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10-04-13, 09:23 PM
Well hello JDSMT community!

My names Chris but am usually referred to as Murdock, wonder why? , maybe cos my last names "Murdock" but who knows.
Im a new member on the MCM website and a few other informative forum based websites such as silvia nsw . com and JDMST. all provide a really good community base for discussion among the modding world.
Being someone who has always liked looking at cars but never really had the money and know how to play around with them unlike some mates who appear quite regularly on here i decided that it was time to spoil myself with my free time and hard earned savings and get something i could work on and improve my knowledge. I do know that knowledge with cars doesnt come overnight and is acquired through extensive research and for me the best method of learning is getting your hands dirty. I like to think the motto that anything you can fix yourself you should attempt and if it goes to shit try again, if it goes to shit again! pay someone lol .. but for now, i plan on dismantling, experimenting and learning with my new car.

So without further a due, i would like to show you a few photos of my new car and also have a quick write up of the current and known about mods that have been installed and also have a section with mods more or less suited to my budget in order of priority.

Here is my 2000 model JDM spec R S15, My initial thought on the car was WOW , this colour has really struck a nerve with me and considering the price we scored it for, the already installed mods, and the mods ive recently found out (previous owner hadn't known about all of them) i was thoroughly impressed. I like to when i have the opportunity to have something a little bit out of the ordinary but still within respectable reason. so this colour was a god sent.

As you can see it boasts a full/partial (unsure due to the year) Aero body kit custom sprayed to a Holden ve "crunch" green. or like my mum calls it, shreks shit haha. god love the old *****... The paint work is relitively new i believe, maybe less then 12 months. (owner told me over the phone but forgot) but after a good inspection it has VERY minimal wear on it, no fade and one mark on the rear bumper i plan on rectifying in good time.

The interior as you can see looks pretty neat with but up close but with a better camera you would see that the center consoles both where the cup holders are and the cd/gear leaver surround are scratched just enough to warrant me wanting to tidy it up.

The engine bay is in immaculate condition and i really do like the cross colour with the white and green, like i said, a bit different is always good it Does need a bit more black and i think im going to remove all the rubber hoses and replace them with a BLACK silicon hoses as long as they are able to be replaced due to the aftermarket parts under DA hood!
This will give the car a nice black and stock look which is what most people would like unless they are show ponies...

As for mods, money is not readily available to me as much as what i would have preferred but over time and either second hand or new parts they will eventually come and be bolted on to the car and this thread
A list of current and known mods ive seen over the car in the past week are as follows

Turbo smart Drift BOV,
BC Coilovers,
HID headlights,
Car alarm (mongoose)
HKS turbo timer
Fog lights,
Tinted windows,
Window lip,
HKS Turbo (trying to find out exactly what model)
Split fire coil packs,
18inch Black Lenso D1RS Wheels,
Xforce 3" full flow cat back ZORST!

and they are just the ones i know about.
it does have an aftermarket inter-cooler and from what i can make out its a "blitz" model (will clarify when im home again)

The sound system is quite good in the car especially for the cabin size haha.
The previous owner had installed a ken-wood double din head unit with iPod connect and all dat shiz which i was happy about. He also installed 2 6" fusion splits at the back which i had to rewire as they were playing up. The previous owner has also got 2 x 6" splits in the front doors but for unknown reasons he hasn't got them connected up to the head unit. (the wires behind the head unit are an absolute mess, so i am taking it to our auto electrician mate to hook it up properly, heat shrink the connections and solder the points for extra durability. (would probably have a stab at it myself but have no experience in wiring myself, nor the placement and no tools. so a mere $55 to do it properly is little to be worried about IMO)

As you can see from the interior photos the boost gauge is a chucking a funky wobbly on me and deciding not to sit on the housing properly, THIS HAD TO BE RECTIFIED! due to it being a 52mm gauge and the pod holder is 60mm i used some trusty double sided tap (good quality) and it sits upright and without the need to spin around again. BUT! due to me fiddling around with the wires at the back and whatever else i effed up in the process when i turned the car on and ran it the light illumination didnt work although the gauge itself did. Unsure what i had done , maybe pulled a bit hard on the red and black wire joint and dismembered it from its little socket im not quite sure. Input to this would be helpfull

Moving alongsiessss ...

the car has an apparent "limited edition MOMO steering wheel" only seen on JDM models and a few at that. my first post on silviansw.com a guy inboxed me wanting ti pay $350-400 for it haha i was like aww man, thats nice but i have to keep it now. especially considering the condition its in also

NOW! i thought i might skip all the intros into each specific part of the car and just move along directly to what i would like the car to have stuck, welded, painted, and bolted on haha... its not much but small things can make a big difference

1st thing - this is the ultimatum for MCM fans.. the mightycarmods.com sticker. My car has 187kw stock. but with that white strapped baby on my rear window its sure to be pushing the 200kw mark. This item is in the mail with my lenyard and on its way to its new home

2nd thing - This car is in a ABSOLUTE need for a polish/wax/buff .. i did say the paint job was newish but the previous owner MUST have tried to drift this automobile on a fresh laid bit of tar. nearly each body kit part has the tiniest bits of tar on it and because its stubborn as f*** to get off im gonna spend a day getting rid of it all. it doesnt appear on the photos but up close and in person , those black dots just ruin it for me and i want to get some good DSLR photos when its at its best..

