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17-12-11, 09:48 PM
Hi guys my name is William and im a Subaru addict. Had quite a few of them, but after having a gay twin turbo, a gay cursed JDM Legacy and a boring FWD GX I've settled on something a bit better. I know its wrong but I cant help myself. I'm finally getting my old Gen 1 Liberty up and running after faffing about for awhile with a B4 as a daily for a year. I'm hoping it will be up and running by the end of January depending on what parts I can get.


Earls braided lines fuel front to back

Sard FPR with Parallel Fuel Rails

2x 044 Bosch Fuel pumps and lift into surge tank

Custom 3 inch dump and front pipe

Custom 3 inch alloy full exhaust

GT Spec Headers

Bouch Dom 2.5XT Turbo

Early RS intake manifold

Custom FMIC

External Bosch Coil Packs

Semi closed deck EJ25

Rebuilt V4 STI Heads

ARP Head Studs

Cometic Head Gasket

Eagle Rods

CP Pistons


Whiteline Swaybars/Bushes/Strut braces/ALK/Diff mounts

STI alloy control arms front and back

STI Brembos front and back

R180 rear diff Cusco 2 way

Cusco 2 way front diff

Custom Billstien coilovers front and rear

STI 6 Speed Short Ratio Gearbox

Cusco 2 plate clutch

Cusco light weight flywheel

R180 STI Rear end


Vipec Ecu V44

Eboost2 EBC

Haltech CDI

GTR Ignition Ballast

Custom engine loom


MY98 WRX Interior

STI 17 inch rims

Blocks are ready to go off to the machine shop to be ground down flat. V4 heads will go on soon, and new rods/pistons etc will be going into it. I've kept with the early heads to run an early RS intake which has heaps of room under it to do a straight under manifold intake like the later WRXs use. They've had a fresh rebuild and will be remaining stock with some GT Spec headers into the Blouch turbo which still hasn't arrived : (

I've got a roll cage coming to fit along with some new hubs and bits to hopefully run 5x114.3 instead of the lame 5x100. Still unsure if I will be going with an E85 tune or 98RON tune, E85=more ponies but hugely increased fuel consumption which limits trips to Sydney for drags etc.

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v194/Kingofshibby/383670_10150367759655146_503035145_8863156_9541593 89_n.jpg
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v194/Kingofshibby/377384_10150367761200146_503035145_8863159_1222102 992_n.jpg
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v194/Kingofshibby/305105_10150367759590146_503035145_8863154_2000302 938_n.jpg
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v194/Kingofshibby/297616_10150367759605146_503035145_8863155_2790073 05_n.jpg
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v194/Kingofshibby/303902_10150367761140146_503035145_8863158_1022023 11_n.jpg

14-02-12, 06:08 PM
Hmmm, this would look badass on some Evo 8 wheels. ;)

14-02-12, 06:12 PM
Love gen1's :) I have a AWD GX myself :)

What suspension are you planning to run?

24-03-12, 06:08 PM
Love gen1's :) I have a AWD GX myself :)

What suspension are you planning to run?

Good Job, Libertys are great cars and you can bolt all the gofastbits from other WRXs and STIs with no trouble at all.

Its currently running some custom billstein coilovers, which are pretty damn good. Once I change from the 5x100 hubs to 5x114.3 hubs I'll have to get some new ones as they wont fit on the new knuckles.


Have the rear sorted out, just need some front knuckles and coilovers. Will get around to it eventually, happy to roll on 5x100 for now.

Hmmm, this would look badass on some Evo 8 wheels. ;)

It will indeedy! If not they fit in the back of the Yaris quite fine :P


I have another set of rims to go on, Evo 8s are for daily action.


Work Meister S1 monoblocks, 17x8.5 +35 and 17x9.5 +33. Will be an interesting fit, but I've got tinsnips.


Heads have been rebuilt and are ready to go, block has been decked and honed, piston rings have been gapped. Thrust bearings were a little too snug, so need to wait until Monday to get the engine shop to take a bit out of them. Kando Equal Length headers have arrived, just need the clutch to come and I think thats everything.