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25-10-11, 11:18 PM
Hey guys,

I haven't really done a build thread/diary on JDMST but after picking my new ride I think its about time to start one.. So after owning my fair share of Hondas - Had an EG, DC2, EJ8, Del Sol, EK and then my Mitsubishi Colt Ralliart which was written off, I thought it was time for something different. I spent months and months looking for a new car after my car was written off and I had begun chewing my friend's and girlfriend's ears off about which car to get. My missus begged and begged me not to get the MX-5. She hates it with a passion I've never seen.. I think its probably #1 on her most hated/ugliest car ever list haha. Anyways.. my friends and gf got so sick of me asking and talking about cars I knew it was finally time to make a decision. One day it just clicked.. RWD and handled beautifully.. The MX-5. I was originally looking at S2K's but I didn't want to fork out the extra cash for an AP2 and an AP1 didn't suit my checklist as shown below :(

After reading numerous reviews and sitting in Chook's MX-5 I knew it was the car for me. I had a few requirements though:

- Had to be fairly new 04+ (and I personally hate the look of the NB)
- Clean
- Low km's with full service history
- Single owner

My requirements were simply for my own benefit as the car would be a daily. I guess after owning a slew of older cars I wanted something newer, simply for comfort and peace of mind. I didn't have a problem with every single car I had, probably only really my B20vtec Delsol.. (blew the head) which was more of the builder's fault than anything but I also hated rattles in the older cars with a passion! I spent months searching and finally found the MX-5 I was looking for. After taking it for a test drive I was simply amazed at the handling capability. The fact that Mazda built the car with the intent of Jinba Ittai is just superb. I really felt a part of the car and it was NOTHING like anything I'd ever driven.

Personally I prefer black on the NC but this one was a bargain and I just couldn't resist. Picked her up on Friday afternoon with 50,000km's and 1 full year rego (20/10/2012) haha love bargaining :)

After driving around for a few days now, I noticed a rattling sound from the passenger side roof latch. And as previously mentioned, I REALLY REALLY hate rattles lols. So after finding a few things across various forums it seemed that spraying a light coat of silicone spray on the latches will stop the hardtop from rattling or creaking. Turns out the passenger side stopped but the driver side started and is louder. This really really really really irritates me (if anyone has any other suggestions they are more than welcome!). A few gripes I have about the car are:

- Roof creaks and rattles (even though its power retractable)
- Limited space
- No spare tyre/spacesaver
- My stock BOSE stereo isn't MP3 compatible.. WTF? hahaha
- I'm not sure if this is for other nc owners as well but it's impossible to check the driver side blind spot with the top up unless I stick my head out the window lol
- Road noise is unbelievably loud with the top up
- Fuel consumption is horrid when the aircon is on (yes I know its convertible)

To be honest I prefer driving with the top up during the day, gets bloody hot and the top down at night (summer night cruises with the top down are coming :D). But it seems my hate for rattles when the roof is up is overpowering the heat haha! Guess my love for the roadster lifestyle is already springing to life! All in all even though there are dislikes, the positives well outweigh the negatives and given its a sports car, some discomforts are expected.

I'm not looking to heavily modify the car from the start like I did with some of my other cars, its a nice learning curve going from fwd to rwd and I admit.. I've turned off traction control a few times and had some fun but more than anything I'm interested in seeing what this car will teach me as a driver, especially after reading so many posts from respected members, even Justin Fox wrote that he learnt how to really drive in his mx-5!

I'm looking at getting some new tyres and taking her to track stock as a rock to see the potential, then hopefully some 17x9 +35 RPF1's and some coilovers and I'll be set for some time. If everything goes well I'll be able to take her to my first track day ever in November with some of my mates :). In the meantime, I have my eyes on an aftermarket HU and a Voodoo shift knob :)

Here are some pics of my first arvo/night with her!


Stock height :(




The previous owner was nice enough to give me this:



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reserved :)

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Welcome to the hairdressers club.

26-10-11, 12:04 AM
v nice.

I also own an nc hard top. With the roof, put grease in the two holes (either side) where the roof meets the top of the windscreen.

Coilovers are a must, the hard top comes with softer springs than the soft top to cope with the extra weight, when i got coilovers it transformed the car, you think it handles good now ;)

26-10-11, 12:05 AM
Awesome, should be sweet to see what you make of it. Really like the new shape compared to the old.

26-10-11, 06:47 AM
Nice find! MX5's really are something different to drive aren't they. :)

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stylish looking ride.:)

26-10-11, 09:35 PM
Nice Car! :) i've always wanted a mx5 because i've only ever heard good things about them. Anyway about your blind spot whinge haha...i suggest you buy one of those blind spot mirror circle things from supercheap auto or whatever for $2 or so. Looking forward to the build

31-10-11, 01:12 PM
Welcome to the hairdressers club.
Oh I know haha, plenty of comments from mates who hate it or don't know anything about cars lmao. Mates wanted my number plate to be "KEN" because its such a 'barbie' car lmao.

Nice find! MX5's really are something different to drive aren't they. :)
They're quite an incredible car :)

Nice Car! :) i've always wanted a mx5 because i've only ever heard good things about them. Anyway about your blind spot whinge haha...i suggest you buy one of those blind spot mirror circle things from supercheap auto or whatever for $2 or so. Looking forward to the build

Haha I have those blind spot mirrors, always have them but I still preferring actually looking. Guess its out of habit to turn and look :(

Hey guys, just a quick update

After hearing non stop about Voodoo gearknobs I decided to grab one as I knew how much difference a simple gearknob could make to the feel of a car. Luckily a forum member was selling one in mint condition and this also saved me the drive to Hornsby (mx5mania). After purchasing the gearknob I decided it was time to take another attempt at fixing the roof creaks and rattles. This time I got some auto grease as mentioned by forums and a member here. I applied the grease to the forks that hold the roof to the bit above the windscreen and voila! No more rattles! :) I'm so happy with the car at the moment, no more frustrating rattles, just smooth quiet driving :)

Voodoo gearknob pearl finish

The grease I used

31-10-11, 09:01 PM
Nice knob lol same as me :)