View Full Version : ke70 corolla 4age build

25-12-11, 09:52 AM
hey guys,
i been lurking for a bit and decided to put up/start my corolla build thread,
basically i saved her from the wreckers for 500 dollars with a genuine 106,432 kms on the clock and scored a half tank of 2 year old fuel too lol, also picked up an ae92 bigport 4age and loom with 165xxx kms on it off a mate who was wrecking the sx body, also found a box, shifter and slave in brissy (only adm t50 but doesnt matter) ok ill have a crack at puttin up some pics, future mods are:

cut n shut intake mani
put in 4a and box
do wiring
start car and get to dyno to check stats (should be all good but you know just to check)
slide :D