View Full Version : teins coilovers keys

23-10-07, 08:23 PM
hey does anybody have spares of those coilovers keys where you adjust the height of the car with them that they dont want or have a spare lying around
or where can i get them? do well known workshops sell them seprately?

missing just 1 only

23-10-07, 10:50 PM
A NissanSilvia sponsor is selling two for $60, rip off.

They're 'c-spanners'.

24-10-07, 02:37 PM
oh ok thanks for that

24-10-07, 04:12 PM
try a motorbike shop ;)

24-10-07, 04:20 PM
I have a pair, but there were to suit Cusco Coilovers...

If you want them, you can take them :)

24-10-07, 09:26 PM
no need for them nows

went to see indy and he gave me a spare

29-10-07, 01:51 AM
I need some c spanners, so if anyone can help please let me know.
Do all c spanners work with all coilovers though?