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04-07-07, 06:09 PM
Hey guys,

I just joined out of peer pressure (thanks prizedbnx)

I bought this car about 2 weeks ago to replace my blue glitter ae71 station wagon, i couldnt handle having an old car anymore, so i had to find something newer and with less problems, and less kidney breaking abilities...though a 4ac with a weber at 6k still makes me feel good ;)

I had never driven a starlet before, but after the test drive i decided i will have to go back to the dark world of FWD :P

Basic specs on the car so far...most of which the previous owner did...

-greddy turbo timer
-boost guage
-some brand adjustable bleed valve
-front mount intercooler
-hks style BOV
-tinted windows (for hiding behind when the bov goes off)
-larger exhaust
-k&n pod filter
-suzuki gti radiator
-whiteline adjustable rear swaybar
-3.5" single DIN dvd player, with sub and amp
-genuine white trd gearknob

i still need to get the starter motor reconditioned, and also i have a new hks actuator for the wastegate.
the list of things to do is small...i want some nice black 15s, and then some quad headlights.

in the future im thinking ill look into getting a FCD, some kind of piggyback computer (emanage or similar), some coilovers and then cleaning up the body a bit more.

heres a few crap phone pics, ill get some good ones on the weekend


04-07-07, 06:13 PM
yeeah adan!
finally on the forums

welcome maangg and the cars really hawt, gets pics of it with the glitter wagon

04-07-07, 06:15 PM
turbo starlet!!! COOOOLLLLNNNEEEESSSSS...i think some buddy clubs would look sweet on the starlet


04-07-07, 06:16 PM
im still trying to justify spending 70 bucks on a trd gearknob, but it loks so good.
also i mwaiting for my plates to arrive...JDM-13T

heres the wagon (which is for sale)

04-07-07, 06:18 PM
i love these cars. my mate TIM-33Y has a awesome.
make sure u join up to austartletclub.com

love the interior!! kw figures??

04-07-07, 06:21 PM
Yay, Starlet GT~!!!

lol, we sold a reeaallllyy run down AE71 wagon a week or so go. I wish you luck with your sale :P

04-07-07, 06:23 PM
i have no idea about the power it makes. but its a crap load faster than the wagon :P

i have a feeling it will be hard to sell my other car, there is no love for ae71 wagons, apparently u cant be a drift king in one...maybe i need to rebuild my spare bigport and chuck it in

04-07-07, 06:26 PM
Beef/strip up ya starlet for the tracks and keep ya wagon for a daily? problem solved...no need to sell

04-07-07, 06:30 PM
lol, id prefer the other way around, the wagon is so much worse to drive on anything with bumps.

04-07-07, 06:36 PM
ours sold within 3 days of posting it up on Carsales, first guy came bought it. Maybe we were just lucky.

Where's your posted on?

04-07-07, 07:23 PM
nice starlet, how much are you asking for the ae71?

04-07-07, 07:29 PM
nice looking starlet my mate has one... there go pretty hard little pocket rockets.

04-07-07, 07:32 PM
probly looking for around $2200, thats with way too many spare parts including a bare 4age and reconditioned twinkie radiator. less without some things of course.
it has rego till december still...

i havent really advertised much yet, mainly on forums i frequent and through friends because id rather sell it to someone who will appreciate it

04-07-07, 07:35 PM
fair enough, what about with just the bare essentials how much?

04-07-07, 07:47 PM
you can PM me an offer if you want, maybe we could figure something out...im pretty open for offers, or trades with cash, or anything really :P

04-07-07, 08:12 PM
hey welcome to the forum....

i ♥ ur starlet and the wagon looks nice :)

04-07-07, 09:06 PM
nice buy!

04-07-07, 10:44 PM
Hey hey! Ive seen this glitter wagon in person before!
Totally cool.

Welcome to teh forums, nice starlet too

05-07-07, 12:03 AM

Nice Starlet you got there.

05-07-07, 04:07 AM
is this the starlet that chased down the cause of neil's fairlady accident?

05-07-07, 07:59 AM
Nice car, this was my first car, and i loved it, was actually going to buy another one!

05-07-07, 10:08 AM
is this the starlet that chased down the cause of neil's fairlady accident?

i don't know what your on so probably not,

maybe that was the red one?

