View Full Version : [ACT] 19th August, ACT MR2 Club/Skyline cruise

07-08-07, 12:26 PM
I am calling for any MR2 or Skyline owners in Canberra to join us for the Brindabella hairpin run. Since I'm in the ACT MR2 Club committee driving a Skyline, I decided to jointly run the event - hitting 2 birds with 1 stone.

For those who've driven in the Brindabella, it's awesome winding mountain roads in the backyard of Canberra, with speed limit of 100km/h. We'll stop at Tidbinbilla tracking station for coffee & snack and we head back home. The whole cruise will take about 2~3 hours, most of it is meet & greet and driving for about 30~40 minutes.

- Meet at the National museum carpark, Acton 10:30am
- Bring your car, fuel, some cash for food.
- No egoism. No anti-social/bad behaviour.

ACT MR2 Club does not promote speeding or dangerous driving on public roads.
Responsible mature drivers only please.

Enjoy your car, enjoy the roads and be responsible.

19-08-07, 08:17 PM
ACT MR2 club cruise ended up being a Skyline cruise. :)


19-08-07, 09:40 PM

explain ? lol

good turnout for the mr2's too, i spot one

20-08-07, 01:58 AM
The tracking station is one of the NASA complex in Australia. They were having an open day, but guarded by Storm Troopers for the day.

At first, we approached them, "Is he real?".... and he started moving, scared the sh1t out of us.

Mark (the guy laughing in the photo), asked the Storm Trooper... "How do you go to toilet?"

The Storm Trooper answered back in Aussie accent.... "We don't, mate". :D
We all ended up laughing.