3rd thing - Polish and clean the engine bay, the intercooler pipes need to be cleaned, the fan cover needs to be sprayed BLACK, the rubber hoses need to be replaced with BLACK silicon hoses (as long as the measurements are on par with the stock rubbers), Needs a new battery... it died on me the day i was fixing the car sound. so had to charge it up and whatnot. but such a small battery for a car with so many electrical components.

4th thing - Rocket cover i would like to paint while also restoring the nissan logos on the top. Any ideas of colours would be cool ;D im still unsure of what would be a nice colour, possibly just BLACK It out lol but inputs are welcome.

5th thing - Nightshade the orange side indicators to give it a flush black look running down the side. I had a can of shade spare. i just have to keep in mind that the cops must be able to see the amber colour 200m away. so i may not be able to go BLACK but just black haha. opinions?

6th thing - one of the wheels (think back right) has hit a pot hole the size of Medusa arse hole and dinged it unfortunately ... i Plan to fix this myself after watching wheel restoration videos. could save $150, the rims also need to be rubbed back due to gutter **** rash and painted appropriately.

7th thing - WHAT BREAK CALIPER COLOUR would look flush and nice on this car. keep in mind that the car is green, (not the common green so green calipers prob wouldnt look good unless it was mixed to the same code as the body). i was thinking gold or black?

8th thing - angel eyes baby. cant go past a good pair from justjap or yahoo japan. not after the whole headlight kit for like $500, seen DIY packages for $100-200 depending on quality. they make your car look like caspers **** buddy at night roaming the streets lol. and considering the headlights on this car are pretty crisp already it just another reason to flaunt its beautiful eyes...

9th thing (but should probably be at the start) is the interior parts needing a bit of TLC , correct me if im wrong or go haywire on my arse if u disagree but i intend on carbon fibre wrapping with 3d DINOC 3m wrap the cd cluster surround to give it dat 3d feeeelz and new look to it. i was contemplating doing the whole middle console between both driver and passenger seats but realised that the whole thing would blend in and look a bit meh. so i may rub back the cup holder area and spray it properly and coat it with the same colour as it already has. remove the deep scratches and make it look and smell nice cos we all know that paint fumes make u high and feels amazing haha

WELL GUYS! thats all im gonna write up now. i had writers cramp for god sake due to this shitty keyboard lol. i do know and understand most of you would probably like to see a thread more dedicated to the engine and performance of the car but myself coming from lancers and shit slow mobiles to this for me does not require any more power ha ha. ATM anyways :P. id like to be personally happy with how the car looks while i drive it with that being said making sure the engine and its components are all in working order which they are. So visual mods will be more prevalent in this build and i will more then likely make DIY's for everything i do as something to do and look back over once completed.

If you would like to see the progress of this car please subscribe to the thread, also give me as much information you have attained over the years as new info is good info and ill incorporate it in when i make decisions on what and how to do things in the future.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and i hope you all enjoy the updates

Peace crew!

HERE are a few shots of the car now :D hopefully in 3months there will be another range added up with DIY installs etc :D

http://i1279.photobucket.com/albums/y534/murdockie1992/phpS6BNLKAM_zps3594e723.jpg (http://s1279.photobucket.com/user/murdockie1992/media/phpS6BNLKAM_zps3594e723.jpg.html)

http://i1279.photobucket.com/albums/y534/murdockie1992/phpc6QMc7AM_zpsc020e419.jpg (http://s1279.photobucket.com/user/murdockie1992/media/phpc6QMc7AM_zpsc020e419.jpg.html)

http://i1279.photobucket.com/albums/y534/murdockie1992/phprnASqxAM_zpsf65dbb58.jpg (http://s1279.photobucket.com/user/murdockie1992/media/phprnASqxAM_zpsf65dbb58.jpg.html)

http://i1279.photobucket.com/albums/y534/murdockie1992/phpgQlUefAM_zpsa8159a72.jpg (http://s1279.photobucket.com/user/murdockie1992/media/phpgQlUefAM_zpsa8159a72.jpg.html)

http://i1279.photobucket.com/albums/y534/murdockie1992/php5OKr2uAM_zps38bb3a36.jpg (http://s1279.photobucket.com/user/murdockie1992/media/php5OKr2uAM_zps38bb3a36.jpg.html)

10-04-13, 09:27 PM
Looks good mate, sounds like you've been through a hell of a lot. Good to see you're so positive and enjoying the car!

Hope to see you out and about on drives etc.

11-04-13, 04:10 AM
Very nice, can't wait to see what you do with it and good luck.

