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15-03-13, 07:36 PM
Brake Wear

Are you finding that you have to replace your brake pads more often than you think you should? Your brake pads could be wearing out prematurely and there are a number of causes for abnormal brake wear. Fortunately, there is something you can do to fix the problem and prevent it from happening in the future.


Did you know that the power generated by the braking system of even a modest family car can exceed 500bhp (375kw) which is more powerful than virtually any engine on the road? So you can imagine the kind of force and pressure the brake pads are under to ensure you and your car come to a safe stop when required.

One reason why brake pads wear out so fast is that the incorrect pads are used for the wrong purpose. Always check to make sure you are using the right pads for your kind of driving, and always check with a brake specialist first, just to be sure.

Seized caliper pistons or pins could be another cause for your rapid brake pad wear. Have the pistons, seals and pins replaced along with your brake pads to help eliminate the problem. Always be sure to have your brakes regularly checked and maintained when you take your car in for a service.

Extremely rough brake rotor surfaces can act like sand paper on brake pad linings, so if your discs are rough, have them reground to smooth them out. If the disc is beyond regrinding, have the disc replaced along with the pads.

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