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Bendix Heavy Duty Works Straight out of the Box.

Bendix Heavy Duty (http://clixtrac.com/goto/?54065) pads belong on every hardworking ute, van and pick-up in the country. Whether itís the demands of city driving, heavy towing or the hard grind of construction sites, Bendix Heavy Duty is the answer.

-Better performance and better mileage.
-Lasts up to twice as long as all-purpose brake pads in hardworking and high temperature conditions.
-For hardworking vehicles always recommend Bendix Heavy Duty


Working cooler.
A significant feature of Bendix Heavy Duty pads is the exclusive Insulayer, sandwiched between the backing plate and the friction material. Braking transforms kinetic energy into heat and the Insulayer minimises heat transfer through the backing plate which can result in damage to the caliper and overheating of the brake fluid.


Working Longer
Using our global technology, Bendix Heavy Duty has been specially formulated as a hard working compound that is long lasting without being unduly harsh on rotors. Developed and tested in the Bendix dynamometer laboratory and on the road, Bendix Heavy Duty not only work better but also last longer.


Working better out of the box
Bendix Titanium Stripe saves you time and money. Bendix Heavy Duty now features the exclusive Titanium Stripe giving instant friction and positive pedal feel the moment your customers drive out of the workshop.

How the Titanium Stripe Works.
The high friction titanium coating on the brake pad surface mates quickly to the rotor when brakes are first applied and full braking performance is achieved in a few stops.
Normal bedding-in procedure is a minimum of 30 stops Ė thatís 10 minutes of your time that could be better spent on other jobs!


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