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09-12-12, 10:06 PM
Story Submission by Anonymous, Age 15

Iíve been sitting here for a while now, trying to figure out how to put my story and my past into words. It troubles me that the English language, with all the words in the dictionary, there isnít even one that can describe how I feel, how I felt, and how much I wish everything would go away.

Itís been like this for a while now. Not just a couple of days, not weeks, not even months, but years. I constantly feel sad, I feel alone! I feel as though Iím stuck, I canít move forward, and I canít move back. I canít climb; rather, I always seem to be falling, crumbling. This feeling of hopelessness isnít changing. I thought after a while it would go away, everything would be good again. I kept wishing that I would look forward to waking up every morning or that something or someone would help me see the brighter side, and that one day I would feel truly happy again. But instead, I still feel hopeless every day.

It feels like thereís something on my shoulders, weighing me down. I feel crushed. I feel sad. And with every person that has tried to help, or make me feel happy again, I still constantly feel alone. I feel like my emotions have been ripped out of my soul. And once again, I find myself struggling to find the words to describe everything thatís going on, everything I no longer feel.

My friends donít understand. They canít comprehend how I just canít be happy. How I just canít enjoy myself, and because of this, I feel even more alone. I have nobody. And in some way, itís easier like that. I donít have to explain my problems to people who donít care.


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toro seven
09-12-12, 10:48 PM
errmm, thats deep.
PM me if you want to chat dude