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30-11-11, 01:11 PM
Hi, im Jason, moderate time lurker, first time thread starter...
I'm 21, uni student, but taking a year off next year, studying pharmacy, big petrol head, thanks to the old man and my brother, did a bit of circut work when i was younger in go-karts and stuff....

I don't have a 'build thread' for this car on any forum, and i had decided i cbf doing one...but here i am, one lazy Wednesday morning at work...with very little better to do apparently....

anyway...i've been a long time pulsar owner, buying my first one when i was about 14/15...
It was a 1988 Nissan SVD N13 Pulsar #115 funnily enough...
i did the usually things any 15 year old would have though was cool...(not really) got a body kit for it, but never really liked it, got a turbo kit for it, got some coilovers
, got some rather nice fitting 16's did a small stereo, and it ended up looking like this


(forgive the rear wheels, i still needed some new tyres for the other pair of 16's...

during that time, i also came accross some jap spec tail lights and front indicators...


(had them refurbed to better then new, and have never used them...:rolleyes:)


then, when i was about 16, i decided i needed another pulsar, as i had kind of, made the black car a non-driver after killing the clutch learning to drive on the roads in it...

so i bought this silver one...


that is the stockest photo i have of it... i bought it for $500 as a real stocker with just a nice bit of suspension in it and a 2 3/4" exhaust from the previous owners previous CA18DET it had...in the above photo it is getting around on 15x6.5 +32 Gram Light 57c's, the interior had SVD front recaro buckets and had one of my then many Nismo steering wheels...

it was then pretty good, but i had a bunch of spares i wanted to use...so i did


on went the 16's, the JDM indicators and the JDM front lip...and it sat like a 4wd at the front because i left the koni's in the front, but put my coils in the rear...it was a nice height that i could use and thrash daily whilst not having any issues, i was happy with it, and only really wish i got the front lower down...

took that silver one to the track, had the rear coils shit maxxis front tyres, hard as rock rear simex tyres an exhaust, bent front left lca, N14 GTI front calipers, and exhaust and stock headers, and gutted the rear of the car to save as much weight as i could...setup my camera and did some runs around the track...

hated how the 16's felt on the car, and wanted to put my coilovers back in, so on went new tyres for the gramlights, and in went the front coils, paint got stuffed up more and some other things happened in between this photo and the one before

http://i160.photobucket.com/albums/t170/SVD115/SSS/190963_10150101758446976_594586975_6932450_6786693 _o.jpg

but i was overall happy with the car, except for the massive lack of power...then one night, i got rear ended...car was a write off, and the dude did a runner on me, shoulda had full comp insurance, but, live and learn, and if i ever find that douche, i'll beat him to the ground....:evil:

oh. also in between having my pulsars i bought some other cars too...


she's gone through many different sets of wheels, but im pretty happy with the ewings for now, need more rear tread though, with 610nm of torque on tap, the 225's just don't cut it...

with watanabe's
and buddy club P1's
and R31 GTS2 wheels

i also have another very long term restoration/modification project, my 1984 Nissan Bluebird SII TRX

there is a 2.4 stroker that i'm having rebuilt for it at the moment that will be eventually going in, with twin 40mm webers, double hd valve springs, nissan works rally cam etc...

anyway, back to the point of this car diary i guess, is my newest N13 Pulsar, another SSS, but this time, packing something...a little better then my previous ones...

i bought this as a non runner, with no interior and stuffed paint...

some of you will have already picked up on what is lurking under the bonnet and for the rest of you...it's this

it's a full house CA18DET, after taking the head off and cam covers etc... and just generally checking it all out, i can report back to say that it currently consists of; Wiseco pistons (and i assume rings, wirst pins and locks...) HKS Cams, a custom steam pipe turbo manifold with T3 flange, Turbsosmart 38mm Ultragate, EMS Dualsport computer, individual igniter's, custom intake manifold with 80mm throttle body, 3" exhaust, some random inter-cooler and custom piping, Bosch 040 in-tank fuel pump and an 033 external pump, a couple of pillar gauges, and stuffed ignition wiring and poor wiring on a lot of the other things too...

a few bonuses apart from the obvious are, the car is fully engineered for the CA and mods (it's a NSW engineers cert, but i don't think there should be any probs for me here in vic) it's straight with no damage (just a small rust spot i've already fixed) and it's got a sunroof/moonroof thing...oh and an LSD box...

this red SSS will be replacing my silver SSS as my daily once it's finished...which should be soon....

all those photos of it are of when i got it, all the new photos of what i've done are here...

Just for a bit more of a 'factory' look...
still working on the mounting of this, this photo was taken just after i'd finished checking fuel length lines and routing methods etc...the holes have now been enlarged, cleaned up, and the lines now run through rubber grommets and cut to size...
i'd just finished wiring in the push button start (as it was proving to be a massive nightmare trying to figure out the ignition wiring etc...especially when wiring diagrams are hard to come by, and since i still haven't bought a workshop manual...it'll be fixed properly once i've got the time and wiring diagrams...(please don't hate on my rice button :oops:)

the few last remaining things for the car are, the new water lines for the turbo (waiting on some 90degree speed flow fittings to neaten them up) look at plumbing up the screamer pipe, complete the A32 front maxima brakes (R33 NA stuff in reality, and it also changes my PCD to 4x114.3)
and paint and fit the new front bar to hide the cooler...(it's a HSV SV1800 front bar...)
it should look a little something like this

im having a custom rear strut brace made up and a custom front one too, along with a 4point front LCA brace...i think that just about covers everything...

so, um...yeah, if you've gotten this far, thanks for reading and that's about it...appreciate any questions you've got and stuff like that....and if you don't like anything, too bad...

