i wake up and decide why not make it different and spray it pearl white, whilst i am at it getting a spoiler,rims,front bumper, side skirts.
These were done at Jetspeed in Melbourne, Victor is a awesome block and top work every time.


Next i got myself a racing beat intake, magnaflow exhaust, Promaz Coils, Microtech LT10 for a tune, whiteline swaybars, air ram duct, Optima Yellow Top, and an sub for the boot.


At this point i realised i did not stick to my original intention =/

Being unhappy with the Rims, i found a bargain and go myself a set of Buddy Clubs 19inch, i picked these up along with BC BR Coilovers


As time went on i went to a dyno day with a few friends and my car ran a devastating 95rwkw =/ pretty upset i went home

What followed was changing exhaust to Borla Exhaust from states, Changing to a Flash Tune, and getting a supercharger :)

Commenced on supercharger build, bought myself a fricken long list of parts too,

Basically it was the
Knightsport Rotrex Supercharger Kit,
Griffon Radiator,
Greddy Struts, Large Oil Sump, Oil Catch Cans,
FEED 4.77 Final Drive,
Walbro Fuel Pump,
OEM 2nd Oil Cooler,
Pettite Racing Bypass valve,
Silicon Radiator Hoses.
Prosport Oil Temp/Pressure, Water Temp, Boost, Wideband Gauges,
FEED center gauge pod


This took awhile, but the end result was 170ish rwkw @ 7psibut the tune was abit dangerous, so we reduced it back down to 150rwkw.

After driving around in the summer, i realised my IAT was just too high, and that top mount Intercooler was acting as a InterHeater, so we fked that off and got a custom made Plazaman Water 2 Air Intercooler In.

Now i have lost these photos, but yea, net result was a drop of over 30degrees for IAT, gained alot of torque and a few ponies.

Now recently i discovered my rear rotor has lost compression and it is time for a rebuild, (you dont own a rotor until you have rebuilt it :P)

So lucky i had a spare short block which i picked up for close to nothing. That is getting all done by Xtreme Rotaries, basically short list of things being done

Ceramic Seals,
Isotropic Finish,
CNC mild port, intake & exhaust
Manual rx8 center plate (larger exhaust ports)
deeper side seals

Whilst my old engine still runs (but i cant start it when the car is hot)
We started dynoing to see what may have caused these issues.

We discovered we have ran out of injectors, and the VE table basically stuck my secondaries open with no pulse or spray pattern, fked these off went to 875cc secondaries, we also uped the boost to 10psi with a smaller SC pulley, result was noticeable, with 10kw gain at 1thousand lower rpm, boost is now at 3psi at 3k rather then 5k.

The car is gone at the moment, getting bits and pieces done, i am getting the mazdaspeed rear bumper put on, and changing out the wideband and boost with the PLX gauges, will keep this updated as the build goes on.

Thanks for reading :D

Now why are these damn pictures not working

15-10-11, 08:20 PM
interested - friend was looking at turbo for his RX8 but if supercharging is a good option too..

15-10-11, 08:58 PM
I always like RX8's, I know there is a law that states you can't put a older engine into a newer car. Is this the case even if it's one year off? 2002 FD RX7 twin turbo motor would go nicely in a RX8 :) ;) either way..great job!

15-10-11, 09:14 PM
Holy crap, what a transformation :o

15-10-11, 09:32 PM
that body kit looks really good mate. Loving a supercharger too! Good choice. Keep us informed!

15-10-11, 11:14 PM
Hey, thanks for the positive feedback, in regards to the question about the 02 series 8 engine in a rx8, i know for a fact that someone in NSW has got a compliance d transplant from a 02 series 8 to a 03 rx8, however that is NSW and i am not sure with Victoria, hope that helps your friend out.

In terms of turbo v supercharger, that is a huge debate, but in all honesty i was just trying something different, the best and easiest way to go at the moment is to get the Greddy Kit, upgrade the turbo, better couplers and a proper maf tune!

16-10-11, 01:09 AM
I liked it before hand :/

16-10-11, 09:41 PM
faarrk back in the day dudes were getting 150 atw with bolt ons!

16-10-11, 11:19 PM
i dig the transformation dude

the auto rx8 has 30kw less at the flywheel
if it was manual, boy im sure it would def go over 200kw

16-10-11, 11:29 PM
woah , from stock to pearl white . expensive move :) came out awesome though

Snoop G
16-10-11, 11:38 PM
where did u get the supercharger kit from ?
and how much?

16-10-11, 11:53 PM
Hey, thanks for the comments. Indeed auto 4port has 30kw less then the manual 6 port engine, a exact same setup as mine has gotten roughly around 210kw at the wheels. However that 150kw was reduced from 170kw, and that was with only 70psi of compression in my rotors, when warranty minimum is 110psi go figures :rolleyes:
Whilst there are plenty of cars out there that is faster then a rx8, the rx8 is still a awesome car to drive imo, with luxury and a awesome car for the tracks

Appreciate the positive reply about the spray job, was expensive but worth it, at the moment i have yet to see another series 1 rx8 in white in Victoria, since they decided not to sale the factory whitewater pearl in Victoria, so definitely the unique factor played a part here.

I got the S/C Kit from a wrecker in Japan, it cost me around 3.5k, but the rotrex unit was damaged when we trial fitted, the bearings were gone. So i bought a new S/C unit from Bullet Superchargers which costed me around 2k.

17-10-11, 12:31 AM
White is nice :)
Stands out to me from other rx8s
Meh it's auto. It's not an auto commo so I'm not Gunna hate.