View Full Version : [Melb] SOMM Poker Night!

30-08-07, 11:24 PM
Well guys, I've just got a few more toys for my poker collection (auto card shuffler and dealer shoe) and need to get a few people together to test it all out!

How about a Start Of Month Meet for some poker? I'm thinking maybe a weeknight, could do it back at Garage, or at my house (eastern suburbs). Post if interested in this thread, and this could become a regular thing! I'm certainly not a pro, but enjoy some casual fun games with friends.


30-08-07, 11:31 PM
Yeah, I've been hanging to have a poker night. Count me in for sure.

31-08-07, 12:41 AM
In if theres enough numbers and it's a moderatly friendly game =)

31-08-07, 09:10 AM
I don't have the first clue about how to play poker, but I'll come along. I'll just have to bring my sketchbook along in case poker proves to bore me, haha.

31-08-07, 02:37 PM
I can't play poker either ..... so as long as no money's involved I'm good for it :P