05-07-07, 12:07 PM
nice starlet!! i have always loved the Starlet GT's!!

05-07-07, 01:29 PM
is this the starlet that chased down the cause of neil's fairlady accident?

haha i was in that startlet that night.. no that was a red aussie spec one.. with turbro

05-07-07, 04:27 PM
thanks for the comments.
its so fun to drive, but i still want to tweak it a bit more until im totally happy.

kikkoman- where did u see my wagon? have i met you before?

so many ppl to remember on a new forum it seems :P

05-07-07, 05:56 PM
Nah, we haven't met, we just happen to be lined up at the lights one day in liverpool area.

What caught my eye was the AJPS and domokun stickers. Oh and the glitter.

05-07-07, 06:13 PM
ah ok
haha yeah, i figure the stickers is the only thing which makes me recognisable as not so fully sick as the paint looks.
i guess you couldnt see the JDM EGO sticker on the other side then. I would have saved it if i knew i was gonna buy a starlet

05-07-07, 09:58 PM
a quick pic i took tonight off my phone. i really need to get the camera out.
but i spent tonight fitting my radiator bracket, new battery and terminals, and just cleaning the engine bay.

04-08-07, 06:29 PM

i got a nice welcome to bump town today.
that is all..

04-08-07, 06:50 PM
looking good mate. bring it out for a run some time

04-08-07, 07:00 PM
for sure. ive been meaning to since i bought it, but havent had time.
hks wastegate actuator and 2 new guages go in this week too.

05-08-07, 01:17 AM
yeaah adan

looks awesome

05-08-07, 11:44 AM
i was behind this starlet a few nights ago on my bike in the bonnyrigg - heights area.

looks cool - the AE71 wagon is awesome too!

09-08-07, 07:44 PM
yeah i live near bonnyrigg heights kinda.
ive done some minor adjustment on the coilovers, im still trying to get the height right, but i lost the locknut key so i cant take my wheels off tonight :P
ill have some quad headlights coming soon, and also now have a set of 15s which im thinking of painting black

10-08-07, 09:26 AM
nice starlet adan!

high five ep82 crew :D

18-08-07, 11:35 PM
ok been doing way too much work on this car lately. i had it off the road for a week to get it working poperly. what i have done

-put in hks wastegate actuator
-got rid of turbrosmart bleed valve, now its set at constant 10-11 psi
-fixed small coolant leak
-moved air filter piping, replaced air filter
-moved overflow bottle
-did oil and filter change
-moved oil catch can and cleaned all the gunk out
-welded up a hole in the exhaust manifold (man cast iron welding rods are expensive)
-rewelded turbo outlet piping to fit around the new actuator
-mounted guages, not hooked up yet
-got 15" wheels and painted the centres flat black

omg thats heaps, heres some pictures

19-08-07, 12:44 PM
looked sweet last night adan!

thats for helping me with the exhaust mang!

19-08-07, 01:32 PM
nice work mate!! everything is looking good!!

19-08-07, 09:44 PM
haha exhaust...where did that dori muffler end up going?
btw, i got ored today and mounted the oil pressure guage in the aircon vent with ally backing, and made an ally surround for the turbro timer above the cd player

06-12-07, 12:06 AM
nice lil gt you got there,
makes for a cheap pocket rocket :D

and that wagon... i cant describe how biased i am to a nice *e7* ;)

06-12-07, 09:04 AM
nice car mate, hows the fuel economy on these cars? was curious as to how much u'd get out of a 1.3l turbo

06-12-07, 05:25 PM
kick ass car the GT always wanted one... top fwd car right there

06-12-07, 05:55 PM
The fuel economy was pretty awesome, one tank would get like 400km of normal driving with a bit of boost each day. This car was an awesome little package, and by was, i mean i traded back into the old school :P

The AE71 had so much more character, i got a bit bored of all the comforts and easy driving. So i went back to a ke70, ill make a new thread one time, but heres one picture of it

06-12-07, 06:06 PM
pic of teh yellow machine isnt working

06-12-07, 06:14 PM
seems it isnt. ae86dc wont let me steal my pictures.
i guess ill make a new thread and upload a few more pics then...

06-12-07, 10:49 PM
lil beast!