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EK Lover
12-01-12, 11:37 PM
Hey guys. Long time no post (and even then I didn't say much).

I have finally gotten my hands on an awesome piece of JDM machinery. After selling my EK (a choice I still regret), I went 12 months with no car. I saw my friend selling his '97 rex and I couldn't pass up the opportunity.


Cosmetically needs a bit of work, but nothing time and TLC can't fix. Mechanically it's a beauty.

Current mods (by previous owner):
- 3" exhaust w/ high flow muffler (haven't looked at the cat yet)
- lowered an inch or so (maybe an owner of an un-lowered GC could tell me how low it is from the pic)
- 17" rims (Can't wait to replace them with some gold BBSs :P )
- 1996 Headlights and Bonnet (who knows why, but I like the look)

Most of all I am just so happy to be the proud owner of such a jap classic. I will definitely be hitting up some EOMM soon. Can't wait to meet some of you guys :)

13-01-12, 12:25 AM
neat ride, will look hot with BBS's

but are you sure it's a 97? coz it has MY94-96 headlights, scoop & bonnet vents.

EK Lover
14-01-12, 01:48 PM
It's a '97, but has had the front end replaced so I assume they must have put 94-96 panels on.

14-01-12, 02:35 PM
Nice. Glad to see another subbie =]! Keep it clean and simple and GCs looks awesome!

EK Lover
17-01-12, 06:33 PM
Clean is the idea. Haven't seen a lot of GCs around lately.

17-01-12, 06:34 PM
Looks clean, Got any other pics?

EK Lover
17-01-12, 06:43 PM
Haven't got a decent camera yet, that was taken with my phone and the lighting was just right... I will take more once I am back in Newy for the year.

18-01-12, 06:52 PM
easy on the gearbox 2nd gear is like glass in pre 2000 rexies lol with the right mods they are the perfect streeter

good luck with it

EK Lover
20-01-12, 10:35 AM
I must admit up front a terrible secret I have been keeping in... I am sad to say...

... It's an auto... *cringe*

I know, I know, but an auto rex is better than no rex and in 12 months I will be in the money and will be considering a manual conversion.

Whats the feeling about autos on here?

20-01-12, 10:51 AM
Oh didn't know they made Rex in autos pre 02...

EK Lover
20-01-12, 11:06 AM
I am torn as to whether or not to move away from the auto. Sure it's not as fast or fun as a manual, but it is pretty nice for cruising around and it's still pretty fast. This is mainly a street car so what do you think?

20-01-12, 12:05 PM
looks pretty mint dude! :D

BBS RGR's would look mad on it. i wouldn't fuss too much about it being auto, and in any case a manual conversion wouldn't be too expensive seeing how many donor cars there are out there.

20-01-12, 12:20 PM
Oh didn't know they made Rex in autos pre 02...

They only did auto rex's from 97 - 05, infact id almost call them rare

EK Lover
20-01-12, 01:15 PM
They only did auto rex's from 97 - 05, infact id almost call them rare

Then I think I will keep with the auto for a while :P ... I have always driven a manual, so an auto is a relaxing change.

Will have to up the stall converter from 2k rpm to 3k rpm.

EK Lover
20-01-12, 03:50 PM
looks pretty mint dude! :D

BBS RGR's would look mad on it.

That's just a good angle. The paint is in pretty terrible condition.

I am thinking more BBS RS in gold XD

20-01-12, 04:12 PM
wrx wheels :D

EK Lover
24-01-12, 05:51 PM
The car just gained 10kW and is JDM as...

http://i607.photobucket.com/albums/tt158/crazy_ivan/400036_10150506374137773_618082772_8732886_1404746 701_n.jpg

Also, noticed that the exhaust is X Force, "Straight out cannon muffler: 4.5" tip,7" barrel,muffler sitting in straight out position; ... 20-25kW at the wheels." Can't tell if the cat through to the dump pipe is the same X Force kit or stock (not sure why you would only do from behind the cat, and not do the rest).

