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20-11-11, 07:53 AM
Hey Guys,

Just bought an R33 Skyline in gun metal grey - and I am pleased to say that i've crossed over to the dark side... Only 1 picture so far... work begins today on it so will take some happy snaps... I don't know alot about the car other than its straight, its fairly clean, and it has potential...

What I know so far:

- 3" full exhaust system including headers, high flow cat, and no cannon (win!)

- some unknown (but jdm looking) 6 spoke rims that look as tough as balls so I'm going to roll with them

- still has stock SMIC - once I get the car drivable (i'll explain soon) I'll look at an FMIC

- SRI, looks like a Turbosmart? BOV - not sure as I can't see the top of it, but it looks like half a coke can in height and the same diameter as a coke can with a massive trumpet sticking off the side - will take photos today but if anyone has any ideas please let me know

- Coil overs (brand unknown until later today when we lift it) - and before u ask why i'm lifting it - it sits 50mm off the ground which looks totally boss, however form over function comes into the equation again and in short i don't want the tyres scrubbing on my inner guard when I turn corners so up she goes!

- Veil side side skirts which are cracked and chipped and were removed with a hammer late last night because they were fucking ugly! (seriously tho I had no choice as the guy before me sicaflexed them to the body to make sure they held!)

- Kenwood DVD Player with Alpine 3 way 6x9's in the rear parcel shelf (enough bass for the moment so no sub for now) and a 6 stacker. Front speakers are stock and shagged so my Response Audio 3 way splits are going to be going in eventually...

- Calibre Super Cheap Auto special steering wheel - as the previous wheel was all drift spec and shit and looked like it came off a go kart!


- Not alot that I need to go out of my way to do on this car really so once these minor couple of things are done over the weekend the car is getting retinted, cruise control and blue tooth installed, maybe a short shifter, FMIC, and the drivers side seat needs to be repaired in one small spot... got a mate giving me a full interior and exterior protection pack as he's an authorized distributor so the fabric protection and paint protection will have a life time warranty!

20-11-11, 11:46 AM
Sounds good, get some more pics up ASAP!

20-11-11, 12:04 PM
It's an awesome time to be at the start of your journey with a new car, looks like you're on your way. :D

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20-11-11, 06:28 PM
Nice one. Rb's sound sick

20-11-11, 11:38 PM
i'm sad and didn't get any photos - mostly because i didn't wanna touch my iPhone as my hands were covered in sikaflex making the standard body kit fit back on... also only managed to lift it 20mm - 10mm less than i'd hoped but with the stock kit back on it definitely won't be drawing any attention... clean and low...

reverse light fuse, horn, rear number plate light, and washer bottle motors getting done tomorrow by an auto electrician... i usually like the DIY stuff however working 6 days a week doesn't permit for much time and not getting hassled by the fuzz for how the car looks was higher on the priority list than a couple of minor electrical things... definitely will have some pics this week tho...