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15-12-11, 12:25 AM
hey guys im joel i was one of those [email protected]#$%s who thought commodores were the shizz as a kid. i have bout 8 or 9 of em from pos's to vr bt1s n a couple of vl turbos, then 1 day last week i woke up n had an overwhelming jdm feeling come over me :P n my missus was whinging that the vl was too loud n too uncomfortable (considering im having a kid) so i just decided to sell the vl n i took an mx73 cressy for a drive n fell in love with it,its only a 5me n by far the slowest car ive owned but for some reason its by far the best car ive ever had!its amazingly comfortable n so smooth n refined for such an old car n straight up pimp inside! i picked it up for 950 with 11 months rego n it runs beautiful n pretty straight all ive done so far is put my old system in it n some ma61 wheels my mate gave me still gotta get some stretched low profile tyres on em n drop it on its arse

15-12-11, 01:58 AM
Welcome to jdmst :)

next time try using paragraphs and more full stops and type "and" instead of "n", I got lost a few times :P

15-12-11, 02:05 AM
and pics. pics generally help :D