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23-09-07, 11:13 AM


Make Model Engines Year Notes
Honda/Acura NSX C30A, C32B All
Honda/Acura Legend C32A, C35A All
Honda/Acura Inspire G25A, G20A All
Honda/Acura Prelude H22A 91-96 With Traction Control
Honda/Acura Integra B18C All Auto Trans Only
Honda/Acura CR-V (RD1) B20B 95 and up
Honda/Acura S-MX B20B 96 and up
Honda/Acura Step Wagon B20B 96.5 and up

Mazda Eunos Cosmo (All) All All
Mazda RX-7 (FD3S) 13B-REW 91-95

Mitsubishi Diamante (F36A) 6G72 95-96 MIVEC (not DOHC)
Mitsubishi FTO (DE3A) 4G93 94-96
Mitsubishi FTO (DE3A) 6A12 94 to present
Mitsubishi Eclipse (D32A) 4G63 95.6 and up
Mitsubishi Galant (EC5A) 6A13 96 and up
Mitsubishi Lancer (CP9A, CN9A) 4G63 96.8 and up
Mitsubishi Lancer (CK4A, CM5A) 4G92, 4G93 95 and up
Mitsubishi Legnum (EC5W) 6A13 96 and up DOHC
Mitsubishi Mirage (CM5A, CJ4A) 4G93, 4G92 95 and up
Mitsubishi RVR (N74W) 4G63 97.1 and up
Mitsubishi RVR (N71W, N61W) 4G93 97.1 and up

Subaru Impreza (GC8) EJ20G 92-96
Subaru Impreza (GF8) EJ20G 93-96
Subaru Legacy (BD5, BG5) EJ20H 96-98
Subaru Legacy (BC5, BF5) EJ20G 89-93

Toyota/Lexus Crown (JZS15#) 1JZ-GE 95-96
Toyota/Lexus Supra (JZA70) 1JZ-GTE 90-93
Toyota/Lexus Cresta / Chaser (JZX90) 1JZ-GE 92-96
Toyota/Lexus Cresta / Chaser (JZX81) 1JZ-GE/GTE 90-92
Toyota/Lexus MR2 (SW20) 3S-GE 93-97
Toyota/Lexus Celica 3S-GE 93-97
Toyota/Lexus Curren 3S-GE 94-98
Toyota/Lexus Curren 3S-FE 94-96 with Traction Control
Toyota/Lexus Carina ED / Corona EXIV See Curren See Curren
Toyota/Lexus Caldina (ST195G) 3S-GE 95-97

If anybody has installed an aftermarket ecu or has a spare wiring loom/plugs from these vehicles above please let me know!