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15-09-12, 03:26 PM
We have shipments leaving Rays every 2-3months, so if you have any enquiries or want to order any. Please feel free to give us a buzz..
Current stock
1. 18x10.5+15 5-114.3 Press Black $3600
2. 19x9.5+22 and 19x10.5+22 5-114.3 Press Graphite $3900
3. 19x10.5+22 5-114.3 Press Graphite $3900

CE28N Genesis
1. 18x10.5+18 5x114.3 $3800

Gramslight 57DR
1. 18x9.5+12 5-114.3 Semigloss Black $2000
2. 18x10.5+12 5-114.3 Semigloss Black $2100
3. 18x9.5+22 5-114.3 Mag Blue (arriving in about 2months-OTR Limited Edition) $2100
4. 18x10.5+22 5-114.3 Mag Blue (arriving in about 2months-OTR Limited Edition) $2200

Gramslight Ultimate
1. 18x9.5+22 5-114.3 Hyper Bronze (OTR Limited Edition) $2200

Gramslight 57XV
1. 18x7.5+42 5-114.3 Sunlight Silver $1850

Versus Rechente Turismo
1. 19x8+38 5-114.3 $2600

We sell all Rays accessories too..

11-11-12, 02:18 PM
do you have volk centre caps GT low type for 19' TE37 and repair stickers in stock?

15-11-12, 01:11 PM
Sorry we're out of the GT centre caps but we can order it in if you like?
we have the Blue and Black TE37 repair stickers in stock $25each

15-11-12, 03:15 PM
Anything in 16x7/7.5 4x114.3?

I'm concerned about clearance issues due to a brake upgrade. As you could imagine, I'd rather not order and not have them fit.

15-11-12, 06:17 PM
Sorry we don't have anything in stock in those sizes..
Are you able to tell me the specs of the brakes and what car it's on, i'll ask Rays to see if the engineer can assist.

15-11-12, 06:47 PM
i've got r32 gtr non v spec brakes on my n16 pulsar.

standard wheel specs for the n16 pulsar are 16x6 + 42, however they dont fit over the brakes
i've managed to fit 18x7.5 +42 work emotion cr kai's over the brakes by trimming the nissan logo off the calipers.

15-11-12, 10:44 PM
Doesn't the N16 pulsar have a pcd of 4x100?
I think you can go lower on the offset which pushes the rim out to clear the brakes, I would say +35 should clear it.