View Full Version : SR20DET Engine and gearbox

01-05-12, 12:46 PM
Hey guys

After blowing my engine Im exploring options. One of them as rebuilding, the other is getting another SR and slotting that in but something good.

I'm after and engine and gearbox package. Ideally an S13, but if you have an S14/15 motor with the 5 speed box thats fine, as long as you have a tuned ECU with it too.

Dont need the turbo or auxillaries, but if you have good stuff, could be keen. So for instance if you have a stock bottom end SR20DET with a GT28, injectors, et etc, then yeah I could be keen. Equally if you have a long block and gearbox, then keen also.

Let me know what you have. Im in Canberra, can pickup from Sydney. Any further and we wil need to freight it, but that can be organised.


01-05-12, 12:57 PM
buy my motor gerabox ecu tailshaft turbo ecu and loom for 8K :p

01-05-12, 01:11 PM
Hahah too exxy bro :( Im still talking to your mate, but the price is wrong for met ATM. Still talking though, but looks like he wants to keep the engine so yeah.

Honestly for me, I think an SR with Cams, a good turbo and safe tune is enough. I want 350-400 hp, and that is achievable on a stock SR.

01-05-12, 03:34 PM