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05-12-11, 11:00 PM
This is my first post and i just thought it would be about my car, its a 1985 Toyota Corona RT-142, with the 22-RE engine..

i bought this car off a mate who unfortunately crashed it, he screwed the front of it, the chick had a tow ball and yes... i kinda repaired the front end, its just has a St-142 front end on it, rather then the Rt-142. but it will do for now.
So some spec as far as i know:
Nickname: Humpty(broken and we put it together again.. funny, i know)

Engine: 22-RE

Transmission: Manual

Power: Factory 116Hp, but now around 80-90?

Exhaust:2 and 1/2 inch exhaust with twin drift pipes at the end.

Wheels and tires: Stock 15's?? i think

Exterior: The paint does have alot of marks in it,little bit of surface rust, and some marks where my horse has tried to eat my car :/ no joke.

Interior: Pretty clean, Stickerbombed dash, Dildo shifter, Domo air freshner, small tear in one seat. New black car mats.

Stereo: No name head unit, Polk 4's underneath dash, Focal access 1 components(6.5's and 4's and Tweeters) in door card(4's) and parcel tray(6's and Tweeters) Running on a 500w 4channel amp Bridged, also have 2 Cadence 12" subs running off a Mono 1000W Cadence amp.
Style: i am Aiming for like a JDM/Drift look, its getting there, new rims are on the way..
Future plans:5MGE conversion, with S13 coilover overs, brakes, camber tops etc.

So Please enjoy, leave me some feedback and comment and whatever you want about it..
Haters gonna Hate..


05-12-11, 11:49 PM
Pics arnt working but fuck i love these.
Learnt to drive in a paddock basher 86 wagon model