View Full Version : All Illest gear going up 33% in Feb 2012 - Last chance to buy at current low prices!

Justin Fox
09-01-12, 01:23 PM

As many of you who have dropped in and bought Illest gear from us know, we've been VERY aggressive in matching US prices to date. We're sure all of you have enjoyed buying Illest gear at these prices, it explains why we've moved so much stock! :)

Unfortunately the time has come for us to increase the prices to the recommended RRP for Australia. :(

Where an Illest T-Shirt was $30 in-store ($30 in-store in the USA too) prices will be increased to $40 in-store, which is still cheaper than if you buy an Illest T-Shirt from the US at $30 + $30 shipping ($14.95 shipping on stickers from the USA). :)

We'll be increasing the prices of all Illest gear in February so this month of January is your last chance to pick up Illest gear at well below RRP prices.

Stock is already low (especially in larger sizes), so be sure to come in before it's all gone!

Drop in to Zen Garage - 7/99 Moore St. Leichhardt - Monday-Friday 9-5
Visit our ONLINE SHOP: http://zengarage.com.au/shop/

10-01-12, 02:03 AM
SO very very glad I came in and got gear while it was still fresh!! Everybody asks me where I got my DOPE illest hoodie! ONLY AT ZEN!! +1!

Justin Fox
01-02-12, 05:04 PM
Bumping this, we were meant to change prices today but just got caught up in meetings all day! Will be upping prices ASAP both in-store and on the online shop.

Justin Fox
02-02-12, 04:03 PM

$50 RRP excluding shipping (shop is in Melbourne).

Justin Fox
06-02-12, 03:06 PM