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10-11-11, 09:08 PM
Hi, My name is Chris, I live in Brisbane (Redlands area) Thought I would share my little toy van, Unsure yet how to post pictures on this site so I thought I would just put up a link to a silly quick vid my mate took of my Tarago, I will upload some pics when I figure out how (or someone tells me more to the point)

It has a Holden 308, mild cam, head work, flat top pistons, edelbrock manifold, 600 Holley carby, Trimatic, I have a 3000rpm that NEEDS to be installed yet, (kinda drives like turbo lag) VL Commodore Diff, (3:23 ratio for drivabillity)

I will be making a few more mods and would seriously like to give a JDM style but unsure with the fact of being a Tarago, plus there is a few mechanical mods in the works for th near future, I will say....T70, anyway, here's a vid, enjoy,

Thanks to Drifter995, I can now upload some pics, Only have a couple, 1st is obviously the van itself before the diff conversion, 2nd is when the motor was going in and 3rd is the moor finaly installed, will try find some more recent one's to add




Now has a Hurst shifter and few other changes...like...seats!

10-11-11, 09:11 PM
Imageshack.us, follow the prompts to upload pics, when it finishes, click each picture into a new tab (right click them) then with each picture, right click, select open picture in new tab, get the link of just the picture, post it here, then put: [IMG\] (without the \ in it) at the front, then [/IMG\] (without the \ in it) at the back, and do that with all of them, and voilla, you have pictures.. just press post, and it works :D
Else you can attach, but i find imageshack to be easier :D

11-11-11, 12:29 AM
oh my god, the video....cannot imagine doing drag racing with it... a van faster than a car!!!

Snoop G
11-11-11, 01:06 AM
who said Vans are boring reminds me of the Plumbers Drag van back in the day


11-11-11, 04:22 PM
And here was me thinking that the JDM Garage chaps were responsible for those skid marks. =D

11-11-11, 06:01 PM
Ok, added a few pics..obviously, they are at the top... The plumers van now runs 9's, close to or did run an 8, been around quite a while, ther is also an old blck Hiace running 8's with a turbo chev small bloke, I have plans to turbo this but will be happy with 13's lol

11-11-11, 08:03 PM
haha i know that street, you must be pretty local to me. awesome sleeper!