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03-09-13, 10:45 PM
Recently, I was faced with something I had no previous experience with. For the first time, I had come to know of someone who had serious thoughts of suicide. I didn’t know exactly who she was nor had I ever met her before, but knowing she is important to someone I know created the spark for me to try and help her – no matter how much of a stranger she may have been to me. I was, quite simply, determined to see her grow and become something whilst she thought she was nothing.

At this point though, I began to realise that although many would have given the reaction I did had they been in my shoes, many more would not have. The stigma that surrounds suicide is perhaps just as important as the issue itself, yet many are still socially blinded by it. It may not be so extreme as to discriminate against anyone living with the experience of suicide, or anyone who has developed their thoughts into actions, but people may be simply ignorant to the reality, turning a blind eye to something which doesn’t involve themselves.

This brings me to the theme for World Suicide Prevention Day 2013, Stigma: A Barrier to Suicide Prevention, which goes hand-in-hand with one of the reasons why Cars For Hope exists – to reduce the stigma associated with depression, anxiety self-injury and suicide.

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This year, World Suicide Prevention Day falls on Tuesday, September 10th and as a lead up to the day we are inviting you to get involved in our campaign. Quite often, people living with the experience of suicide are faced with a lack of motivation; a lack of drive. We challenge you to question your drive and in doing so, drive others to find their own. It could be anything from questioning the motivation for your life, what drives you to make a difference to someone’s life, or it could be as simple as the reason why you get up each morning.

Throughout the week leading up to September 10th and at THE-LOWDOWN.com’s Showcased 2013 on September 8th, we’ll give you the opportunity to answer us. We hope that by creating a collective voice and connecting the automotive community we will be able to help those who are vulnerable to suicide and we believe that even at a local level a difference can be made to the lives of many.
One person can create a difference but together, we can create change.

With hope,

FOR MORE INFO AND TO GET INVOLVED: http://carsforhope.com.au/what-drives-you/