EK Lover
02-03-12, 09:19 PM
So my JDM yellow foggies are done and on...


Better than I ever hoped for :D

02-03-12, 10:57 PM
Nice man, stock my99-00 Wrx wheels will look sick also needs new tints

EK Lover
03-03-12, 12:24 AM
Yeh, really don't like the rims its got now, I have my heart set on a set of gold BBS meshies, though some gold WRX wheels would go great too...


03-03-12, 08:17 AM
Window tints

03-03-12, 12:56 PM
Need moar parabola love (my99-00)spec front end with crystal headlights ;)

EK Lover
03-03-12, 03:14 PM
Ah yeh, the rear window needs a re-tint but I am pretty happy with the rest of it.

03-03-12, 08:55 PM
im selling 04 wrx wheels if ur keen, check my threads =]

would look nice on ur car

EK Lover
04-03-12, 01:04 AM
Need moar parabola love (my99-00)spec front end with crystal headlights ;)

Quite the opposite :P I plan on keeping it as old school as possible, love the MY96 front end. I want to keep the original WRX look.

im selling 04 wrx wheels if ur keen, check my threads =]

would look nice on ur car

I will have a look. I am really low on cash at the moment though, so as much as I would love new rims, who knows if its possible :(

04-03-12, 06:00 PM
nice car bro, who cares if its auto, better then no car at all right?

you could always get a manual EK theyre pretty cheap nowadays aye..

EK Lover
06-03-12, 04:48 PM

https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/429448_10150595718892773_618082772_9001489_5659104 61_n.jpg

Love the JDM

http://i607.photobucket.com/albums/tt158/crazy_ivan/423428_10150595890362773_618082772_9002241_2038758 444_n.jpg

I love them, but the offset isn't any good. Think I will go with 10 or 15mm spacers... hmmmm

14-03-12, 07:25 PM
Looks good man, yeah put spacers on it to fill it out =]

15-03-12, 03:09 PM
What grill is that man? i have a 95 and i have the lined grill and that one looks pretty cool :)

EK Lover
16-03-12, 01:48 AM
Ah yes, that is the tricky thing with my front end. I absolutely love the look.

It's a '96 bonnet, bumper and lights, but a '97 grill. That's why the bonnet hangs over the badge kind of aggressively. It was like that when I got it, though I have done a little sculpting to make it fit perfectly. Just a happy accident I think.

If you ever see me at a meet I can show you in detail :D

EK Lover
16-04-12, 04:18 PM
To wing or not to wing...

http://i607.photobucket.com/albums/tt158/crazy_ivan/458344_10150674806312773_618082772_9284345_2004784 013_o.jpg

Not sure if I want a wing or not. And if I have a wing, should I go with an aftermarket CF job, a big, showy STi wing, or my last idea was to rise and slant the stock wing, so it sits high and angled more forward...


16-04-12, 05:05 PM
Nice clean ride mate. I reckon it would have gone great with those gold BBS that you mentioned!

I don't know what it is about the older shape rex (96-99) but I really like them. A modern classic in my books.

Stick with the wing IMO. Wingless rexxies look cheap :)

16-04-12, 07:52 PM
Stick with the wing IMO. Wingless rexxies look cheap :)


17-04-12, 09:02 PM
Wing it!

17-04-12, 10:46 PM
Get one of those Club Spec Evo spoilers. Look good as.

17-04-12, 11:36 PM
Nice car, my first Subaru WRX was an auto MY97. Went well for what it was. Just don't put a FMIC and VF22 like I did as it was laggy as hell lol
As for the wing, unless you get a front lip I would suggest just get the stock MY99-MY00 ones as it's a bit higher but not as high as the Sti ones

EK Lover
18-04-12, 01:41 AM
Stick with the wing IMO. Wingless rexxies look cheap :)

Yeh, I soon realised without a wing people think its a tarted up Impreza :P

unless you get a front lip I would suggest just get the stock MY99-MY00 ones as it's a bit higher but not as high as the Sti ones

I also agree. If I go STi wing, I need the front lip and bigger scoop, then I may as well have just bought an STi :P

From the outset I said I would try and keep it clean and subtle, looking more like a '96 WRX than anything else. Guess I was just getting a little bored with the old low wing :P

I am still considering raising the stock wing by 10-20mm just to be a little different... Spent all evening after work cutting out cardboard spacers to lift it, so I can see how it looks on.

