View Full Version : [BNE] OCTOBER EOMM (Now Thursday night 1st Nov!)

07-10-07, 02:28 AM
Alright guys, let's make this happen!

1st November - Thursday Night! - 7PM onwards at:

1932 Logan Road
Upper Mount Gravatt 4122

Go to COLES lower level car-park!


07-10-07, 07:33 AM
I get my rosters every monday and I have to move house by november 11 but ill keep the date in mind.

08-10-07, 12:42 AM
Try to make it this time if my car is done by then

08-10-07, 08:12 PM
Yeah, we were wondering where you were at the last meet.

I'll probably be heading in after 8 as I've got class till then, or I might just skip that class... hmmm lol

08-10-07, 10:58 PM
Hey guys

New to the forum. I live on the northside, but can easily make the drive over the boarder (river :p)

I'll try and remember to make it on out... and try and get a few other people to come on down.

Hope to see a big turn out.

09-10-07, 12:33 AM
Hey Robi, welcome to the forums! Glad you could join and make the effort in bringing your friends to the meet.

A couple of us are also trying to bring a few more to this months meet, so we'll see how good our efforts turn out on the 31st eh?

09-10-07, 01:27 AM
try to meet with ur guys again!

Philip Lee
09-10-07, 03:40 PM
oops car sold this morning.... i'll try my best to come but weekday doesn't help.

09-10-07, 04:03 PM
Yeah I've got touch Wednesday nights. Sorry guys!

11-10-07, 12:25 PM
is this the underwood shopping centre??

11-10-07, 03:51 PM
is this the underwood shopping centre??

It's the Upper Mount Gravatt shopping village. It's pretty new and near to Garden City Westfield and next to Upper Mt Gravatt Toyota. Let me know if you need further directions.

Hope to see you there!

To those who can't make it, no worries, always November! :P

14-10-07, 09:36 AM
Hey guys, decided to move the EOMM to Thursday Night - for those who had other plans on Wednesday, hope you can make it to Thurs!

Plus, it's a Thursday night, most cars are out then eh? :P

18-10-07, 10:27 PM
i'm in.....

21-10-07, 04:23 AM
yea man, bring ur "Z"

22-10-07, 04:58 AM
Ya, i want to see ur "Z" as well!

22-10-07, 08:13 AM
You guys haven't seen his 350Z?

I want a test drive! :P

22-10-07, 10:01 PM
Mang did, but not me, haha

28-10-07, 02:10 PM
No one else sure if they're going or not next week?

31-10-07, 10:38 AM
sorry i can't come, if only it was friday :(

01-11-07, 02:49 AM
1 more nights sleep!!

01-11-07, 02:51 AM
Can't promise, but I'll try..

I finish tom at 7pm and ill be driving some women home (preggy sis n law and housemate)

01-11-07, 02:54 AM
All good, the meet's 7PM onwards, you don't have to be there on-the-dot! :)

PS. I think I saw your Galant a few weeks ago, I honked but don't think you noticed the Levin.

01-11-07, 07:33 PM
hey guys was going to come out, but last minute things have come up!! sorry guys but wont be able to make it tonight :( though i will be out that way around 10ish. so might so you guys there.

defs be out at the next meet :)

03-11-07, 01:30 AM
So how was the meet guys?

My clutch died, otherwise i would of been there :)

04-11-07, 11:09 PM
Hey Shane, meet was small but managed to bump into Hao (deluxe on the forums) who was buying roast chicken for dinner at coles at the time!

The next one will most likely be after exam time (mid/late Nov and abit more later than 7PM lol).