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06-07-12, 04:02 PM

Bendix can help you diagnose and solve your brake problems.

To help you fix brake problems you may be experiencing, we have prepared some helpful tech tips to ensure you achieve optimum braking performance and safety.

As there are a number of issues that arise with your cars breaking system, itís always good to keep a look out for the possible symptoms below.

High Pedal Force


What is high pedal force?

Your brakes require an excessive amount of force to work, the brakes do not operate properly and the vehicle requires an excessive distance to pull up or stop.

What causes high pedal force to occur?

Brakes when subjected to undue heat stress may glaze and become inefficient. Brake pads may simply be worn out. Calipers or wheel cylinders may have become clogged and need cleaning or replacing. The brake booster could be faulty and need repairs or servicing.

What can I do to prevent this?

Brake wear is inevitable but using your brakes carefully, not overusing them or avoiding excessive braking will preserve your brakes. Regular services and use of quality brake pads, brake fluid, brake cleaner and lubricant will certainly extend and preserve your brakes.

Probable Cause & Corrective Action:

Worn/glazed pads or linings. Replacing with new pads or linings.
Frozen calipers of wheel cylinders. Free up and replace if necessary
Brake booster failure. Inspect booster assembly and repair and as required.

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