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14-02-13, 02:27 PM
Zen Appreciation Events

“The Coup De Grace Appreciation Night at Zen Garage wasn’t just any other meet. We got the crew together again which is fairly common place, but being together at Zen Garage on a Friday night brought on an atmosphere of something more purposeful than just a normal car park meet to catch up with mates and check out new additions to each other’s cars like every other meet.

For the first time, it felt like we let the public, friends and family in to see who we are as a crew, behind the scenes. I think having Coup De Grace seen in the public eye as a crew of friends rather than a collection of our cars brought us closer as a crew, much in the same way a country would unite in support of their athletes in the Olympics. This night was about us being about to show that we are proud of each other as a collective, that we all individually contribute something to make our crew what it is.

On behalf of the crew, I know we all felt proud watching people turning up out of curiosity about our group, and also people who have supported us along the way. It all felt surreal the spotlight was on us for once!”

– Alain Sihaphone, Coup De Grace

What is a Zen Appreciation Event?
Zen Appreciation Events are by the community, for the community. Zen opens its doors and offers its warehouse space for your Club, Crew, Team or Company to take a step back and just appreciate where you’re at. Whether it’s a small BBQ, Club Show ‘n’ Shine or Community Party you are after, Zen Garage will help you to get that perfect atmosphere for your desired event.

How does it work?
It is a time for you to put on display a selection of up to 8 cars indoors and depending on event time, up to another 10 outside for all your club members, friends and family to admire. We will organize food, entertainment and any promotional media (if required).

What merchandise is available?
Zen Garage has the capabilities to not only design your community an awesome new T-Shirt, they are made in house! These will have to be pre-ordered (for sizing purposes) before the Zen Appreciation Event itself.

How do I apply?
To apply for a Zen Appreciation Event, email us at [email protected] and give us a brief overview of logistics of your proposed event by answering these simple questions;

- Who are you? (Club, Team, Company, Community Group)
- What do you do? (Track Racing, Social Meets, Mechanic Shop)
- Estimated amount of expected guests?
- Would you be interested in a day or night event?
- What food would you like to be catered? (BBQ, PIZZA, CATERING)
- Would you like a team/event shirt to be made for your event?
- Quick overview of what you want to accomplish, the atmosphere you wish to obtain and the overall reason why you think a Zen Appreciation Event is right for you?
- Will this be open to the public or guest only?

For more information jump on Zen Garage (http://clixtrac.com/goto/?50875) website, or contact us directly on (02) 9418 9004.