View Full Version : Help installing and tuning computer

24-07-07, 11:25 PM
Hello does anyone know where i can get my wolf 3d computer hookd up and tune on my 86 for cheap in sydney?

24-07-07, 11:46 PM
ring around the workshops and get some quotes usually any hpi or zoom magazine usually has a heap of ads for them

make sure you ask the person if they know how to install/tune a wolf. Make sure they can cause if they havent done it before you sure to have troubles and added cost especially with a 4a if its using a distributer (believe me i know from firsthand experience) you can also look on wolfs website for their resellers workshops

but to be honest with you a good tuner is worth paying for

having a cold start that works and dosent make your car stall and drive like crap until its warm or something thats only tuned well at full throttle or above 4000rpm

try getting yourself into SAS (silverwater automotive services) there is usually a wait but well worth it

25-07-07, 12:00 AM
Thanks 4agte, well im actually running a 1ggte engine i will need coilpack how much do they go for?