View Full Version : baffled, AMP won't turn on after disconnecting battery

23-02-13, 12:17 AM
Hi everyone, I just disconnected the battery to install my new steering wheel and reconnected everything to find that the Hertz 4 channel amp now won't turn on. I've checked the fuses both on the amp and inline 12v fuse and the filaments all seem to be intact. There is no power light at all when you turn the ignition on so I'm certain it's a wiring issue. Could anyone shed some light on this? it would be greatly appreciated!

Bye Evo
23-02-13, 12:31 AM
What is the remote wired up to mate ? Accessories or Remote Wire on the head unit ?

Is the earth still securely mounted ?

Check terminal that goes onto the battery post. As this is the only area you've been playing, check that the wire isn't loose in the terminal or something silly like that

23-02-13, 01:44 AM
happened to me before, but i didnt disconnect the battery. it was caused by a bad ground from the headunit.

23-02-13, 02:45 AM
Things to check:
Check ground from the amp is solid
if you have a spare inline fuse, replace it anyway. as with amp fuses
Check connection at battery
Check remote at headunit (assuming headunit turns on fine)
If all else fails, try another amp, see if it works. if it does, your amp could be fucked

23-02-13, 10:41 AM
Hi Mate,

Swing pass the shop we can test it out for you and let you know what the problem is no cost involved :D

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23-02-13, 11:35 AM
thanks everyone, all my wiring was fine! turns out it was my inline fuse that went, it went under the cap so you wouldn't see it.

http://img836.imageshack.us/img836/3847/dsc1927vw.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/836/dsc1927vw.jpg/)

23-02-13, 08:31 PM
That's a tiny inline fuse o.0

23-02-13, 08:40 PM
That's a tiny inline fuse o.0

yeah! it's the one that came with my sony wiring kit, thinking of switching to a ANL in line fuse with digital display, any recommendations?

Bye Evo
23-02-13, 10:12 PM
digital display = wank factor..

Just get a new fuse Wes

24-02-13, 02:01 AM
I'd just get an anl fuse... Either that, or replace this one for now, and see how you go