11-04-13, 05:02 AM
Colours cool. (Surprised it didn't come with 20" chromies and tan leather interior).
Keep it tasteful and this things gona be rad!

11-04-13, 11:45 AM
haha thanks guys :D

yeah will be a good and productive journey with it. get some more pics this arvo and ill edit my avatar etc etc:D

thanks for the warm welcomes!

11-04-13, 12:01 PM
13G's? Wow nice find.

Unusual colour choice. I'd prefer a darker green. The quality of the paintjob looks good though.

11-04-13, 12:04 PM
yeah man :D he was keen to sell as his next deployment is by next week. im a bit of a sweet talker haha.

but yeah each to their own. i love it cos its unique :D

11-04-13, 12:07 PM
Crunch Colour, looks amazing

11-04-13, 12:15 PM
I really like the colour!

11-04-13, 12:50 PM
thanks guys! so happy with it.

12-04-13, 10:35 AM
damn.. $13K is cheap. nice buy

Noticed that it has a "HKS Turbo" in the description.. you might want to double check that. You would normally expect a bunch of supporting mods (fmic, fuel pump, injectors, ecu) with an upgraded turbo

12-04-13, 11:48 AM
interesting colour...although i dont mind it :)
keen to see where this goes :)

13-04-13, 10:56 PM
Hey bro think i saw you and your old man today. turning onto cumbo highway. you look like the happiest kid riding shotgun lmao.

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13-04-13, 11:03 PM
Hahaha that was def us dude :) on that road twice today and I'm fairly sure that this. Car is the only car in this colour haha :) but yeah, so depressing not being able to drive it haha :) I still rev it stationary haha

14-04-13, 02:19 AM
I remember seeing this car a few weeks back, not easy to forgot for obvious reason you did good. Ditch the Lenso's though.

14-04-13, 11:06 AM
Haha yeah, and how come ditch the lensos? I think they look nice :)

What would you recommend?

14-04-13, 01:28 PM
Its just lenso's in terms of the wheel hierachy here on jdmst are at the bottom. Here its all about the lightweight forged wheels.

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14-04-13, 03:30 PM
Haha ahk :)
I think ill stick with them for now :) would prefer a better exhaust system first. Cannons to big and some electrical work needs to be done first plus tyres are only 2 weeks old lol

14-04-13, 11:40 PM
I want pics!

15-04-13, 12:49 AM
Haha achillious, ill have to upload some as the carsales add is invalid now. Will do first thing tmw!

22-04-13, 01:14 AM
Hey guys!

Just an update i totally forgot about one major mod i elected to do prior to even buying a car haha it was the purchasing of these Plasma EL dials
i thought they looked a bit shonky but turns out that the ones i purchased are genuine cover ups. RRP in aus is anything over $250 but i scored a bargain with online japan yahoo auctions and got them delivered for $80 including import fees etc. should be here within 21 days and im gonna do a DIY installation of how to install them for anyone else

these lights may not look the bees knees in the day time as they are blue and white. but my lord, at night time they are king shit in the dash haha

heres a pic of them : D


28-04-13, 06:42 PM
Hey guys!

Just an update!

i recently (tonight) wrote up a DIY for nightshading your side indicators.
This can be viewed here


Here is the end result also

http://s20.postimg.org/pg94202jt/IMG_0580.jpg (http://postimg.org/image/pg94202jt/)

I also got arround to wrapping my CD surround in carbon fibre wrap. NOW , this did initially look easy but for the love of god, make sure you persavere with the wrap, be tight and stringent with the bubbles otherwise the end result will not suffice thus wasting hours of your time lol.
I had a few MINOR bubbles up the top right of the surround which cannot be seen by the naked idea due to where it sits. i also tore a bit down next to the cig lighter but cut a piece to match it. Was not worth spending another 2 hours re wrapping it due to a minor fault. nonetheless im stil impressed at the result and will leave it to see how long it takes to bubble if it does ..

so heres the end result
http://s20.postimg.org/l8ebt9149/IMG_0582.jpg (http://postimg.org/image/l8ebt9149/)

hope you all like it, leave feedback, suggestions etc

and ill continue to update this thread! next will be turbosmart dual boost controller install cant wait!

03-05-13, 04:28 PM
Hey guys!

Updated 03/05

Japanese EL dials arrived from Japan today :) stoked! All ready hooked up together and just need to be wired up as per usual.


And just got lucky with a buy for my sound system.

Purchased a 8" optisound airlite compact sub, full wiring kit and an l2.212 sound stream amp for $150 , all brand new in packaging with the plastic seals all still attached.

What a bargain considering the wiring alone is $50 the amp new is $230 and the sub new is $350z keep in mind I do know the seller .. But nonetheless it should give my car cabin a sick upgrade :)

Will be positing a DIY on compact sub installs under the s15 seats and how to wire it all (once I figure out how to) haha.

Looking forward to more upgrades.