View Full Version : [VIC] EXE TRACK DAY - 30th Sept 2007 - Winton raceway

22-08-07, 07:41 PM
hi guys... invitation to join one of EXE events...

http://img209.imageshack.us/img209/3066/exetrackdaywebfd8.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

for list of the cars, please check:

hurry, spots will fill up very quick...

22-08-07, 08:00 PM
I am very interested, but I'm not familiar with how these days are run. I've never been to Winton - is there anything I'd need to know? Do I need a CAMS license?

22-08-07, 08:02 PM
u need at least AASA licence. can be purchase on the day for $50 (1 year licence)... or you can get CAM L2S licence...

AASA can only be used at winton, wakefield, and Qld raceway... u can probably double check with their website...

22-08-07, 08:10 PM
Thanks, I'll have a think about it.

24-08-07, 07:44 PM
5 spots left...

guys... please pay up to secure your place...

for non exe-crew:
once the list is full, i can hold ur spot unless you have paid. i will give it 3 days before i give away your spot if someone else is ready to pay for it.

for those who has paid, thx you! and i havent put "paid", please give it 1-2 more days. once i received it on my account i will update the status...

24-08-07, 08:38 PM
I'll have to withdraw my interest, car isn't well enough to push at the moment :(

27-08-07, 08:27 PM
for ppl on the current list, please pay as soon as possible to reserved your spot (in 3-4days if you havent paid, i will have to take u off the list and replace it with ppl from the waiting list - unless you make pre arrangement with me).

list is FULL for now! if you still want in, i will have to put you on the waiting list... we got 10 ppl on the waiting list so far and some of them are ready to pay now.

remember that i have to pay winton in advance. thx guys

the sooner we can get the payment out of the way, the sooner we can devide the group, briefing days and get the car ready....