View Full Version : my Nissan 300ZX twin turbo (for sale actually, haha)

01-09-07, 12:16 PM
here is my car that i owned for now 1 year and half...
dont know yet if im planning to keep it, or if im gonna sell it or trade it to get a car cheaper to run ...

Nissan 300ZX, twin turbo (220kw) , manual, 4 seaters, red, 1989, 115000KM, with the convertible targa top

I've added:

- Full VEILSIDE C2 bodykit
- KATANA rear wing
- front grill
- 18 inches LENSO spinning wheels
- rear tail light (ferrari style)
- Huge Front Mount Inter Cooler (FMIC)
- polished air guide
- side indicators
- 180sx front indicators
- 300 km/h speedo
- red vinyl trim kit
- leather/vinyl seat black and red
- VICTOR steering wheel
- 2 GREDDY TYPE RS replica blow off valves
- GREDDY turbo timer
- APEXI air pod intake
- 3.5 inches single sport exhaust
- headlight cover
- tinted windows
- CARWATCH alarm + pager (around 1.5km from the car)
- PANASONIC MP3 player CQC-7300N
- 4 speakers, 1 subwoofer, 1 amplifier.
- genuine rear infill panel

new brake pads
new clutch cylinders (master and slave)
new hoses for the cooling system
new water pump
new timing and fan belt

click here to see a video of the car (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVK1r-ohAXo)

http://veronicaxg4.free.fr/ISR2/Pictures/300ZX%20max/Photo%20002_small.jpg (http://veronicaxg4.free.fr/ISR2/Pictures/300ZX%20max/Photo%20002.jpg) http://veronicaxg4.free.fr/ISR2/Pictures/300ZX%20max/Photo%20001_small.jpg (http://veronicaxg4.free.fr/ISR2/Pictures/300ZX%20max/Photo%20001.jpg) http://veronicaxg4.free.fr/ISR2/Pictures/300ZX%20max/Photo%20003_small.jpg (http://veronicaxg4.free.fr/ISR2/Pictures/300ZX%20max/Photo%20003.jpg) http://veronicaxg4.free.fr/ISR2/Pictures/300ZX%20max/Photo%20005_small.jpg (http://veronicaxg4.free.fr/ISR2/Pictures/300ZX%20max/Photo%20005.jpg) http://veronicaxg4.free.fr/ISR2/Pictures/300ZX%20max/Photo%20004_small.jpg (http://veronicaxg4.free.fr/ISR2/Pictures/300ZX%20max/Photo%20004.jpg)
http://veronicaxg4.free.fr/ISR2/Pictures/300ZX%20max/01_small.JPG (http://veronicaxg4.free.fr/ISR2/Pictures/300ZX%20max/01.JPG) http://veronicaxg4.free.fr/ISR2/Pictures/300ZX%20max/02_small.JPG (http://veronicaxg4.free.fr/ISR2/Pictures/300ZX%20max/02.JPG) http://veronicaxg4.free.fr/ISR2/Pictures/300ZX%20max/03_small.JPG (http://veronicaxg4.free.fr/ISR2/Pictures/300ZX%20max/03.JPG) http://veronicaxg4.free.fr/ISR2/Pictures/300ZX%20max/05_small.JPG (http://veronicaxg4.free.fr/ISR2/Pictures/300ZX%20max/05.JPG) http://veronicaxg4.free.fr/ISR2/Pictures/300ZX%20max/DSC07755_small.JPG (http://veronicaxg4.free.fr/ISR2/Pictures/300ZX%20max/DSC07755.JPG)

04-09-07, 09:30 AM

Veilside = $ BLING BLING $