30-11-11, 01:51 PM
nice write up you have there , youve done some nice work :)

30-11-11, 08:45 PM
Love 'em all!

30-11-11, 09:37 PM
I want your bluebird motor! Can I have it? please?

30-11-11, 09:37 PM
fk yeah nice line up

01-12-11, 12:39 AM
cheers guys, a bit more specs on the suspension (as i love a good suspension setup)
i'm running 'OG' JIC Magic coilovers, back from the days before adjustable dampeners, they came out of a track GTi-R and as such have some pretty serious spring rates of 8kg and 10kg springs (seriously stiff ride...)

i was running Selby front and rear sway-bars, but i wanted something a bit bigger, so, once again, my machine shop (the old man is an engineer) will be knocking up a solid rear that's going to be pretty oversized...

front camber has always been a bit restricted due to the design of the strut tops in the N13 not being suitable for the JIC camber plates (for an N14) so, i'll be looking at having them made wider so i can get my full camber adjustment...

as for wheels, i'll continue to run the 57c's until i can find some 15x7 or 8 +25ish enkei RP01's

i'll also be doing all the tuning for this myself (with help from an ET Turbo mate, he had australia's 8th fastest ET Turbo, so he kinda knows what he's doing) and then once i can afford it i'll have it tuned properly...i'll be running E85 as i don't want to run big boost (8-10 psi) and the fuel system should be up to it... (550cc injectors and aforementioned fuel system)

all in all, i really can't wait to drive this thing, but doing things on a UNI budget sucks major...hopefully this weekend my speedflow fittings will be here and i can finish the cooling system, and finish the relocation of the igniter's then i can fire her up again...

01-12-11, 12:59 AM
Really love all your old Nissans!

01-12-11, 01:14 AM
Really love all your old Nissans!

oh....trust me, you haven't seen the half of my families collection, my brother has to himself, 3 C110 Skylines (2 coupes and a sedan) and an R31 GTS1...

and thanks for the kind words...

01-12-11, 02:15 AM
Man, feel like coming down and rebuilding my bluebird for me? :3
Or feel like shipping your old ca20? (whatever the trx had in it)
my bluebirds motor is pretty much dead :/

Very nice collection though, i do like what you've done :D

01-12-11, 07:14 AM
Man, feel like coming down and rebuilding my bluebird for me? :3
Or feel like shipping your old ca20? (whatever the trx had in it)
my bluebirds motor is pretty much dead :/

Very nice collection though, i do like what you've done :D

thanks man, i was studying in tas for a while, lived in hobart for about a year and a half...had an absolute blast down there in my silver pulsar...will be heading back over in jan in the red one to help a mate build a shed/house....

as for the motor in the bluey, being a SII it packed the L20b, if you've got the CA20 (SIII late 84 onwards, mostly all 85 onwards...), then lucky you, you get the good diff and the CA18's basically bolt straight in with very little work to do to get it running...

01-12-11, 03:38 PM
Was thinking sr20 or rb20, but ca18 sounds like a better bet then, if it's just basically bolt straight in :D
actually thought yours was a SIII when i first looked at it xD

22-03-13, 03:56 PM
soo...long time no update...

Skyline; sold
Red SSS; finished, made 220kw at the wheels...was stupid car...sold it
Silver SSS; parts car
Bluebird; in for paint and panel repair/alignment...

and now on to why i decided to come back and update...

the Black Pulsar...my first car... is getting a new heart...
courtesy of one of these...

Nismo/Nissan Saurus Jr Race car.

150kw/9500RPM...should go alright...




It's always comforting to know that the computer came with a few stickers on it basically saying...don't put this in a road car...
competition use only...


and that the loom has only 4 plugs...if you count the injectors as one...
water temp sensor, injectors, distributor, and coil...makes for wiring it in; easy :P

oh...and i stripped the interior


took out the entire loom


and set about removing anything and everything i could from it...


hopefully...should have the car down to around 800kg's

also somewhere around there i decided the brakes weren't good enough so have GTR Brembo's for stopping up front and have converted the car to 4x114.3
but i'll get those pictures up soonish...

22-03-13, 04:21 PM
wow, this thing is going to be stupid fucking fast.. vtec boys wont know what hit em'

22-03-13, 06:13 PM
Great write up! Subbing!

22-03-13, 06:21 PM
OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !one

03-04-13, 12:26 AM
so..did some more stuffs...
had my engine mounts stripped, then took them to my factory and decided to have them plated...
at first i went black...but, was kinda boring...


Gold... :P should look alright in a black engine bay with black bolts and nuts etc...

The loom has been pulled apart even more and is proving to be great fun * sarcastic tone*

sold almost all my wheels and have got some new ones coming from Japan.
Got a set of these coming
16x7 +23 and 16x8 +20

and some new Enkei Compe 8's from america 16x8 +0

Was thinking in white but decided the graphite colour was a bit better...

just need a clutch, flywheel and should be about good to put the engine/box in

but...WA roadtrip first
think i need to add another N13 as a weekender...