Will post pics.

18-04-12, 04:46 PM
Don't you feel naked without a wing?

EK Lover
19-04-12, 09:55 AM
Don't you feel naked without a wing?

That I do... That I do...

Also, FYI 100th post WOOHOO

19-04-12, 12:30 PM
I think what GR34DY meant was get a WRX 99/00 wing..

Its not as high as the STI ones... but its still higher than your current one..

IMO i reckon the sti wing looks abit crazy, and the 00 wing looks good..

Im currently in the market for a wrx again lol, thinking about bugeyes but might get a gc8

EK Lover
19-04-12, 12:58 PM
I may be biased but I say get a GC8... a Club Spec Evo or the like :P

I am not too sold on the 00 wing... to me it looks too plain...

For now I will raise my wing up by 30mm and see how that goes :)

EK Lover
23-04-12, 01:20 AM

Not super clear in the photo but there is the wing raised ~35mm. I quite like it, its a change and looks better, but subtle... Will do for now anyways.

Also, was dicking around in photoshop...

Opinions please on the black scoop and the numberplate move?

23-04-12, 09:12 AM
Front end looked fine how it was. Side numberplate looks cheap imo. sti scoop would look the goods.

EK Lover
30-04-12, 04:17 PM
Well, the car was looking so sexy and clean today I had to take a few photos :)

http://i607.photobucket.com/albums/tt158/crazy_ivan/464766_10150712822882773_618082772_9382171_1702062 274_o.jpg

Lucky I did, because about 10 minutes later I realised they would be the last photos I ever took of it being awesome:

http://i607.photobucket.com/albums/tt158/crazy_ivan/466926_10150712751412773_618082772_9382034_1109854 595_o.jpg

30-04-12, 04:35 PM
phwoar! unlucky man! hope your alright though!

30-04-12, 05:29 PM
whoa fml, that was abit of a shock, i was expecting the another shot of the car then BAM!

hope you're alright and all the best ! :)

30-04-12, 07:16 PM
harsh! How did it happen if you don't mind me asking? Both of you seem to be on the wrong side of the road?

30-04-12, 09:32 PM
Argh sucks!!! Wtf happened?

30-04-12, 10:37 PM
That's one serious crash ! Daymn.. What happens boes?

EK Lover
30-04-12, 11:27 PM
Here it is guys:


I was the Green car, the red car is the BMW at fault (seen in photo). The yellow is a Suby Forester... The BMW turned in front of the Forester, which then hit him, and he had enough speed up and got sent flying into me...

Everyone was ok, but it is likely it caused 3 write-offs

Good bye my lovely WRX I think... Hopefully all goes smoothly with his insurance and I will get my money to buy another...

Not sure what yet... Got my heart set on a CBR250R but my mum would die :P

01-05-12, 11:47 AM
Hopefully Insurance pays up quick smart!
Hate useless drivers in this country!

01-05-12, 12:08 PM
BMW for a forester and wrx... =\ was this a p plater bmw ? fuark so sad :( GL with the payout.

EK Lover
01-05-12, 12:44 PM
The market value for my car is $6,500... Good luck finding that good a WRX for that...

Yes, he was a red P Plater in a 2003-ish BMW (spoilt me thinks ;) )

Thanks guys, hope I can get a replacement soon...

01-05-12, 06:53 PM
unlucky man! was looking really nice in that photo you took before it happened. Hopefully you can another one soon and continue the great work!