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01-01-13, 02:50 PM

"It seems like it was only yesterday when I wrote this short message about how we are human.
About how we wake to the human condition of living with problems of pain.
How we would have encountered battles in the year 2012.
Little or big.
We would all have faced up to a few battles.

And weíve never really sat down and really reflected upon what we have achieved.
Itís New Yearís Eve, well New Yearís day now as Iím writing this post.
Weíre driving back to Sydney from Gosford.
We spot this Nissan on the freeway.
There is a Cars For Hope sticker on the side window.
We donít know whose car it is or how the sticker got there.
But we know what that sticker means.

It means..." READ MORE HERE (http://carsforhope.com/blog/2013/01/01/what-that-sticker-means/).

Feel free to chime in the comments section of what your sticker means to you.