View Full Version : Bendix High Performance Dot 3 and Dot 4 Brake Fluid

27-10-11, 12:01 PM


Introducing a new standard in Brake Fluid technology offering confident braking under all conditions.

Suitable for hydraulic and conventional braking systems as well as hydraulic clutches, this range of Polyglycol type fluids has been designed to ensure optimal performance.

Bendix brake fluids minimise corrosion of tinned iron, steel, aluminium, cast iron, brass and copper components while being inert to both natural and synthetic rubber used in brake hoses, cups and seals. They are also able to operate under high temperatures during heavy braking and maintain constant viscosity even in extreme cold operating temperatures.

The new range is available from leading automotive outlets in 250 and 500ml bottles, as well as 20 litre drums.




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