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26-10-11, 01:17 AM
Hello everyone, *apologies in advance as this will be a bit of a life story :mrgreen:*

Thought I'd do this on behalf of my missus as she says "I cbf.." but I'm sure that down the track she will join and take it over. Some of you might remember me from when I had my 400kw R34 GTR V-Spec so nope, I didn't replace that with this Cube.

It all started when my girlfriend decided that she needed her own car. She went through several phases which included the MR2 Spyders, Skylines, Jazz, Suzuki hatches etc until she came along the Nissan Cube when I bought my GTR. That whole process took about a little over a year to decide which was plenty of time for the Cube to grow on her. Since then, all the other options were pushed out.

Then after that I told her to do some more research on the car with reliability, common issues, different variants and options etc and it all came back positive. Well seeing as though it is a simple car, not too much could go wrong which is good for her as a daily. After all that we started stalking carsales a lot and also hit up a few car yards to check some out. Top Secret Imports were a lot of help as always :). They had explained the different models and the extra options too that were available. She had her eyes keen on a particular blue one that they had but that got sold pretty quick. Then she had decided that she definitely wanted the blue but with a body kit either in the rider or the neo-classical.

A good 6 months after that, I had stumbled across one matching everything but it was in QLD. Didn't want to waste another opportunity so contacted the seller and got most of the negotiations under way and also felt like bit of a break from work anyways so made a mini holiday and road trip out of it. Few weeks later, 4 of us caught a very early flight to Brisbane to check it out.

Few pics at the airport parking lot :)





My inspection took a good 2 hours which absolutely covered almost every aspect with my 5 page checklist. Apart from a few minor scuffs here and there it was in excellent condition. Late 2005 model, low kms with full log books from Japan, all the importing and compliancing paperwork intact and full neo-classical kit.

We spent a few days at Gold Coast and hit up that awesome fish taco store, went shooting, Movieworld before we headed back. With the 4 people plus luggage in the car, I had expected the little city-car 1.4l to be terrible on the highway but it wasn't too bad. The car was steady in high speeds, cruising was smooth and the seats were acceptably comfortable. Worse things were having to struggle with the few odd hills and me driving for 12 hours straight with stops and detours because I was certain I could do the full trip back. I had clonked out just after Newcastle. Overall it was very enjoyable and fun but probably won't do it again with a Cube anytime soon.

My girlfriend had already wrote up a list of things to do to it so I'll try and keep this updated. I guess I had played some part at influencing her with sticking JDM cars :)

Oh very irrelevant to everything, but parking in QLD is so dirt cheap. After my super long inspection, I felt sorry for the guy and offered to pay for some of the parking but he said no need as it would only cost $15 or less!!! Then went to the hotel and got parking there and it was only $8 per 24 hours :mrgreen:

Thanks all for reading :)


..... cool as a cucumber

26-10-11, 01:28 AM
Awesome colour for a cube!

Looks mint!

And parking is cheap as O_o.. Sydney's airport parking is like $15~ for 1 hour.

26-10-11, 06:40 AM
Nice cube, and cool little story. So many people do the fly interstate and drive it back thing.

Can't wait to see how it turns out.

27-10-11, 10:09 AM
awesome:) was so tempted to get one of these haha unique :P

15-05-12, 11:50 AM
Any updates on this one? :)

15-05-12, 05:37 PM
coming real soon! :)