View Full Version : Urgent Website Maintenance

29-05-13, 11:43 PM
Hi everyone,

Tomorrow morning at 1am (30/05/13) we will be taking the website down for approximately one hour while we upgrade our web server.

During this time the forum will be unavailable.

After we come back online we will be rebuilding the search for JDMST which will take approximately 2-3 days to complete. In this time searches may not be 100% accurate.

Please bear with us while we get everything sorted.


Justin Fox
30-05-13, 12:10 AM
Thanks James.

Yes this again, sorry guys. JDMST just keeps on getting bigger and bigger and breaking limits. Server upgrade will do wonders.

30-05-13, 02:40 AM
Hi guys,

JDMST is back online. You can carry on as usual.

The search index is now reindexing and will be done in the next couple of days.